Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday mingling

I'm mingling again....On a Tuesday cuz that's what is good for me..
You too can mingle, it's fun and you can always meet new peeps!!

Jennifer at Eighty MPH mom is our lovely host.
Start mingling now! (oh and check out all the other minglers as well And comment comment comment...
it's just good to comment...)

Here I am...in all my mingling glory:)

Current questions – January 30th
1. “I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every time I ____________”
2. Which holiday do you feel doesn’t get the respect it deserves?
3. What do you wish you were better at?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a TUESDAY mingle! :)

hey you. I mingled. I mingled without make up and you can see my 2 biggest zits on my chin. *sigh* And I still published to Youtube. lol. What's up with zits anyway? I thought they were only suppose to happen when you were a teenager? UGH!

Next time, I'll do make up. Hopefully I didn't scare you too badly...lol.

Come join up! EightyMPHMom is your Monday mingle gal!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Mingle...chocolatey sundaes....oreos...AND MORE!

I'm mingling this week! I hope some people watch it...cuz haha I am poting this on Monday night around 9:18 MST....:) I'll try and come to your blog too....:)
Join us at Eighty MPH Mom...She's the mingling bomb!!!

Here are the questions:

Current questions – January 16th:
1. Do you quote any movies on a regular basis? If so, which quotes/movies?
2. What was the worst thing that happened to you in 2011?
3. You are creating the ultimate ice cream sundae…what would you put on it?

Here are my answers...:) In video form of course! (and yes no makeup...lol)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I confess....

I confess I'm slightly addicted to making hats on a loom. Just got them a couple of days ago and have already made 2 hats. They are so warm and soft...I could wear them all day....I think I need to make a matching scarf too. Who knew that loom-knitting a hat could be so fun?

Guess I better start folding some clothes now....After I start making a lovely scarf to match....lol.
Hope your day is finding you well!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Look! It's a NEW YEAR mingle from me...:))

Hey you all. Blogger says last time I published Jan 2 2012...wow. Not too much time has passed since I blogged. Even though I'm getting like 1-2 comments a post...HA! It's like I'm just starting out again...ahh well. I have been busy..but you already know that. Mainly cause that's all I talk about...lol. how BUSY I am....

le sigh.

On to the mingle.

This week's questions:
1. How did I ring in the new year?
2. What song title best describes my life right now?
3. Bravest most courageous thing I have ever done?

*My mouth and lips may or may not be matching.* HA. The joys of not using my Flip camera. i was lazy today...lol.

And for a real treat listen to the song for MY life right now. Cuz my life is non -sensical AND humorous...bwahahahaha.

That's this week's version of Monday mingle...Hop on over to Jen's site for more mingles..hey mingle this year...it's a BRAND new year! You can do anything!!! So mingle and comment with us!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy NEW YEAR...2012? WHAT?

So the Mayan calender says the world ends in 2012....hmmm...I don't think so but anyway...thats MY opinion. And if you are wondering HOW my Christmas was...I still haven't uploaded Christmas pics yet...*sigh* Someone is a LAZY butt around here...

My good friend Angel, from bloggy land...had her mother die on her on New Year's Eve. Read what she wrote here. It's beautiful. I just love that woman....Angel is an awesome bloggy friend.

I'm still working nights and trying to find enough money to pay off some things...old tuition so I can go back to school. Also our other car needs fixin...transmission issues....BUT I'm doing just fine. Life is treating me well, I KNOW I will go back to school and obtain a nursing degree. I just know it.

And as for this blog...man alive....I'm struggling. Work, work, home home clean clean....watch netflix...*sigh*
I have NO time anymore.

So I eat nachos and drink mountain dew instead with a friend.

Isn't life great? I'll upload some christmas pics for you later....
Love you my bloggy patient friends...patient enough to wait for me when I actually blog....lol.
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