Monday, May 30, 2011

School's out for the summer. (And I was a Senior hottie!)

School is out. And I think that probably means so are all of you that are bloggers....
Haha... but seriously where are some of you lately? I see yoooou!

I know Monday is originally set for me to post a monday mingle but Jen's site is down and it's Memorial Day weekend this weekend and I'm lazy. I am on vacation this week. Vacation at my house but still. I'm enjoying my summer. If you want me to come to your blog let me know. I'll check your stuff out.

Time flies. We moved about 2 and a half months ago and school is out. I have 2 part time jobs (one of them will move to full time soon in July) and life is good.

We have a running car and this is nice. The only thing I could want more of right now is something good to watch on TV. Burn Notice's NEW season doesn't start until June 23rd. So I'm a waiting. I had a TON of stuff to write in a blog post but then I got to writing and I fergot.

*sigh* It figures.

Life is good my friends. I can't complain. I am happy to live in America where I have my freedoms. I also grateful for those who have fought for our freedoms and those that are still fighting. How brave they are.

Oh now I remember! I am gonna post a picture of me when I was in school. Cuz it is going around in blog land. I was a Senior hottie...HAHA. You be the judge.

Yeah yeah I don't exactly have my scanner hooked up so I snapped this picture for ya!

Let me see if I can find in my cap and gown....
Yeah I looked. i can't seem to find it. And I'm too lazy to delete the lines above....

So that's me when I graduated in 1994. When did you graduate from high school?
I wanna see a pic of YOU now....

Go link up today other #SeniorHotties!
(Today is the Last day!)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sometimes life is easier as a child.

I think sometimes life is easier as a child. As a child, you have another person to provide all your, clothing, shelter. Then you grow up. Then you have to provide for yourself and then you get married and you and your spouse provide for each other and the kids...
  And it is hard.
It's especially hard when you are saving up for one minivan to get fixed and the other one breaks (stupid transmissions...) and then you are stuck. You and your spouse have jobs...but no reliable transportation.
So you look in the classifieds...Craigslist is awesome for such find a car in your price range..haha! 500 bucks is about you can afford right now...
You drive out to take a look at the car.
It's a 1981 Ford Fairmont. Straight 6 engine.

Take a look.

So yeah, it's NOT the prettiest car in the world. Everyone else around me is driving cars made in the 90's and 2000's....But I don't have any car payments. And this car will take my husband to work and back...about an hour each way...until we can get one of our minivans fixed.

It will do for now.

Back in the day it was America's best selling model. 
So this might last us 10 years or 6 months...who knows?
But at least it is running in the present and that's all that matters.
So back to my know the point about it is easier to be a kid. You might have problems and worries as a kid but it does not compare to that of an adult.

Once bills like cars. car insurance, groceries, clothing find, GAS, entertainment, work, vacation, GAS, rent enter the picture life sometimes life gets tricky.
But when life gets tricky and stressful, pop in a vitamin B complex and a smile (and some chocolate) and relax and enjoy the adventure. It's not worth stressing yourself out over.

So if you see me on the road and you are a little embarrassed when I *wave* to you from the "yellow submarine" wave back at me...hey, it's a temporary fix. I'll be driving my van soon enough....
Love you peeps!

I'm thinking the side of the car needs a sign. Something like One Cluttered Brain.
Ya think?
and we need to paint it purple.
Then I'd be styling.
Red flames on the side might be nice as well.
Hope you all have a super weekend this weekend. I am going to try have a super weekend as well.
*At least I will be able to drive to the store and get milk with a vehicle.*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I may be high right now.

Perhaps I will look like this in a few months.

Remember my last post? The one about our car's transmission breaking and all that needs to be paid besides the car? Well I got GOOD news!

