Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WIMTSW ----> Things that piss me off!


Really? It is almost Wednesday?
My favorite meme, Hands down. Honest.

This is my WIMTSW:

To Blogger and Zemanta: I downloaded Zemanta to my browser to help me post pics to my posts. It worked out for a little while and then...it didn't. It caused my blog to NOT load or edit any posts because it was taking WAY TOO LONG to load all its stuff.

What I meant to say: "Really? Stop messing with me Zemanta. I just want to add like 3 more sentences and then I'm done. STOP freezing up!!! You  #@$* piece of !#$@!!! *sigh*
  I removed Zemanta this morning and my blog loads and edits just fine. Whew!

To the month of June: Didn't June just start last week? I mean come on, slow down a bit will ya?

WIMTS:  "YAY! YAY! June is over, Then July and at the end of August school starts up again!! YAY! I stink at Mom school. I get tired and I forget what to teach, and I just can't do it anymore. I am NOT cut out to be a full-time teacher.  The faster we get through July and August the faster I get to send the kids back to school.... Thank goodness, I thought June would never end."

To the people who said they wanted kitties and responded to email to me: "Great! When do you want to see them? When do you want to pick them up?"
When they never responded: WIMTS---> "Really? Don't give me a phone number without an area code, I live on the border, there are like 3 diff. area codes it can be...Grrr...."
"Why email me saying you want kittens if you were NOT interested in the first place?" And then a week later, said lady wants to IM me in my gmail account. "Hello? I don't even know you lady... just take a @#$% kitten OFF of my hands....!!!"

That's it folks.
I loved getting that off my chest.
Jeez. I mean some people.

Now leave a comment on my post...'Cause you love me...
Then link up over at Angel's...OR Brittany's..They'll love you FOREVER....:)

And I promise they don't bite....
Just don't piss Angel off...She can make fire come out of her head...LOL.

 P.S. -->Also have you heard of Brittany's blog bash she is holding in July? It's awesome, and a great WAY to grow your blog...Instructions are on her blog...:) Or just click the word "instructions" on my blog....

Blog Bash

My Fairy Blogmother

 EDITED: I found the post about your fairy Blogmother on Blogger's Concierge. NOT Lady Blogger's Society. Still both EXCELLENT sites! Thanks Beth for the link! :) And now you know that my mind really is cluttered...*sigh*


I read an excellent post yesterday on the Lady Blogger's Society site.  Blogger's Concierge like I said above said it...Anyhoo, It was all about finding your Fairy Blogmother. 

  Lady Blogger's society No, Blogger's concierge said your fairy blogmother is someone who has taken the time to help you set up your site, answer ALL your question's about blogging and tweeting, your blogmother is your mentor in blogging.
   At the end of the article, they asked us who our blogging mentor is. I thought long and hard over this one. I have asked many people questions about blogging and html and the whole point to this blogging thing. In the end though, I came up with one person that has inspired me to want to blog. At first, all I wanted to do was win a cool giveaway item off of her site. (I swear she has the coolest stuff to give away!) And then, I loved her adorable header. I also loved the way she seemed to speak to me when I would read her blog.
   I'm sure you are all wondering who my fairy blogmother is.

Yeah, I thought so.

I have actually talked about this wonderful lady before. She actually helped design my header for One Cluttered Brain. She is none other that Momnerd herself.

I just wanted to take the time to publicly thank Momnerd for helping me re-design my blog header and making my button, and for being my friend. Thank you, and you will always have a special place in my heart. So you are my fairy blogmother. You have helped my blog look fancy-like. You have answered my questions. Thanks girl!

There is also one more gal who is my fairy blogmother too. And that would be AJ @ Simple Sweet Inspirations.

Simple Sweet Inspiration

This gal has proved her value and worth for me for re-configuring my HTML so it would look like it is today. (post plus 2 sidebars) She also numbered my comments. Before I asked her if she could help me, I hadn't noticed this before, but she has her OWN design site where she helps people with their websites. And she is very affordable too. Maybe you ought to check her out. She rocks!

So I have two fairy blogmothers. AJ and Momnerd. Who are your fairy blogmothers? 
Because let's face it, we all should have a fairy blogmother, Right? :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Walmart Gift card Winner!!!

