Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Behold The Wounds in Jesus' Hands

This is a beautiful song that I thought you all would like to hear. It is currently in the church magazine Ensign April 2009 issue. It is my new favorite song. Tell me what you think please.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

Listen I'm not trying to get more birthday wishes by writing on my birthday or anything like that. (Or heaven forbid more comments:)) No I'm just writing this down for history's sake. One day when I am rich and famous I will look at this blog and say: "Wow, I was a pretty cool chick when I was 33!" And it's also good for the posterity too. Since everything is going internet and computer lately.
Here it goes:
Thirty three years ago I was born,
To a mother and father who would later adorn--
With pink dresses and sunsuits galore
I soon found pictures to be a great bore.
I used to look back and think,
"Oh please I just need one more drink."

(Oh wait a minute I don't drink.)

Along with my little contrived story,
I grew up from my little girl merry.
And soon found my way into really contrary.
My mom would probably tell you I was a good teen--
But man oh man I talk backed my way into being mean.

And now as I have grown older and wiser too.
I'd like to thank my mother and father--
For taking the time and raising me right.
Heaven forbid even sometimes I didn't act quite so bright.
So as I tell this tale in my own special way,
Thanks Mom and Dad for making me what I am today.

I love you Mom and Dad! You are the best parents a girl could have!
Looking forward to the visit this summer!

Love, your daughter

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I discovered something last night. I know Facebook is addicting and I think I have cut the habit of staying on longer than is needful, (Really you gotta watch yourself--if you are not careful phones, electricity and utilities could go past due cause you forgot cause you were on the BELOVED Facebook!) Anyway that was a tangent, where was I? Oh yeah I finally figured out this Yo-ville business. It's cool. You design your own character with clothes and stuff and you can shop, eat, drink, dance, throw snowballs at each other, TALK lots of things to do in Yo ville.
Well the point of all this is it reminds me of when I used to play with Barbies. I have my own creation of a Barbie now! It's awesome! I can work, (need to work on Yo-ville to buy furniture,clothes for your character. Anyway you should check it out. You will have fun! I promise! And if you check Yo ville out Be sure and look for my character Cutie-pie!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maggie's birthday

Hey you all! We just celebrated Maggie's birthday! On her actual birthday we went to Chuck a rama and had delicious food! Then a couple of days later we had her PARTY! We had it outside with a treasure hunt, PIZZA and of course cake and ice cream. I tried to organize some games for the kids but all they wanted to do was run around and chase each other. Everybody had a real good time. I'm glad I had a party for Maggie. Next party--My 33rd birthday! My birthday is on the 27th of March! WOW! Then my sweet hubby's is on the 30th of March. Then Anna (July 28th, Then Lydia's August 17th) March is our birthday celebration month. Here are some pictures from our celebrating days! Lydia had a great time too--making a mess of herself with the chocolate cake! (plus since she was outside she touched the ground and got her hands grassy too)
A tidbit of info for you about Lydia: We have 2 friendly dogs next door to us. Lydia goes over to our neighbors where the dogs are dangling a piece of chocolate cake in her hands. Does the dog eat the cake in her hands? NO, the dog runs away from Lydia. Strange indeed don't you think?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Nearly seven years I was in the hospital having you! I remember I was concerned that your older sister Anna, might not get to hold you because she was sick real bad with crupe. (It's a nasty cough with head drainage) But I asked the doctor and he said she could just as long as she washed her hands. Grandma Covington stayed with us for a couple of days and it was a good thing too cause Anna was up in the middle of the night too. I took care of you Maggie and Grandma took care of Anna. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you Maggie and I am SO GLAD you are my daughter! You are so smart and beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful day today! The picture I chose has you in this pink beret that you wore like all day! And of course you are playing with Anna.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is Hilarious! Check it out!

One of my Facebook friends posted this SNL skit. It has Steve Martin and Amy Poeler in it. It is freaking hilarious. It's so funny! Tell me what you think please!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kitten Pictures Finally!

Aren't kittens just wonderful? I love watching Fuzz interact with her kitten babies! She is so gentle and good. She is definitely a good mama. It's fun to watch her bathe her babies and feed them. It is hard to imagine soon they will be big like their mama someday. Well I am quite content to sit back and take care of my sweet Fuzz. She is an inside cat for now considering her situation. We love her very much! I will definitely find her babies good homes when the time comes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fuzz's kittens!!!!

I wish my camera cord (the one you hook into the camera to connect to the computer--Yeah that one) I wish it wasn't broken. I totally took pictures of her kittens but I can't show them now. We are getting another cord it just might take a little while (1-2 weeks maybe) because we got the cord off of EBAY from China (Would you believe?) Anyway I will describe you the colors of each kitten. Mostly gray and white, Some are black with caramel coloring. There are 4 of them. Fuzz hasn't gone downstairs to bring anymore up with her so I think 4 is all she had. We'll see.
What a beautiful set of kittens Fuzz had! Truly ALL of God's creations are beautiful! I am grateful that I have the chance to take care of Fuzz while she takes care of her kittens. I PROMISE all of you as soon I can upload pictures again to the computer I will. Thanks for waiting.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fuzz and Gratitude for what she is teaching me.