*Insert a happy dance here* The place I interviewed with last week, Coral Desert, the one I mentioned before called me yesterday. They WANT me!!!!! So, I start June 8 (orientation) and I will get scheduled for shifts the following week I believe. *Also when they called to check up on my references at the U hospital I got an extra reference out of it. Another physical therapist said some good stuff about me as well! I was really well liked at the U, and the peeps still remember ME! *

Coral Desert is a physical rehabilitation facility for acute patients. *The facility does not accept long term care patients.* Patient come for rehab who have hip and knee surgeries, back surgeries... and so forth. There are 100% private rooms for the really is a nice facility. It's not in the same city where I am. It's about 45 minutes south of me. I'm okay with that though. It's worth the drive. Cuz when I am part time (part time hours first then they will give me full time) I will be working 12 hour shifts. They will probably have me orient both day and night shifts. And ultimately at first anyways, I will be working night shifts...6PM-6AM.

Not a problem for me. I have actually worked all shifts at the U of U hospital. All shifts are hard believe you me.

So, I'm somewhat on a high from yesterday. Things are working out. My husband and I are going car browsing today to see what we can find out about financing a car that runs and that is a decent payment each month.

We'll find something you'll see. And believe you me it will not be a mini van. Cuz their transmissions are always dying. Either that or they always are overheating.

Ryan Reynolds makes me happy as well.
Benjamin Bratt did make it all better for me.  *And Ryan Reynolds as well.* But most of all, my husband. The day the van broke, my husband brought me a dairy queen chocolate chip cookie dough stress reliever. nomnomnom. MY husband knows me all too well.

Ice cream can make it all better as well.

Oh and that prayer stuff in the end. Prayer works. And Vitamin B complex. You all should always take that vitamin. It relieves the nerves. It makes it so you don't cry all the time at your problems....

So that's my news. Also my father in law is working at getting me an airline ticket (he has lots of frequent flyer miles) and I will be able to see my brother get married.  So things in my life do seem to be working out after all.

Sometimes crying those tears helps.

Haha! Sometimes.

The money tree hasn't fallen from the sky yet though. I guess I will have to work hard for my money.
That's okay. I'll be all right.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The life of a Monday. *sigh*

So I had a very interesting and stressful day to say the least today. I am writing this Monday night mainly to get it all out of my system. Cuz, man alive I am stressed. Some people have to deal with their health failing, broken arms, broken legs, hurt knees, bad periods....

Not me.

I have to deal with my cars that refuse to keep on running. Remember our red minivan with the overheating problem? Well about 2,000 dollars later...FIXED. And guess what? Hubby and I were driving, (Thankgoodness he was behind the wheel, and the car seized to function... transmission went out on our 2001 Oldsmobile Silouette.

Worst part? I had my husband put in about 60 bucks of gas in the car yesterday.

Now it's at the mechanic with a quote of about 2,500 to fix.

When will it ever end? *sigh*

I am saving money for lots of things right now. Rent for next month, an airline ticket to see my brother get married, money to get out "other" green minivan fixed, and just plain savings for a rainy day.

I am working part time in a field I love cuz the resident census is down and they don't have room for another full time CNA right now....Maybe later?
Or that job in St. George will hire me.
And if they hire me, maybe some car place can finance us for a new "used" car for not that much.

I am so FRUSTRATED I could scream.

I'm gonna look for a happy picture for Happiness project.

Oooh, I've got just the one.

It makes me happy so I'm gonna count it tonight.


Yeah that's right. Benjamin Bratt makes me happy. AND he guest starred on Private Practice last week. Did you see it?

It was yummy.

Well, I still have my car problems. But at least I have something yummy to look at in the mean time.
If any of you want to donate to the Cluttered Brain "Fix the broken cars" FUND go right ahead.
Sponsor me.

Hope y'all have a better day than my Monday....*sigh*

It's time for Monday minute with Ian!