LOL! I could just edit my Monday Mingle post, but I figured I would make this winning entry a post of its own. After looking at ALL my comments for the 25 dollar gift card to Walmart I kinda wish I had more gift cards...

I have NEVER received this many comments on a giveaway post before.

I have chosen the Old faithful method of choosing a winner. Random.org.
And just so you know I am not cheating or anything, I am going to take a picture with my camera of the winning number. I haven't exactly learned the art of a screenshot yet....

You can thank AJ over at Simple Designs, because she helped put in a numbering system on my comments...*I tried to do it, it just wouldn't work for me*

So here it is folks....(After checking all your entries...I got a few new blog AND Twitter followers...the WINNER is.....

*Drum roll please....*

Out of 64 entries, Random.org chose, #5.

You want to know who number 5 is?
The great and awesome gal--FromTracie.
If you haven't checked out her blog you should.
'Cause she is one amazing, strong, courageous woman.
Plus she is funny and she is addicted to Hootsuite just like me.

So You are in luck, Tracie, Random.org chose #5. Just like you wanted it too...:)
Please send me the pertinent details like your snail mail address so you can receive your fabulous WALMART gift card.  You can either DM me your address on Twitter OR email me...K? ;)

Thanks for playing everyone!!! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday Mingle: WORK, WORK WORK *sigh* The story of my life

You can't escape it, can you?
You have to work.
You want money? Well, you gotta WORK.

Yup, It is Monday Mingle again!! YAY! And this week, all the questions are about WORK.
You want in on all this Monday Mingle stuff? Just click on over to EightyMPHmom. She has ALL the details!
Link up your video, Announce your mingle on Twitter and you are set to jet! :)

**Tweet! Tweet! When you tweet your mingle, don't forget the hastag #mondaymingle. (Then you can see everyone who tweets their mingle. Twitter. It's all the rage lately. **)

All about work
1. Tell us some of your previous job titles. Which was your favorite job?
2. Who is is the worst boss you ever had?
3. Who was your favorite boss?

My lips and mouth may not be in synch this week. I'm not sure what is up. I swear I need a video camera. Anyone want to give one to me? :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Miss me today?

<---That was breakfast the other day. Chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream. Yup, It is a random picture, but every blog post needs a picture Right?

My Walmart gift card giveaway has ENDED. (Psst, it ended Friday, folks.)
I will announce the winner Monday. K?

If you want to know what I've been up too lately, not much. I walked 2 miles today. YAY!
And I found some funnies that I posted on my Crazy Mama blog. If you want to take a look...

Regularly scheduled posts will resume Sunday night. (Psst. Monday Mingle with EightyMPHMom.)

Thanks to you all who just started following me!!! YAY!!! I'll try and make it a fun ride, K? :)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do YOU want to be on the A-list?

So I was surfing Twitter or blogs or something on the web, when I came across an AWESOME site. It seemed to want to help bloggers by writing funny and witty posts and from time to time spotlight some awesome bloggers in the blog-o-sphere. <-- (Did I spell that right?)  Ahh, You know what I mean. Right?

Well,  I want to be on the A-list. So here it goes. My introduction to you all.

*In case you haven't read my About me section.*

I am the ONE and ONLY Cluttered Brain.
Why is my brain cluttered?

Because on any typical day at my house, my brain races through a plethora of information ranging from, "Did I turn the stove off before I left the house?" AND "I think I need to blog about chocolate today."
I LOVE to make videos of myself for other's entertainment. See my wonderful Youtube channel for videos. I like to make others laugh. I am trying hard to be positive in this blog-o-sphere. It is easy-peasy to be negative. Every one has a bad day. Every one has read a post they disagreed with. But why do you want to hurt another person,  mom, and blogger by writing mean words on their post? WHY?

Just click OFF.

Anyhoodle, this is ME.
I'm probably a bit too wild when I am caffeinated.
Sometimes I blog too much when I should be washing the dishes.
I probably eat too much chocolate at times and eat too many hot spicy cheetos.
I try to see the positive in life.
I have struggles just like everybody else.
My life is not perfect.
But I am trying to reach out to a network of people who care about what I have to say.
All of you. My followers. My friends.

