Monday, May 31, 2010

Casual Blogger Conference part 1

Many, many people are throwing their two cents about the conference. So I figured while it was still fresh in my mind I will recap my experience it for you.


  •  I woke up in the morning, puttered around my house doing some last minute chores, showered and dressed and was out the door by 10:30ish.
  • I stopped in Cedar City, UT for something. Can't remember what now. My mother-in-law lives in Cedar.
  • Then I proceeded to drive to Sandy UT.
  • I was excited! I was going to room with Momnerd and because of this, I was excited. You see, Momnerd helped design my blog. :))
  • I arrived at the hotel in plenty of time to go to the Girl's night. I should have taken my camera, (I left it in my hotel room) but oh well.  I made lip gloss, got my nails painted and chatted with some amazing bloggers.
  • Serene recognized me and we chatted for a while. I got a picture with her the next day.

Yes, Serene blogs at Serene is not my life just my name--or something like that. LOL.

I lost all navigational skills and took a right out of the hotel instead of the left you were suppose to take and drove around Sandy mindlessly for about 30 minutes. I arrived at SLCC (Sandy campus) at 9:15AM. It started at 9:00AM. *sigh*

I only got three vendor's tickets. One for my CBC ticket, to win an IPAD....(I really wanted it.) Signed up to win a bloggy camera, which my friend Tauna won, Grrrr....:) And something else, I can't remember.

I did win though.
I won a really cool pen for knowing the name of Annette Lyon's book. :)
I won a book from Marie Rick's organization class.
And I won a Joovy highchair. (Really nice highchair. Only problem is, I think I am done having kids.)

I taught some people the importance of Twitter. I helped them set up Twitter accounts.
I took some great pictures.
I got to eat lunch with Annette Lyon on Saturday.

I learned a lot.
I am going back next year for sure.

Maybe by then the organizers will have learned a thing or two and realize that they should have the conference in Southern UT. Somewhere near St. George UT is nice. ;)

Here are some more pics that I took at Casual Blogger Conference. :)

                                                      My friend T.:)

My laptop helped me tweet the conference! #cbc10 I am still using that hastag! :)

I have lots more to say but I am having trouble posting more pictures!
Stay tuned for much more updates and pictures! :)
I have so MUCH blog fodder from this conference, you wouldn't believe. :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday Mingle: Memorial Day weekend and WHEW! I'm tired edition.

I just got back from a fabulous blogger conference! I met a TON of cool and AWESOME bloggers. I learned a TON of things, helped people sign up on Twitter and taught them how to tweet, and numerous other things I could mention but must save for other blog posts.

On to the Monday mingle.

This is the post that I have laughed the hardest and the mostest this month. (Yup, mostest IS a word, in my book anyway.) Shades of blonde is a hilarious lady, READ her NOW!
Make sure you comment on her post, Absolutely hilarious--a bit of toilet humor but VERY funny nonetheless. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Casual Blogger Conference UPDATE!

Hi folks!
I'm at a fabulous blogger conference right now enjoying the company of my awesome bloggy friends.
WAY too many links to list. But I will link to one, I met her in-person tonight at the concert with Cameron Raafati. The gal who found me? Living the Scream!  She is awesome and she has GREAT hair to boot!

I'd download a pic I had someone take of us but guess what?
I left my cord at home.
So pictures will have to wait.

I am having a FABULOUS time tweeting (#cbc10) LIVE at each class and meeting tons of COOL bloggers!!!
If I haven't met you yet, and you read my blog, and you are here at Casual Blogger Conference, please stop by and say HI! ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get your vlog on AND What I meant to say Wednesday with Angel! :)

Hey y'all! I am doing a little double dipping today. Angel said it was alright to do it so I am gonna to do it. :)
I am participating in Angel's FIRST bloggy carnival. She bought the carnival from Chief in the bloggy world. (The meme got auctioned off, Angel's raffle won!!)

Anyhoo, This is MY first participation in What I meant to say Wednesday...;)

    Yesterday when my stomach started acting up with cramps and such, I just sat there and took it. I took some Pepto-Bismol for some relief and waited for the cramps to subside. What I really wanted to say, was "Hey! Don't you know I'm a busy mom and I don't have time for this stomach cramp nonsense? LEAVE me alone!!!!"

When my daughter came up to me and started talking about her field day was this Friday, and the school could use some help with it I sighed. I told her, "That's when I am going to be out of town, sweetie. I can't possibly help."
  What I meant to say: "Listen up kid. I told you this a couple of weeks ago, I'll be out of town that weekend. I already helped with the playground olympics--I paid my parent-volunteer duties for the year." Right?

