Monday, April 9, 2012

Wasting Time, Monday Mingle....

Eighty MPH Mom

So I'm back to the blog. Kind of. Let's just say I'm laaaazy. And busy. I've been quilting. I've been using my sewing machine. I've been applying to jobs. I've been busy.
For reals.
Thanks for sticking with me. I really appreciate YOU!

Here's my mingle:
Come join in the fun at Eighty MPH Mom. Check her out today! And me, check my site out as well...while you are here....:)


angel shrout said...

You are quilting.. I am so jealous.. I want to learn how to quilt so badly. I have the sewing machine the other stuff.. come back to blogging I miss you.

Paula Schuck said...

Hi Hon! I miss you when you don't vlog, so glad to see you again. Facebook is a fun way to waste time and I used to enjoy Farmville but not so much anymore.

Nikki said...

I wish I could quilt, or even sew more than a sort of square pillow! Good luck with the job hunt, that's never fun. Hey, it certainly doesn't sound like you're lazy at all!

Anonymous said...
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