Friday, March 20, 2009

Maggie's birthday

Hey you all! We just celebrated Maggie's birthday! On her actual birthday we went to Chuck a rama and had delicious food! Then a couple of days later we had her PARTY! We had it outside with a treasure hunt, PIZZA and of course cake and ice cream. I tried to organize some games for the kids but all they wanted to do was run around and chase each other. Everybody had a real good time. I'm glad I had a party for Maggie. Next party--My 33rd birthday! My birthday is on the 27th of March! WOW! Then my sweet hubby's is on the 30th of March. Then Anna (July 28th, Then Lydia's August 17th) March is our birthday celebration month. Here are some pictures from our celebrating days! Lydia had a great time too--making a mess of herself with the chocolate cake! (plus since she was outside she touched the ground and got her hands grassy too)
A tidbit of info for you about Lydia: We have 2 friendly dogs next door to us. Lydia goes over to our neighbors where the dogs are dangling a piece of chocolate cake in her hands. Does the dog eat the cake in her hands? NO, the dog runs away from Lydia. Strange indeed don't you think?

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Sharla said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!! I love the pics!!

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