I'm not sure if I'm any good with this meme.
I'm not sure if I'm doing it justice.

One more.
When I had to change my license this year AND register my car in NV, I waited for about three hours. When they finally called my name, I had all the paperwork to give her, I just could NOT pass the eye test. *SIGH*
She tells me, "Please read the 12 numbers."
"I can only read 8."
She tells me again, "Please read it again."
Same response.
I asked her if I could drive back get my glasses, and then resume my place in line. She said, "Go get your glasses quickly, and come back to my line. I'll help you when you get back."

What I wanted to say WHEN I could NOT pass the eye test:
"I don't realize if you know this or not lady, but sitting here and wasting my precious time is NOT what I had in mind for today. Just give me my license AND my NV plates and let me be on my way! THANKS!"

When my hubby only waited about 45 minutes to get the same thing done, I sighed. "Lucky."
What I really meant to say was, "Are you kidding me? Really? I was hoping you would have to wait as long as me and be as miserable as I was. DARN! Totally NOT fair!"

That's it for WIMTSW. There you go Angel. :)

GET YOUR VLOG ON!! with LizzieBTV!

How to make a fluffer nutter sandwich! :) (peanut butter AND marshmellow creme!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mingling in my PJ's....:)

Here it is folks! The moment you have been waiting for...:)

Come join us! We LOVE new minglers! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's PICTURE Time!!! ;) Thanks, Angel!

Angel @ Angel believes tagged me today. She wants a peek at my pictures. So this one is for you Angel.

I like this picture because it properly gives you a look into what blogging is like for me. Most of the time, I have my 2 year old on my lap when I am surfing the web or typing up a post. And note my messy desk. Yup, I need to straighten that up real soon too! :)

This is one that I took at my daughter's 5th grade DARE graduation.
It brings me back to my own 5th grade memories. (More on that later.)

This is one of my 2 year old--She got up on a chair and was telling me, "I am Princess Lydia!" It was a cute one so I snapped a picture of her.

My daughter and I gave each other mani's and pedi's over Christmas break.

And the last picture I shall post is my all time favorite picture.
I don't know why. Maybe it is because I love my husband and how crazy he really is. We are so good together, 'Cause hey, I'm just as crazy as he is.

And Angel wanted me to tell ya something nobody knows about me.
Hmm. Not sure if I can reveal that sort of stuff. LOL.

I used to be shy in high school. *I know, like nobody can believe that one. 'Cause I make videos for Youtube now. It's true. I was somewhat shy. And I had absolutely NO self-esteem. I thought I was a very ugly girl.

Since then I have learned to get over what everyone else thinks about me and love myself.

And I do. I just hope it shows on my blog. ;)

Thanks for tagging me Angel.

She says I have to tag 5 other bloggers.
First 5 I would like to see post some of their favorite pictures and something about themselves nobody else knows...

Wendy @ My Cliff of Insanity
Debbie @ Davisfieldsblog
Helen @ One Odd Cookie

Eh...Err..Consider the rest of you people tagged if you want to play along, Ok? Easy-Peasy blog post if you have trouble coming up with ideas. :)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

When life hands you lemons...

Two lemons, one whole and one sliced in halfImage via Wikipedia

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Wow. There is a TON of stuff going on in the lives of bloggers today.

People are suffering from Lyme Disease, loss of a loved one, cancer, a child with cancer...AND probably much much more that I am unaware of today.

Let me fill you in on what I do know.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a friend's story. You see, she experienced an awful, awful time in her life. She was diagnosed with LYME disease a couple of years ago. Just because she was recently diagnosed does not mean she did not suffer from the symptoms BEFORE though.

She did.

She very beautifully told us her story here.

I am in awe of all those suffering from the symptoms of Lyme Disease this year alone.

I am also in awe those in fighting from cancer, depression and the loss of someone you love.

It is hard when we are faced with any of these things but especially hard when one of our children is facing one of these issues.

**I'm sure you have heard today from many bloggers that today is Mission Monkey day today.  If you haven't heard about Monkey, her button is on my sidebar. Please think of her today, as she was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma (Stage 1).  Her family needs help with some medical bills. Keep her in your prayers today.**

**And I personally do not know Daffy, from Batcrap Crazy, but she also needs your prayers today, her sister lost a battle with cancer I believe.**

I started off this post by saying, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Well let me explain.

We all do not want any of these awful things to happen in our life. They are all truly awful.
But sometimes the lemons come for a reason. Like maybe we need the extra hug of a friend, or the notice of a blogger we might not have met unless we battled a loss, cancer, lyme disease, or whatever you are facing.