Monday Minute

I am participating in TWO memes this Monday..Monday mingle (Cuz I love the video camera..haha!) And Monday minute, (Cuz I like answering questions...)
Here are the questions...*My answers in pink.*

1 - Think back as far as you can, what's the first tape, record, etc you remember listening to?
I remember listening to the Bangles...."Just a another manic monday...ohhhhh, I wish it were sunday....cuz that's my funday...ohhhh" Remember? I'm an 80's girl.
2 - What's the first concert you've ever been to, the year and who performed?
Concert? I haven't been to a REAL live famous concert, just like local bandz that would come where I am (I grew up in Richmond Virginia).I can't think of their names right now but they were good.  So uh, I guess that's that. I like rock and roll a lot.
3 - Ever bleed from your ass? 
Yup, and it is uncomfortable. Stupid loose stools when you have to wipe a bajillion times.....UGH.
4 - If you went to your Senior Prom and had a date, do you still speak to said person?
No, I didn't go to Senior prom just Junior Prom. And I don't stay in touch with him...In fact I don't even know where he is right now...hmmm...Not even a Facebook friend either...ooh well. (We were just friends anyway. not boyfriend/girlfriend)
and finally...

5 - Name the one television show that's no longer on the air that could have gone on forever. 
Family Ties, Bill Cosby, Doogie Howser...ok maybe not the teen doctor but it was a good show....

In other news...oldest daughter is awake this morning and eat oatmeal very noisily. Tell me how do you eat a non-crunchy oatmeal noisily? Ugh. It is really bugging me. Plus she woke up grouchy...C'mon it's her last week of school you'd think she'd be happy. 
What's my pet peeve? For realz, this is my added question...People who put on WAY too much perfume, lotion, shampoo...C'mon do you really hate me that much? I will sneeze around you all day cuz you just HAVE to smell like that.
Daughter #1 wears too much lotion, shampoo and perfume.

Not sure what else to say. It's Monday and I'm tired. Working a 3 day WORK weekend will do that to a girl. *sigh*

Try and have an awesome Monday folks. Go link up with Ian. Answer some fun questions. (Hey at least this week we are not talking about poop or farts or disgusting stuff.....)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a mingling!

Just finished a 3 day WORK weekend.
I am physically and mentally exhausted.
Just watch and enjoy my mingle...hopefully.

And join in with

Here's to hoping I get that job at Coral Desert....*crossing fingers*
Have a super week!

Eighty MPH Mom Blog

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I think Mother Nature HATES me.

Yesterday I woke up like any other day. Except for one thing. The rain here turned into big white fluffy flakes. It snowed. Ugh. Because I'm cool like that I videoed the snow. I did it in my warm flannel PJ's.
Don't laugh. I know you all want a pair just like me.

I also had my interview yesterday as well. Evidently I wowed them so much they need to call all the other applicants and tell them sadly that they can't hire them. They found their person. It's ME!
It's what I keep telling myself anyway. They'll give me a call in a couple of days to let me know Yay or Nay. Yes, they are going to call me to to tell me even if I didn't get the job. That's classy. Really it is.

It puts my mind at ease when they let me know what's up with the interview I had with the last week.

I work all day tomorrow. Well it will feel like all day. Cuz I will arise at 4 bloody thirty in the morning to shower and get dressed for the day. I'm working. Not just 1 day. Not 2 days. But 3 whole days. I won the jackpot. Three in a row. Yippee!

Now on to the video. I know you have been dying to see it.

Peace out and all that jazz. I have a kitchen to clean.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happiness Project Cuz we ALL should focus on happiness right?

So I decided I do have a few pics that are making me happy right now. I wish I could take a picture of the millions of dollars I am making because both my husband and I have jobs now...but that's not the case.  Anyhow,  the pictures that I'm about to show you mean more to me than millions of dollars. So take a look.

I love my girls.

They are just as crazy as me.

Case in point:
That's some sort of pink make up she smeared over her face. *sigh*

What are they doing? Goofing off and playing around. I'm not even sure what is in my older daughter's hands. (The Tween.)

Don't let this look fool you though. She can be just as energetic as the next one.

And then there is me. (I got my haircut last month.)

I'll see if I can find a CRAZY picture of me just so ya know...My kids probably get their crazies from me. But HEY, if ya can't let your hair down every once in a while and get crazy and laugh, what CAN you do?

