Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's summertime??!!

The kids are out of school but the pool is still not open yet where we live. And this makes me sad. It's not "officially" summertime without the pool. *sigh* I have been busy running around here trying to get the garden planted and water plants and everything I have neglected my blog again.

  It seems all I want to do is get a plane ticket to see Miss Angel (she's married but this is how I'm gonna refer to her) and fly to Kentucky, have a bonfire, eat Smores, listen to country music, go country dancing and just kick back and have fun! I need more money.

  I need a better car.
   I need I need....

The needs never stop. Maybe these are wants. But I'm saying I NEED to visit Angel because I wanna see the girl. She's fun and she makes me laugh and visiting her would be an AWESOME vacation. I'm saving my money. I'm also saving my money for school and all that junk too....sigh.

But here I am, ready to swim, I look good and all, (I just need my sunglasses)

I'm getting my hair lightened next week, along with my almost 13 year old daughter...Pics to follow....
Life is busy and goooood. :) Don't worry about my yet. I just need to get my booty out there on teh dance floor and country dance with my bestest blogger bud in the whole world...Angel. There are more blogger buds but too long to mention all of them. Just know I love you all!

:) Have a happy and safe summer!!! Get out there and ENJOY some fun in the sun!
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