I don't stay all day on the computer.
I can't. If I did, I would never, EVER get anything done.
I write when the mood hits me.

My blog is about motherhood, humor, understanding, connecting and a whole lot more!
I don't really fall into the crafty category. (Crafts hate me.)
I don't really fall into the "talk about my kids NONSTOP" category. (Although I have been known to write a post about them.)
I just blog about whatever.
To entertain. To uplift. to make you smile.

Sometimes I put socks on my hands for puppets and just talk at you. Like this:
(This was in response to a question "Where do socks go after you wash them?")

Because this is what I want to do.
And this is my blog. I can do what I want. Right?

Do you want to be on the A-list over at Blogger's Concierge?

Just write up a post like mine and introduce yourself to them. Tell them what your blog is about. Tell them why YOUR blog should be featured on the A-list. And then, link up on their site. You have until June 28th to link up your Intro to me A-list post. START writing! What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Laws of Illusions--Why should I buy this CD?

I know, I know probably not too many people are going to click on over to read about some music review. But perhaps you should. You might learn something if you do.

I got asked by One-2-One network if I could review a lovely CD by Sarah McLachlan. It is her latest CD- Laws of Illusion. Let me just say one thing.
Wow. I have a very relaxing CD to listen to now. I can listen to her when I blog, when I comment on other blogs, AND when I am driving in the car without it distracting me.
I love Sarah's voice.

She is good.
Forget Miley, Sarah has got something here.  (It also helps that I got a free copy of her latest CD to review.)
Whatever, Miley. Have your people talk to my people.

My favorite song that is on the Laws of Illusion CD is called "Loving you is easy."
You want to hear it don't you?
Ok.  I'll share it.
Here you go.
Don't say I didn't do anything for ya. K? (She performed on Jimmy Fallon's NBC show earlier.) Thanks Youtube for the video! ;)

Ok. So there you have it folks. Laws of Illusion came out on June 15th. What's today folks? June 23rd! That's it. I have the latest CD of Sarah McLachlan right here in my hands.
Not sure if I have authorization for a giveaway but I'm sure it's not that expensive.
I think you should buy it just because Cluttered Brain told you.
And I'm cool.

Just let me have the coolness thing, K?
My kids are already beginning to think otherwise.
I gotta find someone who thinks I am cool.
It might as well be you. ;)

DISCLAIMER:  I received this offer from One-2-One network to review Sarah McLachlan's CD, Laws of Illusion free if I would review it on my blog. So I did. For you people. It really is a great CD. Honest. You have my word.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What i meant to say Wednesday--The Late edition

*My lovely headband says: "Cluttered on caffeine."
See, I have proof I Skyped with Angel. ;) 

I hope this makes sense.
I might have to edit this in the morning.
I have had WAY too much caffeine this evening.
Just got off a SKYPE call with the lovely Angel @ Angel Believes.
That is an entirely different blog post all in its own little shell.
I got me a new Twitter pic though. :) Just you wait.

Anyhoo, On to WIMTSW. Or what I meant to say yesterday...Or something like that.


When I got on twitter today, I was looking for some of my friends to tweet at. (I was waiting for my dinner to cook.) I sent out a few tweets. And lo and behold, Who tweets at me?

@singdwingangel tweets at me! "I'm here, I'm here!" She says.
So I start asking her questions.
Has she heard of  the Twitter parties where you can chat via webcam?
And I ask her if she has Skype.
She doesn't have Skype.

*Just in case you all live under a rock, SKYPE is something cool people use who have webcams. You can totally SEE who you are talking too.*  which means you can't pick your nose. Sorry people.

Anyhoo, I got a brilliant idea.
I'll ask Angel to Skype with me.
She says, Hold on, let me download it first.

LOL. I'm like, Angel, Really? You don't have Skype? Well, I didn't say that. I thought it.

So she downloaded it to her computer.
And sang me a purty song.


Where's the WIMTS Cluttered Brain?

When Angel said she would SKYPE with me, I tweeted at her, "Cool. Let me put these kiddos to bed. Give me a half hour. K?"