No idea WHY I took this picture. I may or may not have too much chocolate and/or Dr. Pepper.
*sigh* But at least I am happy most of the time. Right?

So link up. If you have a picture sitting in your computer that makes you happy put it on your blog and link up. If you link up, tell Leigh Cluttered sent ya...or better yet, tell them Angel sent ya. Cuz I'm participating this week cuz of Angel. You can tell Leigh Cluttered Brain and Angel sent ya....There tell her that. *Leigh is looking for 100 link up's* Let's see if we can make that happen!!!*

And remember whatever your lot in life, don't forget to smile and to laugh. It really will make a difference.

P.S. Not sure if you have been following my blog long BUT I have good news. Remember Miss Bossypants that I have to work with most weekends? Her name is crossed off for the rest of this month!!! Yay! (Well not yay for her if she is fired, but Yay for me cuz I don't have to work with her anymore.) HIP HIP HOORAY!

P.P.S. I have another job interview tomorrow for a CNA position about 45 minutes away from where I live. It's a bigger Rehab facility and I am hoping they might be able to fill in some gaps during the week. (Since my current job almost never has me working during the week.) We'll see.

Life is good folks.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm mingling with Speedy!

Well not IN the video, but Speedy mingled on video this week! YAY!
Here are the question's this  folks...

Current questions {week of 5/16/11}:
1.  Do you watch American Idol? If so, who do you hope will win (out of the final four)?
2.  How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?
3.  What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for your for Mother’s Day?

Happy Monday Mingle!

oh one more thing, If you are on Twitter be sure and stop in and say something to my sweet friend @jodenecoza cuz she is celebrating 500 posts!!! (I made a video in honor of #D500. Take a look!)

Have a super week y'all!

Friday, May 13, 2011

MY head is a-swimming.

It's 6 AM here and my head is swimming with thoughts! I saw the movie Thor last night. Which by the way if you get a chance to see that movie just see it. It's unbelievable! Also the character who played Thor is hot hot hot....#justsayin.

*sigh* His abs are really ripped. And his armor and stuff...he even looks good in. Maybe I'm just a girl who loves costumes and super heroes....who knows?

Well, in other news, I've been busy searching for jobs and passing my resume around. In fact, another rehab facility called me yesterday. Well, actually they called my mother in law. (I might have passed a resume around with her cell number on it...oopsie.) Anyway, I'm calling them back in a couple of hours. I hope they want to interview me. It's actually competition for the place I'm working for right now. (But if they need a body to work full time, I'm going for them) It's a really nice place. Private rooms, a pool, nice dining's super nice. It looks a great place to work and to receive therapy. I have 1 more class for an associate's. Yeah, I could have my Associate in Applied Science by Spring 2012. BUT I have to re take all of the classes needed to get into a nursing program(pre- requisites and stuff)....since it has been more than years since I had the classes.

It's okay though. I'll be a RN someday. I won't give up. Perhaps Financial Aid will still loan me some money for some semesters. And I will get A's in those classes and perhaps I will get a scholarship.

I will NOT be a CNA for the rest of my life.

I am very excited for all of my possibilities and opportunities. So excited in fact, I don't want to sleep.
Thank you all for your support in me. It means so much.


Ya know what? Blogger stinks. UPDATE!

Read this post Edit and re post that's all I did...hopefully this post will be first....

Blogger ate my last post. The one about me telling you how excited I am about my opportunities and choices I have to make. UGH. Basically after I take one stinking computer class I will have an associate's degree in applied science. YAY! Then i have to re-take all my pre- requisites for the Nursing Program. But I'm okay with that.
   Because I will be an RN.
   I have hope in my dream.
  I know I can do this.
  I have faith in myself and in  God.
And I already know I do not want to be a CNA for the rest of my life.

And so that was my last post. Basically if you missed it.
I posted on my wordpress blog this morning to express my frustrations this morning with blogger. If you want to read yet another post from me. Cuz I know you love to read my posts....

