Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm late I'm LATE!

I'm going to be late for work. Husband just called me at 4:17 PM and said he is 45 minutes away from me still. I need the car by 5 so I can make it to work on time. My work is 45 minutes away. *sigh* We need a second car bad!!! So instead of finishing up my Hulu TV show, I'm writing on my blog. Mainly because @FromTracie wrote as her FB status update:
From Tracie · 1,701 like this
6 minutes ago · 
  • Having a blog mean you are actually supposed to write on it? Who would have thought. #writersblock

    So I felt guilty because I have neglected my own blog and in turn all of you. *sigh* I'll do better. Maybe I'll mingle this week. Even if I look like a tired zombie I'll mingle....Oh this next mingle might be the best one yet. I've been doing some research. I have an interview to do some volunteer work at the hospital near me. I'm hoping if I'm volunteering, I might be able to have a better chance of actually landing a paying job at a hospital. :) It looks good on my resume so it's all good.

    In July, I will take a 4 night class in Phlebotomy and I will learn how to poke people. bwahahaha! Watch out! Just joking. I will do well! I have been in the medical field long enough (4 years) and observed many pokes, I know what NOT to do....

    So I've been busy. I've been quilting and cleaning (Yeah I'll get on those dishes in a bit.) and catching up on my Hulu TV. I love Hulu! Most times I don't have time to turn on the TV in the evening, with noisy children and all. So I catch up on Hulu. It's fantastic!

    I think that is all that is on my mind right now. I already called my work and told them I'd be running at least 30 minutes alte to work this evening because husband got off work late. Hopefully they will not discipline me because after all I did call and all. They are kinda sticklers for the discipline I've heard. But when I'm there I do the best I can do so they complain about me much.

    I'm an AWESOME employee! But Maybe I'm a bit biased.
    Who could fire such a cute employee like myself? lol. I'll stop before I go crazy.
    I'll try better in the future. This is ME trying better to blog. Because I have several things I can blog about. My head is full of ideas. Always. I just like to watch Hulu. And sleep. (Mainly the sleep part because I work 12 hour nights.)

    See you around in blogland folks! If you see me, say Hi! And no more crazy robotic comments on this here blog. I'm getting sick of deleting them.
    You've been warned Comment Auto-bots.


Unknown said...

OH How I hated the one car family days. Same issue for us we worked different shifts.. hoping you are not too late..

Tracie Nall said...

You blogged! Yay!

I think we need to add some fuzzy bunny ears to that picture, because I keep thinking, "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!" when I read this.

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