Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogging, It's a Way of Life.

And no I am NOT insinuating you are all monkeys...LOL. 
We all do it for one reason or another. We either want a release from the insanity of our life (kids, vomit, picky-eaters, toilet floods...) OR we blog because we love to write. We might even love the instant connection we have with others. I think most people blog to escape reality. I mean really, when we are being HONEST with ourselves, blogging is a way out of the daily drudgery sometimes.

I like my life. Honest. There a few things I'd change. But for the most part I'm happy with the life I am leading now. I am happy with the road my blog has taken. If you would have told me a year ago that I might get 100 comments on a single post, I probably wouldn't have believed you. *Okay, so the post was a giveaway post with multiple entries...LOL. Hey, it still counts, Right?*

Anyblogpost, I blog to get my writing exposed. I blog to connect with other women and men. (Yes, I know there a few men out there that read my blog...I know you are out there.) I'd like to get noticed one day by NBC or ABC but if I never appear on Good Morning America because of my blog OR the Today Show, I'll be all right. I have made some excellent friends through blogging.  Friends that I may not have ever known if I didn't give blogging a chance. I'm glad I did.

Blogging is a release of stress in my brain. When I click publish on any given post, all my insides feel tingly. When I get a comment on any given post, I get tingly some more. My adrenalin sores. The connection is there right away. People like me for the most part. They WANT to hear what I am going to say.

I've made some mistakes in blogging before. I've commented so many times my fingers hurt. I've tried to make a name for myself.  I've followed AND unfollowed people. But overall, I can honestly say I've never blatantly been hateful or spiteful on anyone's blog. That's just wrong. If you don't like a particular person in the blog world, just click off their page. Don't visit them anymore. Nobody likes mean people. People want to be loved and accepted everywhere including blogland.

I've been bullied before in middle school. I was so afraid of one of my former friends I hid from her in school for three weeks. Why was I hiding from her? Because she said she was gonna kick my butt if I dated a certain guy she liked. I couldn't help it. HE liked me. HE called me. HE initiated the whole liking thing.

Bullies are no fun. MY daughter is in middle school now. If ANYONE ever tells my daughter they are gonna kick her butt or beat her up,  you can bet anything, I'll be up to the school faster then you can say, "Free money!" Bullying has got to stop in the REAL world. It's crap. Life is hard enough as it is without throwing bullies into the picture.

We should all be able to get along and play nice.

Isn't that what kindergarten taught us?

Who has read Robert Fulgrum's All I really learned I learned in kindergarten? I have.
Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Robert Fulgrum:

  • All I really need to know... I learned in kindergarten. 

  • And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world it is best to hold hands and stick together.  

  • Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. 

  • Clean up your own mess. 

  • Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. 

  • I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. 
I've enlarged my favorite quote. Because it is so true. It is a rough world out there. We have to hold hands and stick together.  We never know who might need an extra hug or someone to hold on to when the going gets rough.

Thank YOU for hanging with me each and every day I post something.

I won't let you down.

I've got your back.

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Top 10 on a Tuesday WITH Mrs. Gloves :)

Yup folks! It's that time again for TOP 10 Tuesday!
1- We made it! The first day of school was a success. However there is still excitement, it usually lasts a couple of weeks before the whining begins. I'll enjoy the excitement of school however long it lasts.
2- People notice the things you do AND the behavior you have. Be positive on the Internet AND in real life. It will get you further than you will ever know.
3- Mean people suck. Enough said.
4- I got my Blog2print book from Blogapalooza! (You remember, where I stayed up to write 24 blog posts....Well almost. I scheduled some of them.)
5- It's Tuesday! One more day until WIMTSW...Got anything you want to get OFF of your chest? :) Tomorrow is YOUR chance!
6- There is ONE doctor that I will ALWAYS love to go to, and THAT my friends, is Dr. Pepper. :)
7- I kinda miss school. I wish I could go back this year. I'm glad I have my writing to keep me busy.
8- I get to meet all of Anna's teachers tonight. Is it weird that I am EXCITED to meet her teachers? 'Cause I SO am.
9- I love Technology! It allows me to stay in touch with my friends all with the touch of one button, (the "ON" button of my computer.) I have Skype, my blog, facebook, Twitter...*sigh* I love ALL of my friends that I have. Thanks for hanging in there with me and supporting me with everything.
10- I love people like Mrs. Gloves who come up with Top Ten lists so I don't have to think about WHAT to write. :D Thanks girly!
And NOW, I have a picture for the Happiness Project! :)
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday Mingle (Psst, It's FINALLY the 1st day of school for the kiddos!)

This week's Questions ARE:

This week’s questions (submitted by Robyn from Robyn’s Online World) :
1. What does your extended family think of your blog?
2. Has anyone in your family ever asked you not to include them on your blog?
3. How supportive is your immediate household about your blogging?

