Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm not perfect either

Hey all you blogging people!
My friend had the perfect blog entry. See the link at bottom of this entry.

She talked about how she is only perfect when:
a. The dishes are done.
b. Breakfast is made.
c. Floor is vacuumed everyday. (Honestly who has the time everyday for that?)

I'm really not giving her entry justice. Come check my friend Wendy's blog out. IT's too funny and so true!
How many times have we all done the same thing including me? It is so gosh darn hard to get those kids up in the morning. One of my kids treats me as a snooze button. "Just 5 more minutes Mom. Just 3 more minutes!" If I have to be up so do you kid!
I am glad we don't have to be perfect everyday. Being happy does have its points. Less arguments with everybody--And the old saying is true, If the lady of the house ain't happy nobody is happy. We tend to set the tone in our home.
I too am also am PERFECT when:
1- all the clothes are done,dried and put away
2. No complaints about dinner from the children and the HUBBY even ate it.
3. I remember to get a babysitter for Date night.
4. I don't look at blogging for at least a day. (I mean when does that happen?)
5. I NEVER complain that my husband is spending too much time on the computer only to have it backfire when I get on.
6. I leave Facebook for a day. That's no FB status updates. Period. (Yeah right it's too much fun getting responses from you people!)
7. My kitchen is totally clean, floors mopped and everything.
8. My bathroom needs the clean before NON family uses it.
9. My Sunday duties are done Saturday night! (What? I have all week to do it,why does it get left to the last day possible?)
and Finally 10: I'm also ALWAYS perfect when I NEVER raise my voice at the children. (Come on How many times do I have to tell you people to get your PJ's on?)

Happy Tuesday to you ALL!
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