What I meant to say,

"Really? Really? You wanna Skype with me? YEAH! I'm a BIG kid now! Yay! I wear big kid pants too."

*dying of excitement*

"I can't believe she said yes."
Now what I going to talk about with her?

We talked for about an hour and a half.

And people, I am on Pacific time zone.
She is on Eastern. I think. It's late. I might be wrong.

So that is MY WIMTSW. Or yesterday. Or something.

I'm tired.
My husband probably is wondering where the heck I am.
Good night y'all.
I'll see you in the morning.
And I might tweet at you if you get lucky. ;)

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I got me a brain fart so here it goes with an easy-peasy post.

I'm sure you all have heard of Post it Note Tuesdays.
I used to participate a lot.
But then I quit.
And now I want to participate one more time.
I have a few sticky notes for ya.
Bear with me ok?
I'm tired. And Mom school starts in 2 hours.
We will have it today.
The TV is getting obnoxious.

That's all the sticky notes for now.
I have to load the dishes and clean the kitchen.
You want to make some sticky notes of your own?
Just go to this awesome website.
And if you want to know whose idea this is, it is Supahmommy's.
She hosts this every Tuesday.
Check it out. 
Or not.
I'm outta here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday Mingle with EightyMPHMom--You seen her around lately?

I'm not sure where the lovely host of Monday Mingle is, but we all know EightyMPHmom hosts it.
Maybe she will post her mingle tomorrow. But I figured, I have the questions, why not?
If you go over to her site right now, 8:29 PM Pacific Standard time you will not find the latest Monday Mingle. But perhaps I am just early. *sigh* I'm like that I guess.

Anyhoo, This week's questions were  (submitted by Dee from Say Anything)

All about Aging
1. What is the one thing you find most frustrating about getting older?
2. What is the one thing you like best about it?
3. What age did you look forward to most?

Now on to the mingle! 

Maybe I'll get to link up tomorrow! Who knows?
But Enjoy my mingle today you guys!! ;)
If YOU didn't see me dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe yet, take a look below!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Psst, hey YOU! Want to see me dance country?

Just Dance with ABA

Over on my NEW crazy blog where from time to time I will post some things, I went country and danced to Cotton Eyed Joe. I am up for a prize too.  I guess originally you were suppose to dance if you had a Wii and the Just Dance game. But I have neither. So Brittany said I could dance to the Cotton Eyed Joe Song for about a minute WITHOUT the Wii. So that's what I did.

Click on over to my Crazy Mama Blog if you wanna see me gone country.
And you might want to follow me over there too.
But when I post over there, I will probably always post from here with a link. *In case you are like me, and also follow a buttload of people.*

Happy Friday!

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My take on The Road Show--a book by Braden Bell.

I hope I did not turn anyone away from the title. I love reading and it seems whenever I post a review of a book I get like 2 comments and that's it. I'm trying for more than 2. You think you can do that?

We'll see.

I've got my eye on you.

Listen up. This is an excellent book!

I know a guy. He happens to contribute at MMB from time to time. He wrote a book. (It is his first book published actually. And it is phenomenal. The "famous" author guy I know--yeah, his name is Braden Bell. Maybe one day, when I get up the courage I could ask for a Skype interview. Oooh. That'd be so talk-show like. I love it! Maybe.

I looked up his About Me section on his website.

Here's what it said: (Taken from Braden's site of course.)

"Braden Bell grew up in Farmington, Utah and graduated from Davis High School. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theatre from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. in educational theatre from New York University. He and his wife, Meredith live  with their five children on a quiet, wooded lot outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches theatre and music at a private school. An experienced performer, Braden enjoys singing, acting,               reading, gardening, and long walks with the dog."  

As you can see, Braden is very creative. He is a music teacher AND he writes. 

On to the meat of the matter.

I had the opportunity of reviewing his book, The Road Show. 
Note: The Road Show is written by a LDS author. But I think Christians of any denomination would enjoy this book. It is a very uplifting book.

   Basically it is about these five characters who have some weaknesses that they are trying to overcome.
We all have weaknesses right? Some of the issues the characters are dealing with are depression, loneliness and pornography addiction.  The main character gets asked by a person in his church to put on a road show for the folks in the church.

