Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ICaughtSanta GIVEAWAY (You should enter NOW.) ENDED

The Winners of the ICaughtSanta giveaway will be announced shortly.
Please stay tuned!

No this isn't my Santa pic. It's from Google. I didn't get my picture yet. Don't worry there's still time.
Hey y'all. I hope some of you are still out there at least.
I have a really sweet giveaway opportunity for you all. Have you guys heard of IcaughtSanta.com?
Well allow me to explain...
In 3 questions...
1. Do your kids believe in Santa Claus?
2. Would your kids just flip if you got a picture of Santa in your living room?
3. Do you want a picture of Santa Claus in your house for future bribes to your kids to be good?

That's what I thought.
Here's what you have to do.
Easy-peasy by the way.

Leave a comment telling me WHO would be most excited on Christmas morning to see a picture of Santa Claus in your living room!

Extra Entries: Follow my blog! (Psst! Click the Follow button on sidebar!)
Follow me on Twitter. @ClutteredBrain
Leave me a comment on my FAN PAGE telling me how you really, really want to win!
What? You aren't my fan on my fan page? What are you waiting for then? Click the "like" button and like me on Facebook too! (Link to my fan page is above. Duh.) lol.

That's it for the EXTRA entries.
Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each additional entry you leave.
Hey if you wanna tweet it or share it with your Facebook friends feel free. Just let me know so I can count it as an extra entry. The MORE people know this AWESOME ICaughtSanta giveaway is out here, the more people will enter. Hopefully. Either that or 5 peeps will enter. And a total of 5 peeps can WIN. Yeah, that's right. I said, 5 people can win. I have a list of 5 free codes for a free Santa pic. Cool huh?

That's what I'm talking about.

Getting excited for the kids to see Santa now?
Wa-hoo. Now if I could only get a Santa to wrap all the presents...*sigh*

Go ahead. ENTER. Now. I'm waiting.
Giveaway ends Christmas Eve Dec 24,2010 at 9PM. Oh you people will be up. Wrapping presents and eating the cookies you left for Santa. I know better. Oh and it is 9 PM Pacific time. OK? Figure out when it will end in your time zone. I'm too lazy to do the math. Okay?

Disclaimer: I was given a code for a free icaughtsanta picture too. I was not compensated monetarily at all (Except for the free code for the picture--LOL) All opinions expressed about getting a SANTA picture in my living room are all mine. M'kay?


Lee Family said...

My oldest would be way excited! The other kids would too, but Johnny would be the most.

Lee Family said...

I follow you. :)

Lee Family said...

I left a comment on you fan page. :)

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

What a fun idea. I wonder if my oldest (7 y/o) would get into this.

From Tracie said...

What a fun idea!


(we are one of those grinchy families that doesn't do Santa)


I still think it is incredibly cute anyway!

dot said...

My eldest Katie . She is an autistic 18 yr-old and she LOVES anything and everything Christmas...

Jackie said...

You should enter now. I love it!

Living the Scream said...

such a cute idea! Count me entered!

Living the Scream said...

I follow your blog

Living the Scream said...

I ofcourse follow you on twitter

Stealth said...

A fellow Aries. Welcome.

My middle child when she was three asked me point blank if "Santa Clause was real why was he a Saint?"

I said good question and walked off.


Mormon Surrogate said...

All 3 of my kids still believe in Santa. Yes- even my 13 year old boy who will be 14 in March.
Hard to pick who would be the most excited... probably my youngest who will be 7 in January.

I already follow you everywhere!

Cheeseboy said...

I think if Santa looked like Matt Damon, my wife would be most excited. But I'd say my four year old would be thrilled with the real Santa.

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