Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"When Hearts Conjoin"

WOW! Remember the Herrin twins? If you live in Utah then you are probably familar with Primary Children's Hospital. These are the twins that were separated. Well Luanne Staheli helped write the book. There is a small excerpt from the book on her blog. It looks very heartfelt. It almost looks like you are going to need a tissue when you read the book. Luann's blog is HERE if you want to take a look.
Also Anne Bradshaw is giving away the book. Go to her BLOG and read her amazing interview with Luann and then sign up to win the book. If you never sign up you will never win.
Thanks everybody who continue to read this blog despite all the recent giveaway entries. I am still trying on making it interesting even though you just might not be interested. Check out some of the links. You just might want to sign up for some of them. :)


Mama Nut said...

Hi! I just read your post on the MMB site. Sounded a bit like me, so I thought I would check out your blog. I like it!

You asked about how to start giveaways... well, I just started my public blog a few weeks ago, and I actually funded my first giveaway myself. Then when word got around, I actually got an offer for a sponsor giveaway for mother's day.

Even if it is painful, you can always check out crafty blogs and leave comments to get noticed... I know a lot of them are looking for sites with a lot of traffic to do giveaways (cheap advertisement).

I have had my blog for 3 weeks and my traffic is doing alright for a beginner -- but I nag people, a lot. I advertise on Twitter and Facebook and email threats...err I mean persuasive emails to my family and friends. Also you can join more mom networks. Leave lots of comments on others, etc. All this stuff I am still learning. If you have any other ideas, let me know!

Mother Goose said...

i read your post from MMB! I have only had one give away and I sponsored it. I gave a $50 gift card celebrating my one year BLIRTHDAY, for my blog.

I'm wondering, maybe I haven't figured it but why do you want to generate so much traffic to your blog? I tried the advertisement thing on my blog and I made zero money so I took those things off. They just cluttered my blog.

Covington Sensation's said...

I've seen other authors respond to their comments on their blog. So here it goes.
Mama Nut- I am defintely checking out your blog. The title is FABULOUS!
Mother Goose- I just want people to read me and like what I have to say. But I guess that part is all in good time. You just have to get your name out there by commenting and being in the right place at the right time. And I have been known to advertise people's way cool blog on my blog. The Momnerd for instance. She is incredible! Check her out!
I don't think I am going to the ad thing. It's on my writer's blog and I just might take it off. Thanks for the comments you guys! You both ROCK!

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