Tuesday, December 11, 2012

YOO hoo!!!! Hey it's me. Remember?

Haha. It's been a while. It's been too long. I keep saying to myself, "what happen to your LOVE of writing, Alexes?" And then I think to myself I love writing I'm just sooooo tired lately. You know working 2 jobs and being a mom to 3 beautiful children blah blah blah....

I might just be lazy.

But I decided NOT to ignore my little blog. I get on Facebook daily. I mean I should probably just blog on Facebook...haha. You know people leave me comments on Facebook and my Facebook friends know I am still alive...my blogger friends? You all probably think I died or something. I probably need to vlog or something. Do I remember how to vlog? haha. Of COURSE I do!

So it's Christmas. The time we we feel love towards our fellow men and listen to Christmas carols and handout cards and give chocolates and fudge to one another...It's also time to BLOG.
Yeah who would have thought?

Not me. I have a lazy butt apparently. But when you work all night long...honestly the only thing you want to be doing is SLEEEP....Try it sometime.

So I'm alive. I don't really have anything to report. I'm still me. Still trying to do everything including blog and ultimately forgetting to write. I really should find some pictures. I know I have some around here...haha. Here are a few pictures.
I'm still around with a smile on my face. And my daughters...haha. They take some interesting pictures with my webcam....

What the heck? Hula hooping in front of the webcam?

Let me find a picture of my youngest...
So she is in KINDERGARTEN now....haha. That must make me old you are thinking...but noooo. Not me. I'm still so young! ;)

So there. I updated my blog. With pictures even. Maybe tomorrow I'll vlog or something.
:) Hopefully I will get a family picture this year...Cross your fingers...If I get one I will upload it...don't you worry...haha.

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