AND I also am accepting another blog award from a sweet friend today! Thanks Donda!
Since I am lazy I am accepting it VLOG style...Listen for your name..OK?
Love you all! :) (Even if your name didn't get posted. I still love ya!)

CLARIFICATION:(I didn't get the cherry on TOP award, I got those other awards...the other day.)
I'm tired. Good night! I will watch all your mingles in the morning! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Someone loves me in Blogland! YAY! :)

Hershey's Special DarkImage via Wikipedia
Dark Chocolate Mmm. My favorite!
Angel left me some blog awards yesterday. She actually got 4 awards for her "mad vlog" yesterday. Because Angel tells it to you how it is. She is a wonderful friend! I am very blessed to know this woman! :)

I am supposed to tell you a few random facts about myself in acceptance of this award. So here it goes:
1- I love dark chocolate! Milk chocolate is nice but Hershey's Dark chocolate it the best dark chocolate for me.

2- I've never been to Disneyland and I am 34 years old!

3- I like making new friends wherever I go. Making new friends that truly care about you is  the MOST important thing to me right now.

4. I don't have a video camera yet. Despite the fact that I have entered hundreds of FLIP camera giveaways. *SIGH*

I am tagging all of you who read my blues post yesterday and need a blog award. Thank you for commenting! It made my day! If you want to put these awards on your blog great! If you are too busy and don't have enough time, That's great too. I appreciate all of my followers and the comments you leave. Even if you don't leave a comment, I still appreciate you.

Just knowing that you care about what happens to me is enough.

I know these awards are just thrown here and there and everywhere, it is basically because blogger is NOT listening to anything I say. Grrr....
I hope all of you have a blessed Saturday today!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

I might have the blues.

Image obtained through Google Images. :)

Well, folks, I might have the blues. And NOT because school is starting up again soon. *sigh* Nah, that fact makes me ever so happy. :) I debated back and forth on whether mentioning this fact on my blog before because I don't want you all to feel bad for me but on the other hand, I need some support right now.

I feel like I'm hanging by a thread most days.

So here's the news. My husband has been looking for some full-time employment for a while.

He actually made some pretty good money in July. BUT it was temporary work. Jobs go away when the work goes away. My husband has worked with the Census, done yard work, and some HVAC work on the side to make ends meet.

He is a hard worker.

Really. Honest.

I'm just not sure how long I can take this *no money* thing.

*sigh* Two days ago I had it. I didn't want to eat, I fed my girls snacks and such when they were hungry but I didn't prepare much. I didn't receive much in my email because I didn't blog OR even comment on other blogs. I realized later I must have been depressed.

Things will pick up I know. They usually do. My husband has sent in his resume to several companies so far and we'll be okay. Somehow.

The thing is, most of the jobs are NOT here. They are up north. My husband has tried finding jobs here. (He actually has one application in. The hotels here in town have some positions open.)

But mainly, the good-paying ones are further north.

I don't want to move.

But I want to support my husband.

And I want money. I want to be able to buy my 11 year old some clothes for Back to School without worrying how the electric is going to get paid this month. (Grandma bought some clothes for her. She won't be going to school naked. It's okay. LOL. Thanks for your concern.)

Do you want to know how I make each day?

The Lord. I rely on the Lord to get me through each day.

I am so grateful for prayer and the strength I get when I pray.

I also rely on the friends I have made along the way. Through blogging and twitter.

Thanks. I think we are going to make it.

-- Official End of post--

P.S. I'm still here though. I'm just not "feeling" it some days. I want this all to go away very soon. 

P.P.S. I'm still writing at Helium.  And I submitted some of my writing to the local paper. 

P.P.P.S. I even applied for a job up North--(Utah) for a Publishing Coordinator position. It is a publishing company that is looking for somebody to help market their new authors and such. I could totally do that. And the best part about that is the hours are flexible and part-time. I can still be a mom too. Because as frustrating and hectic as it is most days, I wouldn't trade my motherhood days for anything.

So that's the news.
Next time I blog I'll be funny okay.
I might even vlog.
But I had to spit my "feelings" out today.
Thanks for listening.

And as always, I love you guys! I still think I have the BEST blog followers around!

Stay tuned for some GOOD news soon! It is right around the corner, I can smell it already.

(Good news might smell like chocolate. It also might smell like money too. Mmm. That's what I am talking about, Right?)
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I meant to say...Sunburned edition AND Rainbow edition :)

It's time for MY favorite day of the week!


