Friday, April 30, 2010

Mom's NITE out! May 6, 2010 Mark your calendars!

Watch my COOL video first!!! AND this is ALL FREE for Mom's. No money to register! Just a twitter handle and YOUR cool self!

And here is Maria Bailey WITH all the details!!! :)
CLICK HERE for Maria!

I hope to see you there!! I told you Twitter is a good thing, now didn't I?
@clutteredbrain is my handle.
#momsniteout & @momsniteout

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Check me out folks!!!

I just found my essay I recently submitted to MMB (Mormon Mommy Blogs) about motherhood.
I was quite please of myself when I turned it in. My original post was a tad different, but said the same thing. Wow. Thank goodness for editors--They have their work cut out for them! They really do.

Thank you Mombabe for finally posting my Motherhood post on MMB. This is really quite special for me.

Want to read what I wrote? Click Here to read my post. Please comment and tell me what you thought if you get a minute. THANKS!! :)

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is where you can find me today.

In all actuality, You can probably find me with my nose in a book today. Or loading the dishwasher.
But I updated my blog HERE yesterday. Check out this blog post. I have not experienced infertility, but there are some women who have. We need to take a stand and support these women that suffer infertility.

It's not easy not being able to bear children. That's all some women dream of.
Please take a moment and watch this video and tell me what you thought.

I might blog more later. Maybe. But until then....:)

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I am not a serial killer, Really, I am not. :))

Please click HERE for a sneak peek of one of the BEST books EVAH!

Now I must do the dishes, that I ignored while I was reading. :)

(It's part of a trilogy too. Yippee. Maybe the author will send me a book to review, if I'm lucky, that is.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Perhaps. :)

This is me right before my writer's conference! Yes, I am really that EXCITED!
Owly Images

The only picture I took of my writer's conference. I know--the SHAME of it. Count on me taking LOTS of pictures at Casual Blogger Conference to make up for it. :))

Owly Images

And I have a question for you--Blogger recently changed how you can upload pictures and I am confused. It says you can load pics from your blog--ones that are already there, from a url, and from a Picasa web album.
I want to upload from my computer files. Can I still do that? Do I need to switch to wordpress now?

Thanks y'all for helping me. Sorry the pics are so tiny. I posted them on Twitter if you wanna see them enlarged. I am Clutteredbrain--If you want to see a larger view of the pictures.

Duh! I just figured out that you can just click on image to make it larger.....Duh. Do that. K? :) I'm too lazy to hit the delete button.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Mingle--Did you miss me? :)

Hey, I'm back! I am joining EIGHTY MPH MOM again for Monday Mingle. Click the Mingle button to click to her site! All the details are over there! :)

You might want to turn up your speakers OR put ear phones on if your apeakers aren't very good. My mingle is somewhat quiet in parts this week! :) Thanks! ENJOY!

Click HERE for an update of the recent Writer's conference I attended!

Have a SUPER week you guys!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the Road again! :)

Hi folks! I'm OFF to Provo UT for one of the GREATEST writer's conference around!!! LDStorymaker's!! I'll come back even more motivated to write then ever!!!

Stay tuned for pictures! There even may be come goofy pictures taken of me! ;) I plan to come in costume the first day to ease the tension and nervousness everyone might have. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are YOU ready for Summer?

I certainly am! You want to know HOW I am ready for summer? Well, good--I'll tell you.
You see, one day, I was chatting on Twitter minding my own business when you starts following me? Gazillion Bubble starts to follow me. Then I get this direct message from Funrise Toys that asks me if I wouldn't be interested in reviewing a Gazillion bubble maker. HECK yeah I would!

Take a look at how much fun my daughters and I had this afternoon popping bubbles!

And when this FUN bubble maker arrived? Look at how EXCITED my little one was to try it out!

Thank YOU--for this AWESOME Gazillion bubble maker to review.
Yes, WE are ready for summer! What about you?

