Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Look a vlog! She is coming back! haha. I hope to anyway

HEY you! Listen up. Your favorite blogger is up and she vlogged for your viewing pleasure. I don't have time to do much blog hopping...but if you would like me to drop by your blog leave your blog address and or FB page and I will gladly comment and check you out!

Now on to my silly vlog. Or video blog....:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

YOO hoo!!!! Hey it's me. Remember?

Haha. It's been a while. It's been too long. I keep saying to myself, "what happen to your LOVE of writing, Alexes?" And then I think to myself I love writing I'm just sooooo tired lately. You know working 2 jobs and being a mom to 3 beautiful children blah blah blah....

I might just be lazy.

But I decided NOT to ignore my little blog. I get on Facebook daily. I mean I should probably just blog on Facebook...haha. You know people leave me comments on Facebook and my Facebook friends know I am still blogger friends? You all probably think I died or something. I probably need to vlog or something. Do I remember how to vlog? haha. Of COURSE I do!

So it's Christmas. The time we we feel love towards our fellow men and listen to Christmas carols and handout cards and give chocolates and fudge to one another...It's also time to BLOG.
Yeah who would have thought?

Not me. I have a lazy butt apparently. But when you work all night long...honestly the only thing you want to be doing is SLEEEP....Try it sometime.

So I'm alive. I don't really have anything to report. I'm still me. Still trying to do everything including blog and ultimately forgetting to write. I really should find some pictures. I know I have some around here...haha. Here are a few pictures.
I'm still around with a smile on my face. And my daughters...haha. They take some interesting pictures with my webcam....

What the heck? Hula hooping in front of the webcam?

Let me find a picture of my youngest...
So she is in KINDERGARTEN now....haha. That must make me old you are thinking...but noooo. Not me. I'm still so young! ;)

So there. I updated my blog. With pictures even. Maybe tomorrow I'll vlog or something.
:) Hopefully I will get a family picture this year...Cross your fingers...If I get one I will upload it...don't you worry...haha.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is making me HAPPY right now.

*I dedicate this blog post entry to the great and wonderful @From Tracie. I saw her cute blog post and decided it was time for me to blog once again. Thanks Tracie!*

What is making me happy right now?
Take a look.

My BIG kindergartener! She is 5 years old!! I cannot believe it!!!

MY 10 year old dressing up in costumes with her sisters....:)

MY crazy 13 year old! (She is the one in the middle!)

And last but not least....These muscular men make me happy...:)

I'm sorry I've been so MIA on the blog. My excuse? Me and my bed are getting reacquainted with each other during the week since I work NOC shift Thursday Friday and Saturday.....:)
I will try and do better. I need to throw a vlog out there I think. It's been WAY too long since I have vlogged for you all.
Love you all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's time for me to get back into blogging

I know, I know I keep telling myself that. I think maybe I should start a blog on Facebook. I mean I log onto Facebook enough...LOL. I just can't get over to to write a post....*sigh*

I've been busy meeting new friends, getting new jobs, hanging out at the pool and on Facebook. I know, where is the WRITER in me? I used to like write and comment on everyone's blogs...and now all I have energy for is Facebook and the pool.

How am I gonna find my way back? I think I probably just need to vlog my feelings about writing and blogging and all of you...Maybe dance a little and have fun....:) Now that I can do...

So brace yourself folks, I am going to vlog. The great Cluttered Brain is gonna vlog...It's been a I remember how to do it? Hmmm....

Well that's what I am gonna to do. And I will try to get around the blog-o-sphere from now on....and Twitter maybe. I think I need a smart phone for twitter though....haha.

Sayonara for now my blogging friends...I think I'm back...bwahahahaha. Oh I will get it..I will....:)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's the Fourth and all so....

I decided I would get OFF of my lazy blogging butt and write to you all this morning. I've had a very eventful last past couple of weeks. I'm looking for a NEW job...long story short...Politics and drama. But no worries. I've already got a NEW job lined up! Because why you ask? I'm that goooooood! :)

And don't worry, I won't let it go to my head. :D

So I've been listening to this FANTASTIC band called Nickelback. I've listened to them before but an old co-worker refreshed my memory lately. I'll leave you with a little Nickelback playing as you ponder why you live in this great country.

I love America, don't you? :)) Enjoy your 4th with your family. The regularly scheduled Cluttered Brain is gearing back to come back. I promise! :))

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