YAY! It is finally BACK! Wednesday!
What I meant to say...
When my friend called me up this morning and asked to have her hair clippers back I said, "Sure." Just as I was about to say, "When can I drop them off?" She shows up in my driveway practically.
What I meant to say: "YIKES! I'm still in my PJ's and I'm giving you your clippers...Ai yi yi.
Not only that, I am going to get sunburned later because I am going to talk to you for TWO hours straight barefoot in 110 degree weather! I really ENJOYED talking to you though. It made me realize how much I need "IN REAL LIFE" interaction. I will change that this fall! :)" (And possibly with you!) :)
When I read my friend Angel's tweet regarding WIMTSW: She says, "I pimped you and @GucciMama and Southernsage out on my blog..."
What I meant to say, "Oh NO. What has she done now? LOL. What did I do to deserve such a pimpin? :) Love you babe...Thanks for warning me!"
When my good friend, @fromtracie told me about this I-village opportunity, I shrieked.
What I meant to say: SHRIEEEEK!!!! Really? A chance to gain celebrity status with you possibly? YAY! I'm off to write my 150 word essay about myself TODAY!"
When I went off looking for @fromtracie tonight on Facebook and Twitter AND email I couldn't find her. I sighed. I left her messages in all 3 locations.
What I meant to say: "Tracie, Don't ya know you are suppose to stay glued to your computer all day and all night in case I might email, or tweet at you. OR leave you a FB message? I mean, Come on Girl! LOL. Get with the program!" Love you Tracie. (I wonder if YOU will participate in WIMTSW today. The PRESSURE is on girl!)
School starts in 2 weeks. August 30th to be exact.
What I meant to say: "Are you kidding me? Take them now. I can no longer entertain my own children. They are driving me nuts! I might not be able to last that L-O-N-G!"

When my daughter came downstairs because she was hungry and wanted to eat, I sighed.
What  I meant to say: "WHY on EARTH didn't you eat at lunch? There is nothing wrong with Peanut and butter sandwiches? Oh heavens! I cannot WAIT until school starts up again. I can only stand to make you breakfast (cold cereal) AND dinner every day. Lunch is too darn HARD! You won't eat anything I make for YOU!  You can WAIT for dinner!"

When my husband comes down for dinner a few minutes later and tells me his daughter is hungry I laugh.
What I meant to say: "Do you also know she refused lunch?" *sigh* "She can wait 15 minutes more for dinner.

*BTW, my husband made dinner yesterday because I was busy writing and putting together pieces to send in to the local paper. YAY! If you want to look busy, Engage yourself in important busywork on the computer like gathering your writing pieces. You might get out of dinner if you do.*

And that is MY version of WIMTSW today.
Are you going to join up this week? What are you waiting for? Don't wait for a fire vlog from Angel. Just join in TODAY!

P.S. I know it is NOT technically Wednesday here in my time zone, but it is Wednesday somewhere! YAY! :)
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Top ten on Tuesday with Mrs. Gloves AND....Happiness project :)

Hello folks!
I know, I know it seems like I am bombarding you you with all sorts of giveaways to enter. I'm sorry, if it felt like giveaway after giveaway...LOL. I promised myself I would NOT let my blog ever get that way.
BUT with that being said, I do have a wide variety of giveaways to enter.
So get to it! :)
After you read this lovely TOP 10 on Tuesday of course!
I am going to count backwards from 10 today, OK? :)
#10- Ugh. Laundry. Doing more of it today. Does it ever end?
#9- Why are my pj's just so darn comfortable?
#8- Why hasn't school started for my kids yet? I LOVE the fact that it has NOT started though. Because quite frankly I love my sleep!
#7- Speaking of sleep, did I tell you all yet that I now have a middle-schooler? Yup, that's right my oldest is now in the 6th grade! Wow! (And school starts before 8AM.) Yikes! 
#6- Dr. Pepper will help me get through the first couple of weeks I am sure!
#5- Early to bed, early to rise...SHUTUP. But after 10:00 is when I finally have some PEACE and can blog, AND check out everyone else's blogs...
#4-Vlogging is cool. Have you dared try to vlog yet? What? You don't know what vlogging is? Where do you live anyway? Under a rock? Vlogging is when you turn on your webcam OR video camera and record yourselves dancing OR singing OR just talking to us. We are your friends! We WANT to get to know you.
Join EightyMPHMom and start vlogging TODAY! (Psst. Monday Mingle.)
#3- When did this little fat roll come about? That's it. No MORE cheesecake for me. Or any other scrumptious dessert before I walk on my treadmill for at least 2 miles!
#2- Welcome NEW followers! Come one, Come all! I am a very friendly Cluttered Brain. Please come join the MADNESS!
#1- I love A Grande Life. I mean this meme totally ROCKS! Anything that has TOP 10 in the title, people are just bound to read, right? Catchy, slogan Mrs. Gloves! I LOVE it! :) Come join us people! What are you waiting for?
AND NOW...Because Angel double dips, I can too! :)
It's fun to post photos isn't it?