Thank you, my dear sweet followers!

I just wanted to say Thank you. As I notice my following climbing higher and higher, I just want to thank you people for continuing to read what I have to say at you. You may not comment on every single post but HECK, I don't comment on every single post on your blogs either. If I did that, I might not get anything done. Just consider this post as a Thank-you to all of you. Thanks for reading, commenting, and supporting me on all my rants, vlogs, praise and just plain old posts. I started this blog in October of 2008. I didn't really do much then. I hardly knew what to write in a blog, or where to begin for that matter. I think I have learned quite a bit in one year's time. I may not have 500 followers yet, but I am close. I am half of the way there already. I had no idea how much blogging would actually help my writing. I want to write now. I am contributing to TWO different blogs now on a professional level. Well, to me they are pretty professional anyway.

Mormon Mommy blogs AND Blissfully Domestic are the two blogs I contribute to right now.

I am excited for all these writing possibilities! I feel more ALIVE when I write.
Anyway, Thanks for listening to me and continuing to listen and comment. 'Cause this gal here sure appreciates YOU! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts.

 This is me last year at my conference!!! Yeah! No, No, You can't tell me I am the least bit excited about this can you? LOL.

I know, I know it is Monday and I usually participate in Monday Mingle. But not this week.  I am too busy this week. I leave this Thursday for my writer's conference! YIPPEE! I love writing! Plus I don't think it fair to mingle when I probably won't be able to get around to all the mingles this week. Sorry.

I will probably be back next week though.

  • First thought- I WON! Remember the ULTIMATE Blog party I entered and blog hopped on? I WON! Not the Toshiba laptop or anything like that, but I won a lovely necklace. I will take a picture of myself wearing it when I get it. This made my week so far!
  • Second thought- I am going to be published on ANOTHER website tomorrow. I think I might have told you that I am now a contributor to the website, Blissfully Domestic. Well, my article is going to be published tomorrow, So I hear. I don't have a direct link yet. This probably will be updated when I do get a more direct link. :)
FIRST POST--Blissfully Domestic  <---Click there to see MY first post--"How to make it as a Mommy blogger!"

Really? I think that is about it. Winning and being published on a website other than my own are on my mind tonight. And sleep. It is past midnight here. But I did manage to take a nap today so this is why I am still up. *sigh* Be careful of naps in the afternoon--if you take too long of a nap you might be up late. :)

If you like watching the Monday mingles--You are welcome to head on over to EightyMPHMom. Other people mingled. Just not me today. Maybe next week.

I hope you all have a productive week this week and that the sun shines at least one day for ya!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party <---AFTER the Party:)

The morning after the Blog party. (Well almost, it is Friday. Doesn't it go through Friday as well?)

Hi folks! I've been having TONS of fun getting to know MORE bloggers out there. I also gained quite a bit of NEW followers on Twitter thanks to the Twitter party we had on Friday. (By the way, Chris Mann had an incredible voice.) Click here to listen to Chris Mann. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Are you a puddle yet? I still get weak in the knees when I hear him. I hear he NOT only performed for us at the ULTIMATE Blog party, but also at Blissdom this year. (I've got to get myself a ticket next year to Blissdom.)

Well, the purpose of this post is to let you all of all the cool party people I found this past week!
First of all, There are MANY many people that are cool that partied with @5minutesformom. If I missed you, I'm sorry. I am only going to pick three. The three that stood out in my mind are:

Mommy Moment  <---Yes, yes I might live under a rock but I honestly did NOT know who they were BEFORE this giant blog party.

SusieQTpies  <---This gal is the ULTIMATE in party people. You may have heard her on Twitter toot-tooting her party horn. She is amazing as well.

Life without Pink  <--Yup you guessed it. This gal has not had the privilege yet of having a girl. She totally ROCKS! She is also in my reader as well.

And last but certainly not least is Dayngr. But OOPS, I know this is 4. But I had to include this gal. She is my latest follower and her blog is just cool. You should check it out. Her avatar is pretty cool as well.

