Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is in response to Barbi's blog entry in November 2008. I made a mistake ( an enjoyable mistake I might add)  and started to read some of her past entries and came across her Tag entry.  In an attempt to get  everyone to update their blogs I am putting an idea out there for you. Hopefully results will follow shortly.

I am tagging everyone that reads this blog entry.  TAG!!! YOU ARE IT!! (for those who don't know about tags if you are reading this you HAVE to do this same tag on your blog.)

I thought I would put a recent picture up as well as not to bore you all to death with yet again another entry. :)

My five favorite Family Memories (the family that I am raising NOT the family I grew up in, that's down below)

1-driving around and seeing Christmas lights

2- going to the pool with my girls and watching them play for hours.

3- Family Home Evening (any day I get to spend more time with my family is a good thing.)

4- Spending time with extended relatives (This past Martin Luther's King day, Dan's sister and family came to visit)

5- Picnic in the park (My oldest reminded me of this one, we ate at the park on a Sunday afternoon because we had no kitchen to speak of because our basement apartment we were living in flooded--that's another story alltogether)

    Five Favorite Family Memories in the family I grew up in

1- Brigantine New Jersey (My great grandmother had a beachhouse in New Jersey and almost every summer I would stay with her and my cousin Becky and I also remember playing with an Oliver. He was the next door neighbor.)

2- Family gatherings at Mom-Mom Mary's house. (I remember numerous activities at her house. thanksgiving, christmas, summer vacation...etc...)

3- Clementon Amusement Park ( My grandmother Mom Mom Mary would take me to this park on my vacation with her.)

4- Driving around seeing Christmas lights  and my little brother Matt pointing out the lights.."Look, L   i  g  h  t  s!"

5. Dad saying he could see the planets from earth. "Look, It's Venus!"

Hope you enjoyed reading some of my favorite family memories. What are some of yours??

Thursday, January 29, 2009


In all seriousness, I could go on all day with old pictures. I just don't want to bore anybody to death.  I like looking at old picture CD's. It brings those wonderful memories back to the surface. Anyway,  the reason for this entry is I wanted to update y'all on Daniel's surgery.  It went well, he saw his therapist Gordon yesterday and he just said keep moving the finger.  Just keep moving that finger.  I think it will take at least a week for it not to hurt so bad but the pain will eventually subside.  He has a job interview this Friday.  He is also in the process in finding another job.  Boy when it rains, it pours around here. We always seem to be busy with so many thing at once, healing, finding new work, cleaning house, (laundry, dishes, cooking...the list is endless for me) And of course don't forget blogging and facebook.

Well, I hope this entry finds you all well. I am finding more and more of your blogs out there! This is so much fun!

Adios amigos! Until next time!

Old family picture.

I got a BIG laugh out of this picture. We were at my mother in law's about ready to leave when she remembered I wanted our pictures done. Awfulness! And how bout Anna's orange pants? She never wears THOSE pants anymore.  So laugh all you want. I did. True awfulness!

Random old pictures.

So I thought you migh enjoy this picture. I was looking through an old kodak CD and came across this picture. For some reason I always seem to take my picture with my mouth wide open. Go figure.

The top picture is of my oldest Anna around age 5 or 6 when she is missing her two front teeth. And yes she did lose them around Christmas so she could sing the famous song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

Monday, January 26, 2009

My sweet husband

Please excuse the room my sweet husband is sitting in. It is currently being used for an office/storage room/tool closet for Daniel. (We really need a garage.) Anyway the purpose for this post is to inform you that my sweet husband Daniel is going for follow-up surgery on his hand. (Daniel injured his hand back in July 2008, was out of work for a couple of months, then therapy during those months) Anyway, His doctor and therapist thought a tenialisis (spelling?) would be a good idea. Basically Daniel can only bend his finger about halfway. His doctor and his therapist think this surgery will correct the problem, The surgeon is going to cut the scar tissue away from the tendon so he can bend his finger. Short recovery thank goodness! Doctor told us 3-5 days.

Another wonderful note to mention about my wonderful husband. I was out of milk this morning and he came home after a morning errand to ask if there was anything he could help me with. I told him I needed to get milk and we ended up picking up the milk together. When I was looking at him in the store I was reminded why I married him. He has such a wonderful smile and I love the way he looks at me with his loving eyes. This Valentine's Day I am grateful to be married to such a wonderful man!

I will update further about how the surgery went! Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Playlists--Softer music

Tell me what you think about this music Debbie. I like this softer music for my blog. You still might want to mute it while you read what I have to say but it's softer and less grating on people's nerves. I actually did that same thing you did. I had 3 different playlists going at once too. But now I know better. Close each blog after you read it. I did like Lindiva's choice of music though. I had never heard of most of the music but that's ok. I already knew she listened to way different music than me. Some of it is actually good. 

Happy listening everybody. I hope you enjoy my softer music!

Get a playlist!
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I am sure everyone has heard this song of rhyme from somewhere before. Let me refresh your memories.

Make new friends,

but keep the old.

one is silver,

and the other gold.

Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives once again.  I hope I can keep better tabs on you this way. I know my family that I live so very far away from right now is appreciative of the many pictures that I post.  It's been fun reconnecting again.

Parent Teacher Conferences!

Parent teacher conferences were yesterday! Ugh! The school has the teachers set up in the cafetorium and you talk to your child's teachers with everybody else talking to their child's teachers. It is loud, I can't think and I really am not a fan. I emailed the principal about the way they set it up last semester and he is not going to change it. They have been doing this for 7 years and that's what the people in the community seem to want. HA! I think those people have already moved. 