The lemonade we might get might come in the form of a hug, or comfort from above, or a phone call from afar.

God is aware of his children and He is never far away.

Let's turn to him in our time of need. He loves us and is always aware of what we are struggling with.

God bless us all today in ALL our daily struggles today.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get your Vlog on--CLEANING DAY! :)

I know, I know, I participated in Wordless Wednesday today too, but I forgot about "Get your Vlog On" with LizzieBTV!

So without further ado, here is my vlog, (about a minute and 23 seconds) for Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

Thanks for watching!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday and other such stuff!

Yup, that's right folks.
Love the glasses, right?
I do too. :)
(My daughter won them because she got people to sign up for awesome magazines at her school.)

If you get any email from me regarding IPADS, just delete it.
I'm sorry. I was feeling lucky yesterday I guess.

I lost some followers the other day.
I know, *GASP* Who would UNfollow me?? It's alright though, their loss, Right?
I'll still entertain the rest of you. :)

I know it is Wordless Wednesday and all, but I came across a great video the other day.
I wanted you all to listen.
It is under 5 minutes.
This guy is amazing. It makes my pitiful trials that I struggle with seem insignificant.

I hope your day is a TON brighter now.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Chocolate Winners!!! Dove chocolate and more! :)

First of all, I'd like to apologize for taking so L-O-N-G to post the winners. I got busy and life got the better of me. As always, I drew the winner on camera so take a look at my video to see if YOU are the winner! ;)

Although the picture over there is a tease, cause the winner WON a whole BAG of Dove chocolate! ;) More to share... Or not. Whatever you please.

There is one more winner!!

Who is it? Watch and find out!

Thanks for entering!!! I'll see you NEXT TIME!!

Kerri's Klutter LOVE Letters helps Monkey today, so why not join up?

I figured since Comment Love letters benefited Monkey today I would play along. I'm sure you know Monkey by now. Monkey's picture is on my sidebar. I think Kerri said with every link up today, Adrienne @ Adrienne tells all is going to donate money for every linkup on Kerri's Klutter today. So come on! What are you waiting for??:)

Dove Chocolate giveaway to be awarded SOON!! Perhaps today even. Wait for it. THANKS! :)

Dear Cluttered Brain,

I like you the way you are! But I totally understand what you mean...I have been feeling the same way. I know bloggers that make a post and within MINUTES have at least 30 comments! I hate to say it...but I am so jealous of that! DOn't know why...but I am... Oh well, I must not be clever or creative enough either!

Don't change a thing! Have a fabulous!!!

Hm, I am not sure. I have a lot harder time commenting on Vlog posts for some reason, but I have no idea why. I've also noticed the amount of comments I get on my posts is almost always tied to the amount of comments I am giving on other blogs. Give a lot of comments = get a lot of comments.Give few comments = get few comments.I think you write terrific stuff. Just keep at it and the comments will come flowing in.

I've been hearing a lot of blogger mentioning less comments lately, so maybe it is something in the blog-world air?! Some days I do read so many blogs that even when I read in my reader, I don't click through and comment on all of them. If cutting down on your amount of posts makes you less stressed, then I say you should do it. When you find that blog editor, feel free to send her my way! ;-) I could use a little inspiration and help these days!

well I am new at the blog game so I rarely get comments! I am just trying to be consistent. We will see if that works :)

Boy, this is a doozy of a question, and one that I'm not sure I have an answer for! I have definitely been commenting less, simply from lack of time, and my comments are going way down. I don't mind, because I am not blogging simply to get comments. But I say just blog when you want, about what you want, and if you wanted to make some changes in how you blog and see what happens with the comments, it couldn't hurt! Then you could switch back if you wanted to. Good luck!

I'm totally JEALOUS, of all the comments that some of the authors of blogs that I visit get. I don't know what the heck the deal is. And, you know I like you just how you roll. And you know that's about when I blog. A few times a week. Some weeks it seems to be everyday and other weeks it is way less. I just depends on life, and what's been going on.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I loved seeing that tiny #1 lol I will say Hi at the CBC! I don't know anyone so i am nervous!!!

When I read your blog, I usually leave a comment -- but I am not a blog reader for the most part. Kind of odd since we have a blog, right?! LOL! I've noticed comments on our family blog come and go. And readers/ followers come and go. So, hang in there. Your posts are fun and I enjoy them. I just read back almost a month. :-) Have a great Friday!!

I think it's a combination of all you said and more. Life is so busy for everyone, and then there are the hundreds of blogs to read and comment, and our own posts to write. I barely have time for blogging anymore. If you follow hundreds of people as I do, and work full time, you just can't keep up. You might want to scale back on the posts and use that time for catching up with reading and commenting.

oh lady, i know how you, admittedly, i give 'bad blog,' but still... maybe the summer time makes for less blogging/commenting. who knows? regardless, i love your blog -- and i will try to be a better 'follower.'