IF Blogger should go down again, I suggest you all run over to and sign up now. Get familiar with Wordpress. Cuz sometimes you need a back up. Like when your host goes down for more than 24 hours...UGH.

Check it out.

As for the Friday the 13th thingy...Beware. Don't walk under any ladders today.
Don't let any black cats cross your path.
And sign up for a blog today. Cuz you just never know when blogger may eat your last post....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day mingle...cuz i'm addicted to my Flip.

Hey my peeps! My video this week didn't take that much time to load to You tube....Thank goodness.
Well I beat Jennifer this week in putting up the monday mingle(What's my prize? lol )....So I'm not linked up as of 4:27 PM MST.
This week's QUESTIONS: Don't forget to link up at Jennifer at EightyMPHMom. com!

  {week of 5/9/11}
1.  Do you have any plans for Memorial Day weekend?
2.  What is your favorite Easter Candy?
3.  Which do you like better:  Butter or margarine?  Diet or regular soda?  Pedicure or Manicure?
 :) Oh well. I hope everyone has a wonderful mother's day.

Hope you have a good week!!

I'm off to spend time with hubby before he has to leave for work in the morning...
More Cluttered Brain news...I'm looking into locking up the credits I already have with an associate's degree...Hopefully I can do that....more on that later...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

SURPRIZE!!! I'm still here...

Yeah, I saw how I spelled SURPRIZE...This morning consider this a little PRIZE in your inbox. I updated. I keep waffling back and forth should I update the blog or not? Cuz honestly it's like the same crap every day....Still looking for a FULL TIME job...I'm checking on a job I turned in an application for this morning.

I'm nervous they already have someone. And it's not me. Though it should be ME...I'm awesome.

I'm scared I won't find something. But you know what I do when I'm nervous and scared?
Prayer. I don't care what religion you are. Praying to a higher power works. It makes you feel better. And in this cold and dreary world believing in a higher power like God, gets me through the day.

If you don't have faith, then what do you have?

So I'm having a little more faith today mixed with hope.

And as for the weekend...I'll get through Saturday with Miss Bossypants. She's not that bad. I'm just really EXCITED to get working full time. I'm so ready. I hope sometime soon a future employer will see my resume and call me...and say, "Can we schedule an interview for this morning?"

That'd be awesome.

And I realize all my updates are...I'm looking for a job..this and that...I know BORING.....but that's what my life is right now.
And Dr. Pepper. And leftover Easter Peeps. And chocolate. And the occasional hot spicy cheeto.
And let's not forget the comedies on ABC...Cougar town, Modern Family, Happy Endings....

I'm here. And I'll comment on your blog. If you want. Leave me a comment and tell me to come on over.
Also, Beware of FB hoaxes and hackers...You cannot see your first FB status. I made that mistake 2 days ago.

It's time to walk my daughter halfway to school.
I'm off to have a GRRRREAT day. For reals.
Cuz that's how I roll.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What's on MY mind? #MondayMingle FREESTYLE

Let's see, first and foremost a BIG Pbbbbbt!!!!(That's me sticking my tongue out at Youtube and making a sound) to Youtube. This mingle started the load process at 8:53 AM and is now complete at 2:34 PM. Yikes! That's a LONG time for a video to load. Hurry up will ya? Youtube obviously doesn't know how popular I am....

Second, while my video was uploading I noticed I didn't mention anything about Osama Bin Laden's death and everyone else did. YES, I know he died, glad he got his justice but there are still people out there who hate the United States, we must be careful and keep our guard up.
  And yes, I know the royal wedding was this past week. I didn't stay up to watch it, saw Kate's dress, it was gorgeous, but since when should Royal Wedding coverage outstage the tornadoes in Alabama?

Next item of business: My mingle. Find out what really BUGGED me this weekend at work. And yes, I realize it is 4 minutes and 40 seconds...but I was ranting people....just hear me

As always, this mingle has been hosted by the lovely Jen at
Come join us!
What's bugging you?
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