Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are you with me?

Christmas bells....Hear them ring...Ding a ling....soon it will be Christmas day.
Don't poison Santa's milk. That's just mean. Leave him chocolate milk instead. :)
Image obtained from Google. Because my butt is lazy today.
Christmas is almost here. I haven't seen any snow but I'm okay with that really. I hate the white stuff. My hubs and I are frantically trying to find something, ANYTHING that we can do to earn money. I figured out I could do a Paypal donation on my site but then I thought, "That's tacky." Donate to the Cluttered brain no money fund. HAHA. Right?
Hey I'm still laughing.
I'm not gonna lie. Times are tough around here. But the kids are still gonna get a Christmas, Santa is still gonna come. Somehow. Because I believe. I believe in the goodness of Santa. I believe in doing good for your fellow men. I might not be able to drop off a huge basket of goodies at your doorstep (like what happen to us last night) BUT I can give of myself to you, plus I can BAKE.
Maybe I can wrap up some cookies and fudge and give them to my girls this year?

Nah. I think I'll give the gift of time. I'll give the gift of myself. They will remember that tons more anyway.
How will  YOU give of yourself this Christmas season?

And yes I have noticed the shortened posts lately. I have figured all your attention spans are shorter and can only take me oh so much yakking on my part. So I'm giving you a vacation from me and my ultra LONG posts...lol. And I hear you are suppose to be short and sweet in your blog posts anyway.

Oh. And always add a picture. That's always a must. I hear T's daughter is for hire.


Rebecca Talley said...

The gift of time is by far the best gift and sometimes the hardest one to give.

Love the cartoon!

Daisygirl said...

I love your holiday spirit...actually just love your spirit!

Debbie said...

You keep on keeping on. You make me smile with your hope and enthusiasm. I love you and wish you a Happy Christmas. Good things will come...

singedwingangel said...

Ahem I happen to likehearing you talk and your posts and I personally have missed you. For crying out louddid you see how long that post was yesterday that I wrote.. Yeah Oh OH OH tomorrow starts the giveaway for the 55 gc for CSN stores on my blog

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