Probably every one that stopped by I turned around and followed back. Because if you sat through all my silliness and laughed then you are definitely something to read.

So now its your TURN. What NEW blogs have you found that you are now reading?
I hope my blog turns up on at least once out there. :)))

Love you all. Have a safe and happy weekend.

Aquamarine76  <--Will be working in her novel that she is writing. Brought on by a scare she had a couple of days ago when she could not contact her hubby. Stay tuned for excerpts of the novel. If you are lucky enough  that I should post them on here. :)))

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friends, Please help a girl out!

Please check out this post.
I need some help in an upcoming novel that I am pursuing. Thanks in advance for your help.
Comments are closed. Please leave your comments on my other post. THANKS!

Where's YOUR cell phone?

Last night was NOT a good night for me. Let me set the situation up for you.
It was about 5:30 or 6:00 when the phone rang last night, maybe somewhat later, but that is that is what I remember when it rang. I thought it would be my husband. (He was at a convention all day in Vegas yesterday.) It wasn't.

"Hi, I was found this phone and figured I would try calling this number *second cell* to let you know that your cell phone is lost. Do you know who the owner is?"

"That would be my husband."

"Is there a way you can notify him and let him know he has lost his phone?"

"Not really. I'm about 2 hours away in (my local city)" I can't give everything away can I?

"I'll just turn it into Security then. Thanks for trying to help."

I waited at least 2 hours before trying my cell phone again. Maybe it was 30 minutes. I can't remember. Security answered. Still NOT husband.

We had a conversation that pretty much ended up like the first one I had. The cell phone was MY only way to reach my husband. Security reassured me they had the cell and that is was safe. But what about my husband?

Minutes ticked into hours.

I fed my girls cold cereal for breakfast. I couldn't think straight.

After the girls were fed-- it was about 8:15 now, they got their pajamas on, we prayed and then they went to bed.

I tried to distract myself with a few TV shows. Some comedy to uplift my worried mind.

But nothing worked. In the end, my mind was in a state of panic. Before he left at 7 in the morning, he told me he was probably not going to be that late this time. (The previous night he had been out to about 11:30 PM)

I read. It wasn't that my book was not entertaining, but it is a book about woman whose husbands are away--deployed in another country, and one of the ladies received a knock at the door. (The knock to inform your husband has been killed in the line of duty.)

Now I know my husband is NOT in the military but I had lost contact with him, like this lady did with her husband. (They had email to keep in touch.) I panicked.

MY mind swirled with the possibilities my husband could be in. Dead. Kidnapped. Tied up. Unable to get a hold of his wife and children.

I tried to sleep but it did not work.

It was about a quarter to one before he walked in the door WITH the cell phone I might add.

He had contacted security in the meantime and had found it. (I had no idea this had happened.)

I hugged my husband for the longest time last night.

He came home and was not dead as I feared.

Do you know where YOUR cell phone is? And your husband for that matter? Do you have contact with him? If you were to lose contact with him for any reason, would it scare you like it did me?

How did YOU spend your evening last night?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--"Bare" Edition

UPDATE! I have removed said picture from my blog because evidently I could get in trouble with the law for posting such a photo of my daughter. (It was a picture of her bare bum.) Sorry if you missed it. I will replace it for another photo. If anyone has more facts about me posting a picture of her bum, please let me know.

This is my Buppy after she swiped my chocolate pudding. Did she get any in her mouth? :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dove Chocolate Review--YUM! Heaven in my mouth!

Image obtained through Google Images!
Guess what?

It's Monday. I know Big deal. I usually HATE Mondays. But not today. You see last week I watched a Dove Chocolate review by Kelly @ She raved about how CREAMY the peanut butter was. She talked about how her family liked it so much it was gone in a flash. She said she shared it with her kids--a couple of pieces, but mostly she devoured the bag.  No wonder! I had the chance to taste these sinfully delicious chocolate! I just retweeted Kelly's review to my followers, Dove_Chocolate started to follow me. I tweeted to them "Mmm. Dove. Love it. I think I want to review some Dove for myself now." Or something like that.