Well my conference went well. My children seem to be doing well in school. One of them needs turn in some long division homework but is doing well besides that. She is reading on a 7th grade reading level would you believe?  Also the younger girl, Mags (her wonderful nickname) just recieved an A.R. medal for reading. (A.R.=advanced reader) 

My children make me happy even though the school doesn't.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am just itching to write more! Probably because I just started this whole thing and am eager to have more entries because every blog I have looked at is so good. Everybody has their own style and that's good cause if we all put up the same blogs it would be way boring! Well I just wanted to say to those of you folks who left comments--Thank you. I read every comment and am interested in what you have to say. What I want to know is how do you get such cute borders and background for your blog? Debbie Davis has a cute background, Kim Young has one Please tell me where you can get such cute backgrounds?

Well I don't want to go on and on boring you all to death. My mind can only handle so much new stuff at once. I would like to say something about Mr. Obama. He is not a miracle man. The man is still human. He cannot save us from ourselves. He will do the best that he can to restore our economy, our housing market, our health care but don't get offended if somewhere down the road he slips up. He is only human after all. I am very grateful I had the chance to watch the inauguration and that my daughters teachers showed it to them at school as well. History in the making folks, It is very exciting.

Well I hope all you bloggers out there have a great day! I better sign out. My gorgeous children will be home soon. Thanks for lending an ear to me today!

Jan 2009


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just one more entry for tonight

I cannot believe how beautiful all the blog entries that I have read are thus far! Y'all are beautiful people. I only hope that my updates are as intriguing as the next guy. Well The blogs I have been mostly looking at are those wonderful people I met at University Village a few years back. I remember the cement walls and the hard floors and the lack of cupboard space in the bathroom, the 3 bedroom I always thought I wanted, the many girls nights out with Linda,Abbi, Kari, Whitney, Jenny,Janie and many others! When I moved away I was very glad at the time I was moving. We desperately needed to move on. But my memory goes back to my friends that I met way back when. I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting you all. I am glad that most of you blog! That is so neat, a way for me to catch up with you. Again Thank you for giving me the chance to know you. I hope you all have had a chuckle at the memories at University Village. I wouldn't trade them for the world! Have a restful night everyone and a wonderful day tomorrow! It's a new day. I have to get something done tomorrow. My obsession with finding as many of my old friends has got to stop. I will get things done tomorrow. Don't y'all worry bout me! Good night and sweet dreams!


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How many times do I say... "Be quiet we need to use our inside voices?"

How many times do I say..."Clean your room,put your clothes away, put dirty clothes in the hamper?"

I am tired of saying the same old things everyday to these children! Ack!!!Bedtime is just around the corner Thank goodness!

YES to Debbie's comment

I commented to your comment Debbie but I am not sure if you will be able to know that I responded. So I am making a new post to y'all. Yes Debbie you can add me to your list of bloggers or whatever it is. I am following your blog. Your updates are amazing! I love to read your awesome poetry and everything that goes on in your life.

Well I am sure you have heard enough about me talking to my great friend Debbie Davis! She came to see me when I was on the show Good Things Utah. Another thing to add to my blog. I was on television last year the day before Thanksgiving. You see there is this local TV show called "Good Things Utah" and I had the chance to interview one of the hosts. I interviewed Angie Larsen. If you are interested in seeing me LIVE on TV just type Alexes Covington Good Things Utah in any google search engine and you should be able to see my link! It was such an awesome expeience. Debbie Davis came to see me like I said before and also my sister in law Caryn Covington. Caryn took a picture of me with all the hosts with her cell phone, when she finally emails me the picture I will try and post it on here.

Well the children should be getting home soon. Lovely Lydia is still napping, that is why I can sneak in a quick blog right now. Thank goodness for sleeping children!

Thank you all for reading my blog and being my friend! I look forward to reading your blogs someday too! Jump on the blogging bandwagon too, It's so much fun!

Hard or easy?

That is the question I am asking myself.  Well as you can see I figured out how to post pictures. But I guess to do a slide show I have to register with HMM...we'll see about that. Well this blog thing I guess is easy. I haven't encountered any major problems yet. Tell me what you think. I sure hope I am set up for people to comment on my blog. 

Christmas was awesome by the way. We got to visit Cedar City, UT where Dan's parents live. It was a nice visit and I am glad I have such awesome in laws! And in June...June 17-July 2nd I am going back East to visit my parents. First visit Dad and Jill's with everybody seeing me who wants to see me. Next visit, my mom's she lives in Virginia with her folks, (my parents divorced) And I am so EXCITED! I should do a countdown to June but I am sure y'all really don't want that much information on my life. I'll post some chapters of what I have been writing when it's turns out to be good..okay?

Well bye for now. I am going to tell everyone where they can see my NEW BLOG! This is so much fun! Hope everybody has a great day! 

Until next time!

January 21,2009

I am going to attempt at doing a blog. I am going to only try and post exciting updates and not lameo ones. My friend Debbie Davis is an awesome blogger. I am aiming to be like her. She is also a poet, she writes pretty cool stuff. When I figure out how to add her blog to mine I will post a link so y'all can see her blog as well.

 First of all the inauguration was excellent. I truly hope Obama is able to keep all his promises to us. Being president is hard and even though he is a great speaker will not necessarily make him a great president. Time will only tell. 

I recently connected with a bunch of people on facebook! it's awesome! I found some friends that I have not spoken with for a long time. And they also have blogs too! I can cheat and see what they post on their blog from time to time. We'll see who actually comes on my blog to read it.

Well the day is young! I'll see what else I can post to this blog to make it exciting! Wish me luck!

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