Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blogging and Comments

I like pictures on my blog so the hands represent us sister bloggers who stick together no matter what. Or brother bloggers as the case may be.

Well I just read my friend Sharla's blog. Her latest entry is all about blogger comments. I just have a few things to add. I'm not a long time blogger, nor do I sit in front of the computer all day, There is so much to do in the house, let alone take care of the precious ones you love. So this is how I usually attempt my blog. I make a new post in the early morning or the evening or heck whenever I think I have a good entry in my head and I write it. Then post my new entry and wait. Sometimes I will get a couple of new comments sometimes not. But I just looked at my past comments, Not bad for starting this blog up in January.
Basically I just want my blog to make people smile. I want it to put a little merriment in their day. I also make it a point when I read other's blog to leave a comment. Everybody needs validation in some way. By leaving a comment the author knows a. you like what you read and b. you are still reading it.
But being a mom is busy. Sometimes all we have is 2 minutes before the cries are heard and need to be soothed. So we necessarily don't have the time to leave a comment. I personally don't like to leave lame comments like "Oh BTW I like your blog" I mean you could leave that I suppose but real feedback is important to us bloggers. Like "LOL! I love the way you said this.." Or "I am still laughing or crying from your last post" Just knowing that your blogging audience is alive and well can be quite satisfying.
So to all you have read my blog and left comments my thanks goes out to you all. If you have never left a comment and still read my blog anyway, Thanks to you as well. You obviously read my blog and I thank you. (But do you think you could throw in a comment every now and then maybe?) And to those of you who might be a first time reader, Congratulations! It's a good read isn't it? (Pssst Leave me a comment and please tell me....)
Sometimes we have those days when we just feel sorry for ourselves. Sometimes it feels we are anxious to hear from anybody on the outside world. I know I rush to get the mail everyday when it comes. And also when I hear my neighbors are outside talking, I go out to see how they are doing. I LOVE people! It's just the way I am. So I hope you read this Sharla. You inspired me to write. Thanks a bunch for posting so often. I enjoy reading. Keep up the great blog!
(If you would like to read my friend Sharla's blog her button is on my sidebar, Momnerd click on it and it will take you right to her blog!) The link thing still isn't working for me. :(


Sharla said...

It is definitely hard to comment as much as I like. And I've found the more time I spend working on my blog the less time I have to comment! I am adding you to my blogs to read so I will remember to get here more often!

Debbie D said...

BTW I totally love your blog!
Sorry Alexes, I couldn't resist :)
Seroiusly though, it's so nice to hear about what's going on in peoples' lives. I can nod my head and think "yeah, me too" or laugh a the things their kids do, that my kids do. It just makes the world a bit cozier and closer. I like to know I'm in the same boat as other people, it just helps some days, that's all. And some people comment, some don't. I prefer the ones who do.

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