Take a look and watch me sampling Dove chocolate WITH peanut butter for the FIRST TIME!

Divine huh? Bet you want to try some right? Well, if I can get enough comments and views of this video I will give AWAY a bag of this wonderful chocolate. I'm sure Dove won't mind.

But for now--Tell me why you would like to taste this wonderfully divine mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. Do I have your mouth watering yet? Good. I've done my job. Mmm.

You also might want to follow me on Twitter--Aquamarine76. You know, just so you can follow my tweets so you can know when I will be giving out this wonderful bag of chocolate! YUM.

Hope YOU are having a good Monday. MY Monday didn't start out that good, but it ended well.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 12- Monday Mingle--Growing up and looking back at my life!

Hey there!
Welcome. I have gained a few new followers recently. Every Monday I join up with Speedy and answer some simple questions about myself. This week the questions were submitted my bloggy friend--Dee, from the Redheaded Stepchild.

1. Do you remember the first blog you started following? If so, who & why did you keep going back for more?
2. Pretend you are 16. Being able to look ahead at your life now, what would you, at 16, have found most shocking or unexpected about the life you ended up having?
3. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  What would you be now if you could do it all over again?

Hope you enjoy my summer pictures I added!!
Have a SUPER week this week! ;)
If you give a Mom a moment  <---Blog I mentioned in video. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010<---Getting to know Cluttered Brain


                           PRESENT THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY POST
This post was constructed almost entirely by me. @5minutesformom designed the banner for us to use. Isn't it AWESOME?
Hi ya Blog Party Fans!!!
Aren't those ladies--@5minutesformom Susan & Janice just so totally awesome for putting this Ultimate Blog party on for us?
You are in for a real treat today, cause I edited a video for this PARTY post.
Getting to know a little more about me and PARTIES whether you want to or not. (I also asked my kiddos what a party means to them!)
I am so EXCITED! (I'm not even going to upload my video to Youtube until April 8th.) No SNEAK peeks for you people. ;)
Please take off your shoes, relax, have a soda, popcorn, whatever.
And watch a little of me showing YOU what it is like to PARTY! ;) Cluttered Brain style.

And I guess I am suppose to leave the prizes I want too.
I dream big when I want to win something.
I'd like to win the ULTIMATE Grand prize--a Toshiba labtop. :)
Next prizes are as follows:
#11 the $100 gift certificate
# 39 a couple nights at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel (Stay is FREE)
# 3 (on the USC list for both US and CAN) $50 Target gift card

There are TONS more prizes to win!! Like US 12, 15, 5, and 18.
I'd be happy with anything I guess. :)
Now I am off to find more friends!

Click HERE to browse the prizes!!! Susan and Janice and everyone who donated prizes--You guys are AWESOME!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

F is for.....???

I posted my F is for post for the A-Z blog thingy over HERE today. So Check me out, ok?
Thanks!!! Maybe you all will be able to read it if you use---*SHUDDER* Internet Explorer.
Have a great day people!

(Comments have been turned off. Please comment on my other blog. Thanks! :))

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A fun little Easy, Peasy game you all can play...And TAG you might be it!

Oh MY! I was tagged by my LOVELY singing friend--Angel @ Angel believes.
She wants to see my 10th picture in my very first picture folder.
HA! It turns out it is a funny one.
Take a look. And WHEW, it wasn't an embarrassing one of me.

My lovely daughter decided to rub toothpaste in her hair!
My oh my!

