Friday, October 17, 2008

The First Blog created October 16,2008

So this is the creation of my first blog. I know I need pictures and cute videos of the kids but let's start with the basics ok? The Covington Family is alive and well here in Provo Ut. Sometimes I wonder how much longer we will have to be in UT.  My family is on the East Coast and I would LOVE to live near my mom!  Daniel just found himself another job at Central Valley Mechanical, I am at home with my three beautiful girls Anna, Maggie and Lydia. I also am serving in the primary presidency as first counselor, yes that's it I am over cub scouts.  I really like the fact that I am meeting so many fun people.  Serving the Lord can be so much fun.

Well, I am going to find out how to put pictures up ok?

Until next time.


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