Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a wonder I'm confused.

Well I decided to log on to Blogger today and write a post. So you can imagine to much of my chagrin that Blogger has changed. It kinda looks like wordpress. I think I got the "New Blogger" but I want the old one back. I am having a bit trouble with this new change. Grrrr.....

Maybe a picture of McSteamy will help my system.
I'm feeling MUCH better What about you?


Where was I going with this post anyway?
Oh yeah.....I remember now. I caught myself a JOB! After a billion million interviews at the hospital near me....
*drum roll please*

I landed a job at a wonderful facility near the hospital.
Called Red Cliffs Health and Rehab. I have Orientation today. It's for full-time nights. (12 hours) YES!
And they have insurance benefits after a while.

I'm just glad somebody said "We'd like to hire you." I actually got 2 offers from 2 different facilities. No the hospital yet. But the "other" facility was 8 hr shifts. And since I have to drive 45 minutes to work I decided 12 hours would be the BEST position for me. (That and who wants to watch my kids at 5 AM?)

So I landed a job. Now what? My infamous blogging posts are going to be interrupted again?
Well, I hope not. I would like to continue to blog and comment because I desperately need to get back.

I like blogging. And laughing.

And posting sexy pictures of McSteamy on my blog.
Don't you like it when I do that? :)

Leave your congratulations in the comments. If you are my friend on FB you already know.
But hey, I didn't post a pic of McSteamy on my FB profile. So you can thank me later.
I'll let you know how my orientation was later.
But YAY, I have a job!!! :) Now I'm off to pay down a bill at a University, so I can finish my AAS degree. And then I'll take my Nursine pre-requsites again. And then a nursing program will accept me.

Everything will be as it should be then.
Until I blog again...
MUAH! Love you my peeps!


Ruth said...

YAY for the job!!!!! Now we will definitely see less of each other, but you rock!!! So until then...

From Tracie said...

Much love and congratulations to you!

Have fun at orientation.

angel shrout said...

Woot woot congratulations hun.. you got this and I hope it doesn't stop you from blogging I have missed you like a fat kid misses cake.

Erin said...

I already knew this thanks to facebook, but I still wanted to say congratulations! Yay for you!!!

Masshole Mommy said...

I'm so happy for you that you find a job and McSteamy makes everything better, doesn't he? Swoon.

Anonymous said...
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