The picture is before Fuzz had her kittens! After picture is coming!

Well, some of you may or may not know Fuzz had her kittens last week. I haven't seen them yet because she had them in the basement underneath our house in a crawl space only she can get into. Everybody reassures me that she will eventually lead her kittens out but I am worried. What if she doesn't? I really want to believe everyone but I WANT to see those precious kittens now! I will wait. I will probably wait as long as I have to. I'm not moving anytime soon and I am still feeding Fuzz and she is eating so I guess that is good.
Does anybody out there know how long kittens are with their mother before they want to get up and explore? Fuzz is beautiful and I'm sure her kittens are gorgeous too.
Well thanks for listening to my rant. Yesterday I saw her around 5 PM hadn't seen her for the rest of the night. I got worried. I went outside this morning and called Fuzz. No Fuzz.
I tried once more and What do you know? Fuzz came running to me for love. See all I wanted to know that she was still around and that she loves me. Fuzz is still around. And so are her kittens. This is what faith and believing is all about. She's there, her kittens are there Trust me.
It's just hard sometimes. But that's what we are here for. To learn how to love and believe and hope and dream.....
Thanks Fuzz for teaching me patience.

Blogging and Comments

I like pictures on my blog so the hands represent us sister bloggers who stick together no matter what. Or brother bloggers as the case may be.

Well I just read my friend Sharla's blog. Her latest entry is all about blogger comments. I just have a few things to add. I'm not a long time blogger, nor do I sit in front of the computer all day, There is so much to do in the house, let alone take care of the precious ones you love. So this is how I usually attempt my blog. I make a new post in the early morning or the evening or heck whenever I think I have a good entry in my head and I write it. Then post my new entry and wait. Sometimes I will get a couple of new comments sometimes not. But I just looked at my past comments, Not bad for starting this blog up in January.
Basically I just want my blog to make people smile. I want it to put a little merriment in their day. I also make it a point when I read other's blog to leave a comment. Everybody needs validation in some way. By leaving a comment the author knows a. you like what you read and b. you are still reading it.
But being a mom is busy. Sometimes all we have is 2 minutes before the cries are heard and need to be soothed. So we necessarily don't have the time to leave a comment. I personally don't like to leave lame comments like "Oh BTW I like your blog" I mean you could leave that I suppose but real feedback is important to us bloggers. Like "LOL! I love the way you said this.." Or "I am still laughing or crying from your last post" Just knowing that your blogging audience is alive and well can be quite satisfying.
So to all you have read my blog and left comments my thanks goes out to you all. If you have never left a comment and still read my blog anyway, Thanks to you as well. You obviously read my blog and I thank you. (But do you think you could throw in a comment every now and then maybe?) And to those of you who might be a first time reader, Congratulations! It's a good read isn't it? (Pssst Leave me a comment and please tell me....)
Sometimes we have those days when we just feel sorry for ourselves. Sometimes it feels we are anxious to hear from anybody on the outside world. I know I rush to get the mail everyday when it comes. And also when I hear my neighbors are outside talking, I go out to see how they are doing. I LOVE people! It's just the way I am. So I hope you read this Sharla. You inspired me to write. Thanks a bunch for posting so often. I enjoy reading. Keep up the great blog!
(If you would like to read my friend Sharla's blog her button is on my sidebar, Momnerd click on it and it will take you right to her blog!) The link thing still isn't working for me. :(

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well I wanted to post some pictures of kittens with this post but I cannot. Fuzz my stray cat had her kittens on Sunday morning, March 1, 2009. But she had them in our basement in a crawl space she can only get into. So alas I wait for Fuzz to bring down her kittens when ready. When she brings them down I will take pictures!
So to satisfy your curiosity of a picture of kittens I imported some off the web...
Fuzz's kittens will be up as soon as I see them!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Car

I have been waiting and waiting for money enough to buy a new car ever since our poor Chevrolet Lumina got totaled (Not our fault by the way, Some drunk ran into it when it was sitting on the side of the road) Anyway most graciously we have been driving Daniel's mother's car a 1992 Buick Lesabre. It's a nice car, don't get me wrong, but it's current problem is passing safety and emissions. We are still working on that. But at least in the meantime we have a car that is registered and licensed and fits our family with room to grow. No, I have no announcements to make it's just nice to have a working car. So here are a couple of pictures of our car. We bought it today. Great deal by the way!

Tag I'm it!

Well I did only one other tag entry but nobody seemed to mimick it in their blog. We'll see if this one is any different. These are the instructions:
1-Go to my documents/my pictures on your computer.
2- Go to the sixth album folder, Sixth picture.
3- Post it on your blog.
4- And BLOG about it of course!
5- Last but certainly not least tag six other people to do this to their own blog!
The picture above is one I took probably in a snowstorm in January or February.
I thought it was pretty. I like the snow really I do, I just get sick of in February. I'm defintely ready for Spring weather!
I tag, Ruth,Barbi,Kari,Jenny,Christy,Sarah Tawzer!
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