I usually only post three or four times a week because 1) I am just not physically able to do it more than than and 2) I find that gives more readers a chance to see each of my posts. So, I guess my answer is, quality over quantity = more comments for each post. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Oh My i have writers and vlog block everyday lol

I found you at MMB and I am loving your blog already! Thanks for the tips! I subscribed!

You are so cracking me up with the paragraphs comment...I just went back and looked at some old posts the other night and was left wondering if I was scared of spaces back then! lol

Having blogged for two years in relative obscurity and then suddenly had oodles of popularity, I figured out why: No one is going to even visit your blog unless you comment on yours first. I never commented on any blog for two years and only my close friends and family read it. Then I made one comment on one blog and I suddenly had followers. I've learned blogging is so give and take and you have to be willing to give.These are great suggestions too. I especially like good-looking celebrities photos, but appreciate the ones of women.

My tip is to try to limit the loooooooong posts. I don't have time to read a novel. Once in awhile a long post is warranted but half of the time it's not. I've heard that people are willing to scroll down twice. Any more than that and you've lost them...usually.

Blogging is a relationship. It's not just about you. You gotta give to get.

Great post! I agree with all your tips. For sure, great ideas & glad I'm following your blog.
I need some of those glasses.

your glasses are rockin you should wear them to the CBC Conference

Hey, I can finally read and see your blog now!

Thanks again for the fabulous birthday wishes!

Ha! Awesome glasses!
I love those glasses

Love the glasses..Enjoyed my stop at your blog...Hope you will visit me....Just posted on MAKING a DIFFERENCE!

A, you are just too much girl! Where in the world did you ever find those glasses??? LOL. And what a sweet birthday shout out - so bummed mine isn't for several months. Oh, and the video of you and your little girl - so so sweet. Thanks for always cheering me on girl - I appreciate it and love that your gettin' your vlog on!!!

Love from your followers,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday Mingle: The Doozie edition! Tough Questions.

It's that time again folks!
Join up with Speedy Jen and mingle with us!!
This week's questions are hard. They were sent in by Mandy @ I'd Rather Be Crafting.
Thanks for the questions Mandy, even though they were hard. Ai, Yi, Yi.

1. What is the hardest *physical* thing you have ever done? (Giving birth, running a marathon, etc.)
2. What is one of the hardest things you have ever done emotionally? (Saying goodbye to a loved one, watching your babies grow up, etc.)
3. Name one thing from your bucket list - something you hope to achieve before you die.

Have a super week this week you guys!
And don't forget "Get your Vlog on!" on Wednesdays with LizzieBTV!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Forget Facebook fan pages for now...Mission Monkey needs your help!


Hey y'all!

Thanks for stopping by.
I was in the middle of doing the "cooking dinner" thing when I was reminded about this little monkey above who got diagnosed with cancer. After listening to my awesome bloggy friend, Angel @ Angel Believes rant about how somebody did not post this sweet monkey button on their blog, I realized something. I had not posted this button on my blog.

I didn't do it because I don't care.

I did it because I forgot. I want to thank Angel for reminding me. (I just hope she isn't too too mad at me for not doing it sooner.) You really don't wanna get on her bad side, people.

But Ian over at A Daily Dose of Reality, is holding an auction in Monkey's name.
If you can donate anything, even a dollar, it can help.
If you cannot donate anything at this time, at least show your support and post this precious Monkey button on your blog. And please keep this wonderful 16 month baby and family in your prayers tonight.

Hug your own children a little tighter tonight because you can.

All you have to do is click the button, I hope it works, And you should be directed to Ian's site. All the details are over there.

I'm going to donate. I don't have very much right now but I feel like I should do something.

This little Monkey is going to be in my prayers tonight, that's for sure.

So, I'm not sure if Michelle, (I think that is Monkey's mom) sees this post or not, but my prayers are with you at this time.

I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner.

God bless you.

Facebook fan Page/Friday Follow

Lee, the Hotflash Queen is back and she wants us to promote our fan pages as well!
She has a linky on her blog so you too can put your fanpage in there as well.
I am trying and trying to update the status from the fan page more and more.
I need some interaction from the fans too.
So here is my Facebook Fan page link, if you are not already a FAN. Come say, "Hi."

And don't forget Lee, she has a NEW facebook fan page as well.

So if you like Friday follow AND you have a fan page, click on over to Lee and enter your Facebook Fan page link! ;) You might be glad you did!