That's it folks! Step up and JOIN some fabulous memes TODAY!

And remember to check me out on Helium. (My new favorite writing spot where I can get paid to write. No gimmicks.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I've reached over 100 fans on Facebook! :) Wa-hoo! (A giveaway!) GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED!

Remember a while ago I mentioned on Facebook if my Facebook fan page reached 100 fans I would do something special? I had something special in my mind.  At the time I had like 60 Facebook fans and it sat at 60 fans for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time. I thought I would NEVER reach 100 fans.
Then suddenly I had a bright idea! I would bribe you all! I'd do something special for you when I reached 100 Facebook fans. So when I was on Twitter the other day I was tweeting away when one of my friends @lonestarlifer sent me this picture:
Isn't this an adorable dog? It happens to be her dog BTW! Cute huh?
And if that dog blogs, blogging has to be cool right?
It turns out @lonestarlifer has her OWN website called Snail Mail Notes!
She makes these postcards and personalizes these cards for people! She also does notecards, magnets, AND gift enclosure cards!
I fell in love with these postcards!
Look at this postcard:
Because let's face it, sometimes blogging can be HARD.
Cute huh?
I know! It got me all excited and squealy inside when I saw these postcards!
And guess what?
This sweet lady sent me some of these postcards to review!
I just got the package today!
She sent me a little bit of everything, postcards, a couple of greeting cards, magnets AND those gift tags you see with flowers. :)
Ok. Here is what I am offering YOU. (Or rather what she said I could offer YOU!)
You too have this chance to WIN some postcards AND greeting cards from her site! (I believe she said she could give a $5 or a $10 gift card to the site!) 
(She also can personalize the post-cards! Did I mention that?)
Here's what you have to:
  • Required Entry: Visit Snail Mail Notes.com and tell me what you think is the cutest thing she sells. What would you purchase from her site?
  • Leave me a comment telling me what you would want to win from the site and who would be the lucky recipient of the postcard! :) You might get an extra point if you would send ME a card! Maybe. Perhaps. Maybe not. It would make me smile though! :)
Extra Entries: Remember for every extra entry you do, leave a separate comment for each entry. Thanks!
And do you know what the BEST part about this giveaway is?
I get to choose TWO winners not just one! :)
The winner will be randomly selected using Random.Org. (So comments do count you guys!)
This giveaway starts August 23, 2010 and ENDS September 1, 2010 at 9PM Pacific standard time! :)
Good luck!
P.S. Did you have the chance to read my interview yet in the local newspaper where I live?
P.P.S. Yes, I have the Red Vines to send out for the Twitter party I had a couple of weeks ago. Please be patient and funds are somewhat tight. I will get them out though. Never you fear, my friends!
P.P.P.S. Did you know you can also find my writing at Helium too? Come check me and my friend Angel out! :) *Click on my name once in Helium and you will able to see all the articles I have written.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday mingle with Speedy Jen AND I'm too tired edition

THIS WEEK’S QUESTIONS (submitted by Teresa at NanaHood):
1. If you could switch places for one day with anyone in the world who would it be and why?
2. What do your children like best about visiting their grandparents?
3. What kind of grandmother do you think you will be (many years from now of course) and are you looking forward to it?
I'm tired. I don't if you been following the saga of my giveaway winners...But Whew! I'm tired.
Read up on the previous post. I'm even too tired to link it for you. :) 
Anyhoo, Speedy Jen is back and MY favorite host of Monday Mingle. Ok, she is the ONLY host, but she is my favorite nonetheless. Come join up!
Tweet out your #mondaymingle using this hastag!
Tell your friends about it! Let's see how many link ups we can get this time around! OK?
Click the buttons to be directed to Speedy's site, Either one will take you there. I hope anyway. It should. :)

Eighty MPH Mom Blog
Here's my mingle! (Not a lot of make-up, hair is clipped up, I'm a mess--but I still mingle. Just for YOU!)

Have a super week! :)

And the Winner is...

After taking into account that the previous drawing was unfair to those who had extra entries I drew another winner. The details are in the video.
Not to beat the nail further into the ground but from NOW on...Forever and EVER...For every EXTRA comment you make on any giveaway post on MY blog, Please make a SEPARATE comment for each extra entry. OK?

The winner has 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be chosen! Thanks! :)

It has come to my attention...

It has come to my attention that I did not take in account all the EXTRA entries fairly. I told you in the original post to FAN the Original Scrapbox on Facebook AND visit their website. You also HAD to leave me a comment that you did and what you you would like from their website.