And now on to the tags. *Just go to your First picture folder, 10th picture and post it on your blog! Tell us about the picture! Easy, Peasy. *

I tag these lovely bloggers.
Serene @ Serene is my name, NOT my life!
Breeze @ Cliffs of Insanity
Shannon @ The Mommy Files
Mormon Surrogate (if she has time) :)

AND YOU, That's right. You are reading this, Tag YOU are it!!! Please?
Just drop me an email and send me a link so I know where to find you! THANKS!

Monday, April 5, 2010

E is for eggs

E is for eggs. Who else besides me, has about 2 or 3 dozen hard boiled eggs in their fridge right now? I let the kids dye their eggs yesterday, and for the life of me I don't know why. I mean after you have dyed one egg, it's the same for the dozen more you have to color. It is a good thing I know how to make deviled eggs and that the kids like them. Or else I would be in trouble.

E is also for Easter. We recently had Easter. YEAH. More candy. I mean, I had to throw away the Valentine stash to make room for the Easter stash. YES, our dentist loves us. :)

E is also for End. I mean why in the world did Sweet Dee, from the Redheaded Stepchild, tell me about this alphabet posting blog thing? I just want it to END already. And I am already at E. This is pathetic people.

E is for EXCITEMENT. Not too many get me really excited. Except for the wonderful awesome blogger conference I get to attend. And new wonderful bloggers I find, and caramel ice-cream topping. AND exciting Facebook status updates. Oh, and also more comments on my blog.Oh yes, I live for excitement. :)

E is also for eyesight. Speaking of eyesight, mine is failing. Pretty soon I will have to wear thick coke bottle type lens and I won't get to drive at all. How sad is that? Real sad.

Well, I think this wraps up another edition of this alphabet posting I have enlisted myself in.  Please comment on of these posts and let me know how you think I am doing. Do I even have a career in writing?
I hope so, or else I can kiss my book Goodbye, then.

Law and Order is about to start. Where's my chocolate? I need it BAD.

D is for DMV (See? I am catching up.)

Image obtained through Google images. Thanks Google.
D is for DMV.
I had to wait 3 hours at the local DMV today. *sigh*
My car's registration expired in March and I had to catch up. What is even more annoying is I had to transfer my UT plates to NV plates. And also of course, had to change the UT license.
So annoying.

I waited.

I read my book for a while. The first 45 minutes went by fast.

Then I started to listen to other people's gripes on waiting.

People really do NOT like to wait longer than 15 minutes for something.

People with cell phones were texting like mad. I continued to read my book. It wasn't a bad book at all. But you have to semi-read your book because you still have to pay attention to the cranky DMV lady about to call your number.

I was 76. When I arrived the lady was in the 50's still. *sigh* This is gonna take a LOOOOONG time I am afraid.

When she finally called my number I was so excited. I had all the paperwork with me. Marriage certificate, car insurance, bank card, 2 forms of identity, my firstborn child, (Not really, but I felt like it) then the lady asked me if I need glasses to drive. My license said I did, but I don't actually need glasses to drive. I can see just fine without them, thankyouverymuch.

"Please read line two."
I squinted. I could not read line 2.
She told me to go home quickly and get my glasses, then come back she will help me then.
When I came back--she helped me right away, I felt like such a VIP, and proceeded to read the eye test.
"Please read line 2." Left eye is being tested. (supposedly my good eye.)
I read 8 numbers.
"Do you see 12 numbers? Read the 12 numbers back to me."
I only saw 8 numbers with my left eye. (And that's my good eye folks.)

Too make a LONG story shorter, I am scheduled for an eye exam tomorrow afternoon.
I need an eye exam. Must. get. contacts. And of course a new pair of glasses. Mainly cause the pair I wear now only have one ear wand. Or whatever you call those part of your glasses.

I'll take a picture with my new glasses. If I like them.

*sigh* I don't want to go blind yet.

C is for Cookie (I am trying to catch up.)

C is for Cookie. That's good enough for me. C is for Cookie that is good enough for me. C is for cookie, that is good enough for me, oh, cookie, cookie, cookie start with C!

