Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fuzz's kittens!!!!

I wish my camera cord (the one you hook into the camera to connect to the computer--Yeah that one) I wish it wasn't broken. I totally took pictures of her kittens but I can't show them now. We are getting another cord it just might take a little while (1-2 weeks maybe) because we got the cord off of EBAY from China (Would you believe?) Anyway I will describe you the colors of each kitten. Mostly gray and white, Some are black with caramel coloring. There are 4 of them. Fuzz hasn't gone downstairs to bring anymore up with her so I think 4 is all she had. We'll see.
What a beautiful set of kittens Fuzz had! Truly ALL of God's creations are beautiful! I am grateful that I have the chance to take care of Fuzz while she takes care of her kittens. I PROMISE all of you as soon I can upload pictures again to the computer I will. Thanks for waiting.

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