I did NOT take into extra entries. Mainly because I forgot to post that for EVERY extra entry you do, leave me a separate comment. I never said that.


I want this giveaway to be fair for everyone that entered. And I will pay attention to my words in the future.
That's for sure! :)

Thank you Alexandra for bringing this matter to my attention.

I will redraw a winner this evening by collecting ALL the entries (EXTRA entries included) and putting everyone's handle into a container and I will draw a name out on camera. OK?

I think that is a fair solution for us all.
Again, I apologize again. I want you guys to come to my blog and enter giveaways and I want the drawing to be fair. I hope you understand.

Thank you.

One Cluttered Brain

I have a WINNER! :) CANCEL that...I am redrawing.

CANCELLED. I am redrawing.

I hold in my hands the WINNER of the GIANT cutting board and a CHANCE to win the Limited Edition workbox.  Watch my latest video to see if you WON! :)
I have contacted the winner today! If she does not respond back to me in 48 hours than I will have to choose another winner. Remember there are 2 more giveaways still going on--The fabulous Nature Valley prize pack AND a $25 dollar gift card to Wal-mart!
Congrats to the winner once again! :) This lucky gal, IF she contacts me, gets to compete for the Limited Edition workbox! Good Luck girl!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nature Valley PRIZE Pack/giveaway ENDS Aug 31st! GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED!

I know, I know, I swear I would NEVER post 2 giveaway items back to back before on my blog, but I just gotta. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I HAVE to take it. I just blogged for Blogapalooza with absolutely no chance for a giveaway. Read THOSE posts if you are bored. :D LOL.
Anyway, ON with the details of what this giveaway is all about.
Have you heard about Nature Valley granola bars?
You have? Well they are delicious. 
Look at what Nature Valley is doing: I'm gonna quote the email I got from MyBlogSpark ok?

"Nature Valley will not only recycle the wrappers, but will also contribute $0.10 to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for every wrapper received (up to $600,000 in total). To learn more about the National Parks Project and how you can make a difference, check out PreservetheParks.com today. And don´t forget to visit Nature Valley on Facebook or Nature Valley on Twitter to "Like" or "Follow" the brand. Facebook fans can enter to win a trip, as well as share photos and videos of their summer vacations. All of these sites will also feature updates on the restoration projects, as well as videos and pictures from "National Parks Project" volunteers."

Cool huh?
I thought so. And look at what MyBlogSpark sent me:
And guess what? You can WIN this ENTIRE prize pack as well! (Compass, solar flashlight, Book entitled: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, AND a sweet looking backpack!)

(Please send in the wrappers to this address if you too want to help support the beautiful National parks we have. There is a lot of upkeep in maintaining these parks.)
 Please send your wrappers to:

National Parks Project
PO Box 450328
El Paso, TX 88545-0328
Here's how YOU can ENTER:
Mandatory ENTRY: Must leave me a comment and tell me what National Park you and your family have visited or want to visit someday.

Extra Entries:

Tweet this giveaway post out to other on your Twitter page. (Leave me a link.)
Leave a separate comment for each thing you do because the more times you enter the more likely it is that Random.org will choose your name! :) Yes, Please leave a separate comment for EACH EXTRA entry you end up doing. The more comments from you the more likely Random.org will get your number. OK? Thanks!
Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link in a comment to tell me about it. :)
Disclosure: I have been compensated by Nature Valley through MyBlogSpark. I received the above prize pack and the opportunity to give another prize pack away on my blog. :) All opinions of Nature Valley are 100% mine and should not be affiliated with MYBlogSpark. 
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Hello my friends!
Did you recover yet from my 24 post blogapalooza Extravaganza? :) If you are wondering, Yes, I do have a coupon for a free book from Blog 2 print. YAY! That's exciting.
Well, there IS a reason for this blog post.
Are your kids gearing up to back to school? 
Or are they dreading it like some kids do?
I have an idea for you.
How many of shop us at Wal-mart for back to school gear?
*raises hand*  I know I have been there a couple of times, and school hasn't even started yet.
Who wants some EXTRA cash this Back-to-School season?
Well, I have ANOTHER exciting opportunity for you. MyBlogSpark has contacted me yet again and asked me if I would like to extend a giveaway to my readers.
What can you win?
A $25 dollar gift card! (Every little bit helps at Back-to-school time!)
What one item do you usually always end up getting around Back-to School time?
Do you ever purchase the food items that help support your child's school? Like Box Tops for Education?
MyBlogSpark also gave me a gift card to purchase BoxTop for Education food items.
Look at all I brought home:
MY kids will be set for after-school snacks and when we are running LATE and out the door, they can grab those milk and cereal bars...YUM! (There IS even some snacks I will even eat. These are delicious treats especially when you are in a hurry to get out the door OR the kids think they ARE starving AFTER school.)
And I get to help support my kid's schools by handing in the Box Tops...YAY!
Here's HOW to enter my giveaway:
Required Entry:  What is ONE item that you will be purchasing this year for Back to School? Leave 
your response in a comment below!
Extra Entries: If you want YOUR name to appear MORE than once for a greater chance to WIN this fabulous gift card! For EVERY extra entry you do, please make a separate comment for each entry. Thanks!
  • Follow me on Twitter. @Clutteredbrain
  • Respond to any of my Blog-frog discussions in my sidebar. (Leave me a comment here telling me which discussion you responded to.)
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and comment on any one of my videos. (on Youtube.) :)
  • Become my Fan on Facebook. (Leave me a comment on my Fan page!) :)
  • Post this link on Twitter. "Need some extra cash this Back-to-school season? Cluttered Brain has a giveaway  ($25 gift card to Wal-mart.)" (Comment back here with the Twitter link.)
For an EXTRA 10 entries, YOU can always blog about it and leave your link in the comments below! :)
Disclosure: I received a Wal-mart gift card in the amount of $25 to use to purchase Box-Top Education products from Wal-mart through MyBlogSpark. As usual, any opinion expressed about any products or stores are 100% MINE, and should NOT be affiliated with MyBlogSpark. :)