Road show= Think funny. Not anything serious at all. Basically it is a bunch of people getting together to entertain as much as anything.
This book was not only funny at times, but touching as well. Life is hard but if we turn to our Savior Jesus Christ, during our trials He can relieve our burdens.
  Yup, this is what I learned from this book. And you know what the best part is?
It is only 120 pages. It is a quick, easy, delightful read.

Looking for an uplifting book to read this summer?
Look no further.

There is a book trailer even! Take a listen if you wish! There is some beautiful music in the trailer.

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Interview with Braden Bell--Author of The Road Show

Not only did I have the opportunity of reading The Road Show, I had the honor of interviewing Braden for his upcoming release of his book. But just an email interview. Nothing real professional like Skype or something like that. One day, I'll get the courage.  He explains what his book is about the best.

Without further ado, here is the interview:

What is The Road Show about?

The Road Show is the story of five contemporary Latter-day Saints, each of whom is struggling with a spiritual or emotional challenge:  pornography addiction, post-partum depression, ill health, loneliness, feeling excluded, and spiritual numbness.

For various reasons, they all end up participating in their ward’s road show.  Most of them do this against their will, but the conflicts that arise from their reluctant participation propel them to ultimate healing.

It sounds a little heavy.

There are some intense moments, but it’s not all serious and depressing.  A few of the endorsements have noted that the book is hopeful and even funny, and I’m glad.  I thought it was when I wrote it.  Often, I’d be typing on my laptop in bed late at night, giggling to myself while my wife tried to sleep.   Especially when I was writing about just how bad some of the road showideas were, or the interactions between some of the members of the ward

Why did you write this book?

Mostly because I had a story I wanted to tell and characters I wanted to write about.  Essentially, I had a movie in my mind that I wanted to get on paper.

However, the book is informed by my experience as a bishop.  In that calling, I saw people with terrible burdens healed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  So, while this story is fictional, everything in the book is based on analogous experiences I have seen in real life: sick people made well, pornography addictions overcome, bitter people softened, and burned-out spirits rekindled through the Atonement.  And, I have seen this happen as regular people quietly participated in what were apparently trivial, routine programs of the Church.

The thematic foundation for the book is found in Isaiah 61: 1-3.  Verse 1 is the verse that the Savior read on the synagogue on the day he began his public ministry, and the whole thing is a beautiful explication of what the Messiah and His Atonement can do.

Was it a challenge to write about these serious and sensitive topics?

Yes, it was.  I wanted to be hopeful but I also wanted to be optimistic.  I have tried to write about the problems the characters face realistically.  At the same time, I tried to be restrained in describing the struggles with pornography and depression, especially.

 Where did you get the idea for this story?

The idea for The Road Show occurred to me on the steps that led to the stage in the Franklin TN stake center.  It was opening night (and closing night) and it was almost our ward's turn. I had been called to be the director on short notice and was standing there with some of the cast members.

While some of us were talking, a series of what I call "what ifs" flashed through my mind.  "What if...the leading man was reluctantly participating?"  What if the leading lady had postpartum depression?"  "What if the director had a secret problem of some kind?"

That being said, this book is a work of fiction.  The characters and their struggles are not attempts to recreate anyone specifically.

For example, the leading role in our road show was played by the elder's quorum president.  However, unlike the character in the book, he was one of the kindest, warmest men and most dedicated elder's quorum presidents I have ever known.

Likewise, while the leading lady was married to a law student, she was a cheerful and happy woman who certainly did not show any signs of post-partum depression.  And while she had a lovely voice, she had not been a Young Ambassador at BYU.

Scott, the young man who struggles with pornography is drawn from experiences I have had as a bishop counseling people who have struggled with this terrible problem but he is not a real person, nor is he based specifically on any one person.  However, in writing about his experiences, I did draw on what people have described to me in order to create what I hope is an accurate portrait of someone working to overcome an addiction.  I would never use something that someone confidentially told their bishop as fodder for a story.

How long did it take you to write this?

When the idea occurred to me, I was working on my doctoral dissertation, so I was only able to write very sporadically.  When I graduated, I started working on the manuscript in a much more focused way.

Tell us about the song. 