Remember that song from Sesame Street? Cookie Monster? I know I am probably dating myself by telling you that I remember Sesame Street when Bob and Maria and Olivia and Gordon--Come on you remember don't you? And Mr. Rogers came on right after with his zippered sweaters. Yup, I remember.

Well C is for cookie, but I have found as I have grown older that C can also stand for Chocolate. Chocolate in my life is a definite necessity. I mean with all my daily struggles I have, washing dishes, laundry, keeping up with my latest TV shows, (it HAS to be done) who can survive without chocolate?

You are not a mother unless you can unwrap a chocolate bar without the little children knowing, and devour it all by yourself. *You do not have to share with anybody.*

When I am stressed out about my writing--chocolate helps.

Heck, who am I am I kidding? Chocolate even improves my love life on Valentine's Day. When my hubby bothers to buy me chocolate on Valentine's Day--all is right with the world.

Hmm. I also can think of other words that start with C that I do not like also.  Calories is on the TOP of my list. Can't have too many calories or you might end up fat. Nope, can't have that.

Carbohdrates. NOT on the bad list for me. I mean, who else doesn't enjoy a nice fluffy roll with butter with their steak or chicken at dinner. I definitely do!

Caffeine. Caffeine and chocolate. Can't leave home without it. Diet Dr. P and a minature snickers bar. Does the trick EVERY time. Trust me.

That's all for C. I still have D and E to catch up on.

I'll talk to you all later. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Monday Mingle--Featuring Bunny Girl! :) The WILD edition.

Yup, It's that time again. I stepped my mingles up a bit and featured a new mingler this week--Bunny Girl. I hope you will all check out her blog and leave her some comment love. Sometimes she gets lonely in her corner of the blogosphere! :) Thanks!
Don't forget to linky up to Jennifer at EightyMPHmom !!!
And use the #mondaymingle subject to TWEET out your mingle. All the cool kids are doing it.
Happy Anniversary to YOU Kari and Hubs!! (Chad I think it is.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We interrupt this blog to bring you an Easter message. (Don't knock it, before you have watched.)

I bounced back and forth all over the place whether or not I should post this on my blog or not. In the end though, my values and beliefs won out. *Besides I already posted it on Facebook.*

I hope all of you remember Him--our Savior, Jesus Christ this Easter.
Jelly beans and chocolate are fun to eat, but let us reflect on what He did for us.

I know I am.

I am grateful for this knowledge.
Happy Easter everyone! My regularly scheduled posts will be back tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

B is for beautiful, a beautiful kind of love

Image obtained through Google images.

Okay. I admit it. I jumped on this bloggy train recently. It's a new one, something about every day when you post something, you use a letter of the alphabet for the WHOLE month of April. Yesterday was Day One: It was obviously A.

Today is the letter B.

I chose Beautiful.

B is for a Beautiful kind of love.

I chose B, mainly for the new song I found. I did a search on Youtube yesterday for Derek Shephard and Addison Montgomery.
*Yup. You guessed it, I'm a Grey's fan.*

Anyhoo, I found this song--It's beautiful--the video displayed is of a love that Izzie and George had at one time. Now I am not condoning having an affair--'cause that is what George did, but all that aside, what Izzie and George had was a wonderful relationship. I mean, clearly they loved each other. Even after they stopped seeing each other, you could tell they clearly cared for one another.

That's what love is all about.

Deep caring for one another, realizing everyday that you can't live without your love because he really is the one for you.

Your relationship may not be perfect, but whose relationship is these days? Marriage takes work, and in the long run, it is worth spending time on.

Because a forever kind of love is beautiful.

I am glad I waited for this type of love.

Another type of beautiful love I have is for my children. I'd do anything for them. Even though, sometimes they make me so mad I want to tear my hair out, I love them and would NOT trade them for the world. The love of a mother has for a child never ends. It just doesn't.

So those are the two types of beautiful love to me.

What does love mean to you?

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