This giveaway ENDS Tuesday Aug. 31, 2010 @ 9:00 Pacific standard time. (Midnight EST)
A winner will be chosen shortly after that.  Perhaps the day after? :)
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Dang it! I forgot to post ONE more thing....

  Hello there.
Psst. I know you are getting REALLY tired of the updates. And I apologize. But Aug 16th I believe, I was suppose to post a review of a fantastic book my Michele Ashman Bell.(But I fergot.) (Silly me.) Hometown Girl was the fabulous book I read, set in Washington state (the book not me--LOL) in a made up town called Milford Falls.
I so want to live there. The characters are great, including the sheriff, (Barney Fife type character) that gives the main character a speeding ticket the first time she moves in.
  Jocelyn basically leaves her life in St. George UT and starts fresh. She moves into her grandmother's home. (Her grandmother is passed now. She inherited the house and it needs several renovations.)
 Upon moving to Milford Falls, She finds a great job and a guy.

Jocelyn has her troubles though. Things aren't peachy all the time.
But I am NOT going to tell you everything that happens. Just read the book!

I thought this book was great and could actually be read in one sitting. Because you have to find out what will happen next right? The town is picturesque and you just want to MOVE there and be Jocelyn's neighbor. Eat blueberry pie, (because she has a berry farm in her backyard) and just LIVE. :)

One more thing, During the month LONG blog tour of which I was a part, she is giving YOU the opportunity of winning a $50 VISA gift card. Not just to Amazon, but you could use this anywhere. Cool, huh?

What do you have to lose? (Except the chance of winning a super-duper gift card.) You could buy Michele's latest book Hometown Girl and then take your sweetheart out to dinner.

Have a lovely day folks. I'm off to take a NAP.

WIMTSW Really? I just posted 24 posts....UGH. :)


What I would do for a friend.
and Angel is a GEM so here it goes... sorry if it doesn't make sense. Angel made me post this. I mean it, she had a gun to my head...LOL.
OK, not really but have you seen her MAD vlogs???
When Angel told me it was Wednesday and I HAD to participate in WIMTS
I thought--good criminy, is it Wednesday already? Jeez.
What i wanted to say: Good heavens Angel! i just posted 24 postings in 24 hours and YOU want me to come up with one more? LOL. Ok. I like a good challenge. I take no responsbility in the direction this post might take.
When I joined Blogapalooza, I had no idea how exhausting and challenging it would be.
What i meant to say: YIKES! What did i sign up for? Am I really that creative to post 24 different posts? YOWZA! You be the judge folks!
I did it. I may have scheduled a few posts along the way...I can't stay up ALL night. I mean my heavens, I have 3 kids. My body would hate me.
What I meant to say: LOL. Take that, Blogapalooza. I did it. I did it! YAY! (Do I sound a little like Dora?) WHAT? You can't schedule just a few posts? Oh hell. Whatever. I still did it. Can you come up with 24 different blog posts in 24 hours? Scheduling or NOT scheduling..it doesn't matter.
Ok. That's it.
I don't have any more WIMTS in me. Or blog posts left in me.
I need to take a nice LONG vacation.
Who's sending me to Hawaii for a week?
Don't all you raise your hands at once now...
I would blog in Hawaii. And video myself next to a palm tree.
That's better.
Thanks Tracie, for paying MY way to Hawaii... :D
While you are at it, Could you find my husband a better paying job?
Thanks girl! Any job openings in FLA?
Blogger will NOT let me space properly. Sorry about the no spacings...What is UP Blogger? *sigh*

Last and FINAL POST! #24 I DID IT!

