Friday, February 11, 2011

GRRRRRR! I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!

Well, not YOU. MY neighbor is the bag of douche.
UGH. I have STUPID ASSININE neighbors on both sides of me. And one of them rings my doorbell.
I answer.
She says, "Your music is really REALLY loud. It's louder than our TV."
So I say, "Shove it lady, I don't care. Just because you don't LIKE the music I listen to."
Yeah I wish I said that. I'm too dang nice for my own good.
I really said, "The music is off now." *sigh*

I just really really want to listen to my music.
I want to crank up the tunes.
I want a release from this h*ll I live in.

I don't think living in a desert is nice anymore.
I want to MOVE.
And believe you me, we will move.

And when we do, I'll knock on her door and say,
"Your TV is WAY damn too loud. Could you turn it off? 'Cause uh, I need you to hear my wheels as they squeal AWAY from here. M'kay? Lay off the next neighbors who decide to move in ok? Cause seriously lady, YOU are a REAL KILLJOY."

*I apologize for the language used in this post. I am really pissed and need to burn off some steam.*

Now back to the regularly scheduled music.

CRANK UP the music and ENJOY! ;)

Who cares what the old lady next door thinks?
I should have told her my music isn't even on. You are hearing things....

Peace OUT.
Have an AWESOME weekend!

Don't let old neighbor ladies get you down.
I'm not anymore.

CRANK it UP!!!!


singedwingangel said...

YOu need to move to KY where y9ou and HUbby both can work easily and buy your own land for lil of nothing and have your music as loud as you want.. Just saying

Cluttered Brain said...

Ya, don't I know it?
'Cause man ALIVE I HATE living HERE!

*LLUVIA* said...

I wish I lived out in the country! Because of my asshole neighbors, I had to get rid of my awesome stereo speakers!

Beth Zimmerman said...

You are seriously a HOOT! (And yes, I know you're my twitter fan.) Now I feel compelled to admit to you that I have gone next door (late at night) and asked the downstairs landlord to have his upstairs tenant, with the open windows and very loud rock music, turn it down! But good grief ... it was literally rattling my windows! And I thought that would be nicer than calling the police to shush him!

Brittney said...

omg gotta love apartment living ugh i would turn it up reallllly loud periodacally, oops im sorry it has a short in it haha

Cherie said...

Try banging the headboard against the wall and and screaming really loud and see if she likes that better - then give her a choice - Ha ha!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Awww, that stinks. I get it, though. My neighbor makes SOOO much noise, but I am way too confrontational and I know it, so I just let it go, which is what your neighbor should do. It's not like you were cranking up the tunes at 1 am, you know?

Jodene said...

I would have said "sorry, can't hear you!" ... but also in my head. Neighbours are a pain but I believe that if it's not at a crazy hour then we are all entitled to our little time of super loud misic ... I know I need it!

Marie: said...

Yes, When I lived in an Apt, I was totally the one who got the enighbors to ask me to turn it down. My lame defense? " but it helps me get motivated to clean the house!" Sad. check me out sometime!

T said...

what, my music is louder than your TV? why is your TV so quiet - turn it up and live a little :)

Cheeseboy said...

I hope your neighbor reads your blog. You should slip the address under her door.

I'd love to live in the desert. I hate the cold.

Daisygirl said...

oh hon this so sucks! I lived in a place like this a few years ago and it drove me bonkers!

I say crank it up babe!

Happy Valentines Day!

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