One of the characters in the book writes a song for the road show—it’s about the Savior’s love and healing power.  The talented composer, Sherrie Shepherd, (www.sherrieshepherdpiano.com) wrote the melody to the lyrics in the book and then Veronica Johnson (http://welcometomychaos-vzj.blogspot.com/)did the vocal.  They did beautiful work and I am thrilled with how it turned out.  The song is very powerful and you can hear a recording by going to my website:  bradenbell.com

You have a full-time job, a church calling, and a family—when do you write? 

Whenever I can. I don’t watch TV or have any other real hobbies except yardwork.  I try to write for an hour or so every night in bed.  Sometimes I do more, sometimes less.  Since I’m a teacher, I tend to have a little more time in the summers and over Christmas and Spring Breaks.  But I also do a lot of writing while I’m waiting for my kids to be done with sports practices, or young men/young women’s activities at church.  I’m pretty much never without either my laptop or a three-ring binder with hard copy to edit. 

What is your day job?

I teach direct plays and teach middle school choir at a small private school in Nashville.

I understand that you are available for book club group discussion.

Yes, I am.  I live in Tennessee, but I am happy to do any kind of event via conference call or Skype, or in person, if we can work the travel out. 

Now that your first book is published, what are your future plans? 

To be honest, I need to spend some time with my family again.  After that, I’m currently shopping for an agent for a young adult fantasy I wrote that is aimed at the national market.  I am also working on a draft of another novel written for Mormon audiences.  It’s still untitled, but it’s about a troubled marriage and how a couple fixes their problems and falls back in love.   

Where can people get this book?  Any bookstore can order it.  If your local bookstore doesn’t have it, Amazon does.  You can get a link at bradenbell.com.

Wow. And get this. I got to meet two of the ladies that helped with the music for this book. They are so classy. I met them at my blogger conference a while back. Cool, huh?

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My daughter is probably going to be a writer someday.

You all know I have been doing Mom school with my kids--AKA: Practicing subjects in the summer that they might forget if Mom school was not available. So yesterday, I gave my children a writing prompt. The prompt was:
If Children ruled the World, wouldn't it be a happy sight?
My daughter came up with a pretty good story and I would like to share it with you. This is why I think she could have a career in writing someday. Or at the very least blog writing. :)

"If children ruled the world, wouldn't it be a happy sight? Everyone would probably have cavities because kids would serve candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention what the economy would be like kids being president and all. No offense, but some ADULTS don't even know how to run the government. Plus, they would probably smash down all the buildings and turn them into amusement parks. one of the good things about kids ruling the world is there would be no wars. Oh wait, yes there would probably be wars too, how often did you fight with your siblings? There would be no way of getting an education because all the schools would be torn down. And all the amusement parks would be suckish because there would be no engineers to make awesome roller coasters. Also kids would probably starve because they tore down the buildings and turned them into lame amusement parks. We would basically be in a state of nature. That's why adults are in charge. So kids don't run wild like banshees."

This is a word-for-word copy and paste to what my daughter wrote. She is pretty creative and brilliant huh?

And probably not too far off.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Interested in Getting Your Pictures done?

I have this amazing friend in the blog world. (I also have the privilege of knowing her in real life too--YEAH!)

She just launched her photography business. She purchased a really fancy Canon camera and she has started to take pictures.

But the thing is, she is in UT. I'm in Nevada. :(

Anyways, I'm sure some of my readers live in UT. And at least some of them reside in Utah county or Salt Lake County.  My friend is looking for some kids to photograph. She takes really AWESOME pictures. I should know. She has taken a few of me before. (No fancy photo sessions just a candid shot of us together.)

So if you live in UT, and you are near Provo or Salt Lake, head on over to Cream of the Crop Designs. She really does a fabulous job! You can even book your session online! She is so fancy like that! :)

 Above image taken from my friend's blog. (You know the lady that takes these fabulous pictures.)

And look I have a picture of us together too. Proving that she is a REAL LIVE friend and not just a blog buddy!

P.S. I'm sure she takes pictures of adults too. Just ask! She'll be happy you did!!
Pricing is affordable too!! There are some WAY sweet deals involved too.
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