Well, uh, er...I think I did it anyway.
I may or may NOT have had a catnap along the way.
Come on, I am 34. It's not like I can stay up ALL night anymore.
But I was sleep deprived. And I can say for a surety that I am sleep deprived.
Because while the most of you are just getting up--some of us are getting up but have been UP for quite a while.
With some naps in beween. :)
I hope you don't shoot me Tracie.
I didn't make it to 3 AM my time. (I made it to 3 AM your time though. Doesn't that count for something?)
I stayed up longer than Angel. :)
Ok, so my kids don't have school yet.
So that means I can sleep.
If I actually stayed up ALL night WITHOUT napping, today would be hell.
Because I have 3 kids with lots of demands.
However they are asleep right now.
Where am I going with this FINAL blog?
It is the END.
Will I blog anymore?
Will I vlog anymore?
Should I blog anymore?
24 blog posts in a row should catch me up for quite a while.
24 days perhaps.
No, not me. I just keep typing. *sigh*
Why I type, you watch this.
And maybe I will be done.

That's it. I'm outta here! I hope you enjoyed this blogging marathon. It was sponsored from Blog2print. I think you can win a book or something. Like make a part of your blog a book.
Yeah, I don't know details. I AM a little sleep deprived after all.

Blogapalooza # 23 What time is it in your neck of the woods?

I live near Vegas. I live about 90 minutes from Vegas actually. I live in the Pacific time ZONE.
Which I happen to think is the BEST time zone EVER.  Forget about the East for a minute. I know, everything is scheduled for EST...but living out here is better.
Here are some things I like about my time. 
MY Pacific time.
  • 9PM EST means 6 o clock MY time.
Which means Twitter parties that start at 9PM EST are NO big deal for me....:)
And let's see what else?
MY time is ALWAYS ahead of you Easterners. You are always tired. Well, it is ONLY 5 AM in the morning. What time is it there? Oh yeah, 8 o clock or something.
PSHAW. Whatever.
Why in the world am I blabbing about time?
Good grief I must be tired.
Good night.
I have ONE post to go.
Are you excited yet?
What can I say to get you excited?
I have ONE really sweet giveaway going on right NOW.
And when I get done with this blogpalooza stuff, I will be posting another giveaway.
Yup. MORE stuff for you to WIN.
And i almost have 100 fans.
I might check that now.
But I will probably forget after I publish this post. LOL.

Good Morning! Blogapalooza #22 5 AM here. :)

The best part of waking up...is Folger's in your cup! I don't even drink coffee and I love this commercial! The smell of coffee beans can be quite nice though. :)

Have you people HAD your morning coffee yet?
Or your morning Dr. Pepper?
Or whatever wakes you up?
Did you have a good sleep?
5 o clock in the morning is NOT a good time to blog.
My cats are all over the place.
Racing each other.
My brain is running in circles.
I just want to go to bed.
But I cannot.
I am at post 22. Hour 22. I can't possibly quit now.
I have only 2 more posts.
What are you people doing in between posts?
I might be taking some cat naps.
Because I am no spring chicken anymore.
I'm thirtysomething years old.
I need more beauty sleep than the rest of you young ones.
I will see you at the finish line.
I hope. :) *wink wink*

Blogapalooza # 21 4AM What do respectable people do at 4 AM?

They sleep!
This is me sleep-posting. Sleep blogging.
I am a blogging zombie.
With Dr. Pepper.
Oh heavens! I am so GLAD School has NOT started yet.
The only thing that is different is I'm not bald. And I am female.
Well, that's it for the 4 AM post.
What more did you want at 4 o clock in the morning?
You try blogging at 4 AM in the morning and see how zany and confused your posts are.
What time is it again?
Oh that's right.
My bedtime.

Blogapalooza # 20 Animaniacs

Still with me?
Have you heard of these guys?
The animaniacs?
I hadn't heard of them until I met my husband.
I was just wondering if anybody else had heard of them before.
That's all. What more can I say at 3 o clock in the morning?
Except Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Blogapalooza #19 Sushi

Have you ever tried Sushi before?
I have.
Mmm. My sushi. This was canning peaches day. Hence the look. :)
Mmm. Sushi.

That's it. That's all you get for a 2 AM post.

Are we there yet?
I'm tired, I'm hungry, how far?
My nose is snotty,
Gotta use the potty,
Better stop the car.

i love the Animaniacs, don't YOU?

