Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Contests-Anne Bradshaw

Oh My GOSH!!!! Let me just breath for a minute.

That's better. I am a member of Mommy Mormon blogs. YEAH! I am just about following all LDS authors that blog. YEAH! I am going to enter contests/giveaways like crazy maybe I'll win something sometime. If I don't ever enter, I might not win, right? Check out Anne's awesome contest/giveaway, It ends tomorrow so hurry up and sign up!


One more thing, I have to win guys. So if you win something send your good luck winnings in my direction. I never win anything from the Mom nerd. Mom Nerd just changed her look! Check her out! The Mom Nerd--CLICK HERE!

Thanks for following me! And if you haven't started following me, WHY not???:) Looking forward to meeting all of you in my Bloggersphere!

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