Happy Friday!

P.S. And yes, my blog is undergoing some changes. I will reveal WHO when it all complete. YEAH! You likey?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get your Vloggity-vlog on! :) 2 for the price of 1!!! :)

Honestly, I know you aren't suppose to post more than one post per day.
But I just had to join up with LizzieBTV and her Get your Vlog on.
Won't you join me?
Join me in wishing my friend Kristina a Happy Birthday. Send me your birthday date, and I will make a video on YOUR day if you wish! :)
The light up glasses are the BEST, don't you think?

 P.S. Also changes are a-coming!!! I am getting a BLOG-makeover!!! Isn't this SO EXCITING?? Yeah!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have a blog, so now what?

So you got yourself a free blog from,, OR one of those cool self-hosted blog platforms like :))

What are you going to do now?

When I started a blog, WAY back in October of 2008, I had NO idea how to blog. Or what to put in a post.
I just figured it was journal of sorts, and I would write about what I was doing and stuff like that. REAL boring stuff. My first post was lame. You so don't want to ever read it. Really.

It was BEFORE I discovered paragraphs too.  (Note to self: Space OUT your blog post. Must not have run-on sentences in one LONG post. People will probably not read it.

With that in mind, here are some tips I have picked up along the way regarding blogging.

  • Bullet lists are your friend.  (With the majority of people these days, your post must be FAST and EASY to read. Bullet lists help that. :)
  • Make your blog post interesting. Please don't tell me what you ate for dinner last night and that you were so bored the other night you picked lint off your new sweater.
  • Pictures help. Insert random HOT pictures of good-looking celebrities. People will at least look at your post.
  • Twitter helps. I have a Google reader. I have Blogger dashboard. But if you could tweet your posts, I probably will read those posts first BEFORE my Google reader even.
  • Google ideas for blog posts if you have writer's block. Google is your friend, remember. :)
  • It takes time to build a following. Use Blogfrog, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, comments around blogland, Youtube, Get your name out there! Use the social media tools to your advantage.
  • Link up to your friends. Everyone LOVES a shout-out every now and then. I just recently discovered Jennyonthespot. You all should check her out. And if you are not already following Miss Amber Page Writes. I suggest you do. She is an awesome writer and she is cool just like me.

That's about it for my tips.

Do you have any tips about blogging YOU have picked up along your way?
Feel free to share them with me below! :)

Chris Noth image obtained through Google images and can be found here--

Blog image can be found at

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monday Mingle: Favorite shows, restaurants and Orange soda (a BONUS!)

It is my favorite time of the week!! Monday!! It is time for MONDAY MINGLE!!!!
And we get two times to get down with our video camera this week!
Monday with Speedy! (AKA Monday Mingle)

And Wednesdays with Lizzie! Lizzie's is NEW! Just link up any video, cooking, a how to video, a DANCE video, anything!! Your choice!!!

Now on to my mingle!!! ;) Thank YOU, Speedy Jen, for giving us the questions this week!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blog Funk--Have I lost it?

I have noticed several things lately on my blog lately. Well, to start off, my followers have picked up a little bit. Yeah!!!! Thanks for joining Cluttered Brain!! I hope you will find me entertaining!! But comments have slacked. I know, I know, it is NOT about the numbers game, And you should just blog to have fun, but I am wondering why the lack of comments?

Is it because you people have SO MANY blogs that you are following...(like me?) and you don't have the time OR the effort to post a comment?

Is it because the last month before school lets out is pretty hectic? Ya know there are TONS of things going on, DARE graduations, pool parties, Field Days... to name a few. :))

I am thinking I should probably post a couple days a week. Like Monday, Wednesday and Friday, And lay off of Tuesday/Thursday if I can help it. I think if I post less, AND perhaps BETTER quality, I might get better feedback.

I'm new at blogging. Really. I've only been blogging since last year. I am not ULTRA- experienced like you people. Some people have MANY, many years on me. I may not be a local celebrity like Toni, or as as funny as Telling Dad, but I am funny. In my own spunky way, I make videos of myself to make others laugh, I blog about my life, my writing, my kids anything that comes to mind in my daily posts.

So I guess I'm asking you guys this:

1. Do you like my idea of cutting back to M, W, F posts and producing BETTER quality posts?
You might not hear much from me in a couple of days as I try very hard to write extremely well-written posts. Where's my blog editor when I need her?

2.  What do you want to know about me? What would you like to see more of?
I'm all ears, people, now is your time to tell me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

Create your own video slideshow at

See ya around in Blog land!

Question mark image can be found at:

Boy at computer can be found at:

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