Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I don't know about you but...

I'm tired. I've been that way for a little while.
I know where I'm going but I'm tired of waiting to get there. I always seem to be waiting on somebody else-

  • the mechanic to tell me the sum total of my car
  • the nice people at a home health agency place to tell me whether or not I have a job
  • My tax refund. (hubby is filing tonight.)
  • whether or not the good people of Subway will offer my husband a manager position.
  • whether or not I will EVER have a working car. Period.
  • Waiting for inspiration on a blog post...I am about to post this at 2:09 PM on a Tuesday. Who is gonna see this? Hmm...I wonder. (LOL.)

    But you know how I BUST out of the "waiting period"?
    I vlog.

    I make videos when I'm freezing. (OK, I know I have some of you that it is actually snowing but it gets cold here too. Just because the sun is shining doesn't mean it is warm.) To the contrary.

    Point 1:

    And to the few of you that haven't watched my Blogapalooza vlogs, I'm bringing back the goodness TODAY. Watch and enjoy. Please? It would bring joy to my heart if you watched.
    And commented.

    Honestly, do you think I will ever stop vlogging?  (You don't have to answer that.) *I won't. I might be the only 80 year old Grandma who still likes to record themselves...*sigh* when I turn 80 of course....*
    :) I'm feeling better today. And I think I nailed the interview.
    I hope they choose me!

    If you like what you see, and I'm sure you do...check me out I have a brand NEW Youtube channel.

    Have you listen to my story yet?


    T said...

    keeping my fingers crossed for the job offers!!! life is going to take a huge turn soon!!!!!!

    singedwingangel said...

    Of course they will hire you.. who else could do the job better with a better attitude??

    Anonymous said...

    When I finally decide to show my face online (if) I would love to do a vlog. Or maybe I could do it in a Darth Vader mask. That would be the shit, eh?

    Wait--- no, scratch that.

    A CHEWBACCA mask.

    I'm just gonna shut up now, K?

    Cherie said...

    Tom Petty wrote a song about that many moons ago "The Waiting Is The Hardest Part!". You are probably way to young to know that song or perhaps you just never listened to Tom Petty - Anywho - He's right!
    I hope things start working out fast - I hope your hubby gets the job and that you get your job!
    Then you will have even more things to Vlog about!!

    Cherie said...

    did you know that vlog could also be Valentines Log - Just sayin... -
    And yes it's been a long day!

    Garden of Egan said...

    I'm sorry you haven't heard about a job yet!
    I hate waiting. I stand at the microwave and impatiently tap my fingers on the counter.

    You're in my prayers for all the things you need!

    From Tracie said...

    Whew! I hope you are staying warm tonight.

    I <3 you woman....and I totally get the car thing, and the tax thing, and the job thing, and the waiting thing. So frustrating.

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