Blogapalooza Hour 18. Woo-hoo!! :)

Hot spicy cheetos. However I am eating generic hot cheetos. Just as good though! :)
It is 1 AM in the morning here.
4 AM EST coast time.
I bet anything you people aren't up.
I literally can talk about anything.
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.
Who's with me?


Any1AMpost, I may be getting silly.
Caffeine and hot spicy cheetos does this to me.
There may or may NOT be a quiz on these posts later.

You may be able to win something.
So I would stay tuned if I were YOU.

This post is about sleeplessness and hot spicy cheetos.
Throw in some Dr. Pepper and some blogging and you have a pretty good night.
What is the latest you stayed up?

I might beat your record.
BWA hahahahaha!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogaplooza # 17 Midnight vlog. Midnight for ME anyway...

no silly, this isn't me. But it's midnight. i am setting the mood!
Yup. It is time again.
For a midnight dancing vlog. LOL.
This one is for all the happy freaks out there.
Like me. Freak is a good word in this post. Used positively.
Any other time, freaking is an adjective.
But here's my MIDNIGHT vlog...:)
Are you still up?

Blogapalooza #16 Daughter's birthday :)

See? I didn't just blog all day today.
I took time out and celebrated my daughter's birthday today.
She turned 3.
Here are some pictures.
I'm not EVEN going to try and watermark them tonight.
Because it's late.
Don't steal.
It's not nice.
And I will know. Because I am everywhere.
The cake was a delicious strawberry cake served with french silk ice cream. YUM!
And with that #blogapalooza post 16 is DONE! :)

Blogapalooza #15 I bet you all are sleeping. :)

Precisely WHY I like Pacific time zone better.
I could write just about anything right now.
And none of you would be the wiser.
Because you all are sleeping soundly in your beds.
Dreaming of sugarplums dancing in your head....
Ahh wait. It is Christmas already?
This makes sense.
So while you are dreaming of sugarplums and all, I'll be blogging away.
And sleep-posting, 'cause I am really good at that.
You don't believe me?
Wow. Look at how many posts I wrote while you are sleeping.
Which reminds me I love that movie.
While you were sleeping.

What's your favorite movie?
What do you dream about when you sleep?
I usually have really good dreams. If I have just watched a Matthew M. movie, then my dreams usually have HIM in them.
And another thing, What's your favorite thing about blogging?
Is it the connections you make with people?
Is it the lack of sleep you always have 'cause you stayed up WAY too late blogging again?
What is it?
Enough philosophy, I need to post now. It is that time again. :)
This is Hour 15, 9 more to go....Woo-hoo!

Look at the cool button Brittany made! Cool huh? :)

Favorite Memory with Hubs Blogapalooza #14

Hey, Where is the time going anyway?
I used to think one hour was a L-O-N-G time. Not anymore. Jeez.
My favorite memory of my memory is our wedding day. (Psst. WHO is that skinny girl in the pic?) LOL.
Would U look at that? I did find a wedding picture! YAY! :)
Mainly 'cause well you know, it's OUR special day.
The day we made promises to each other.
We vowed to love each other forever,
Through good times AND BAD,
Through trials and prosperity (I'd like some prosperity any day now...:))
I'd post a lovely picture of my hubs and me on our wedding day. (I did post one. I just don't want to hit the DELETE key.) LOL.
But I don't have a scanner.  (This is true. I do NOT have a scanner.)
AND I can't find my blasted wedding album with all my pictures. (LOL. I found it. But U knew that already.)
I have MOVED around WAY too darn much! (Also true. Hopefully we will stay here for a little bit.)
My favorite memory IS my wedding day, Angel.
Thanks for asking. :)

Blogapalooza # 13 Favorite Activity with HUBS :)

You sickos!
Like I'm going to say the MOST obvious answer.
Sex. There. I said it.
Yes, that is a very fun activity, there are others things I do with my husband besides that.
I made a Top ten list.
Because hey I like to count. :) LOL.
1. I LOVE to laugh with my honey. He tells some pretty good jokes.
2. Walks. i like to take long strolls with my husband just him and me. :)
3. Games. I like to play games with my husband. Board games are fun, (He beats me in Scrabble EVERY time.) And I have been known to play his Star Wars RPG games. (Another blog post if you don't know what it is.)
4. Goofing off with each other.
5. Cooking. (He cooks, I clean up.) I love those days!
6. Staring in each other's eyes until we just can't take it anymore.
7. Moonlit bubble baths.
8. Eating sushi together.
9. Showering each other.
10. Going on a mushroom hunt together and gathering EDIBLE mushrooms.
That's it. We may or may not have enjoyed ALL of these together yet. :)

Favorite song of ALL time. Blogapalooza # 12

My most favorite song of ALL is this one. Because you most certainly have to learn to love yourself before you love others. :)

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