Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What? It's Wednesday already?

Thanks Google for the image this morning. I'm too lazy to share a latest pic with you all. Or too busy, I'm not sure which.
Sheesh! I can't believe how the time runs away from me.  I know I am suppose to post a video of me licking frosting off my fingers while attempting the ABC's...BUT I'm not at home right now.
I'm busy following up on some job leads, putting the rest of the deposit at the new place we are renting and registering my kids for their NEW school.


And yet somewhat disillusioned. Let me explain. When my hubby and I left Cedar City, UT the first time...Yeah, that's it I told you where I will be living. Be nice. I felt glad to be moving OUT of Cedar. Now?

I am ecstatic. I am overjoyed. I am thrilled. And I don't even have a job yet. Oh but I will. WE will. Mesquite was good, I met some nice folks there, but financially it sucked. I won't lie to you. I am hoping that this year, 2011, will be a successful year for us.  It can't get any worse can it?
  Anywaaay, if my blog posts are random and seem to go on forever it's because I'm doing a TON over here. But I love you all and will continue to blogblogblog to my heart's content. Because you all got me through the toughest time in my life. (Ya the these last 2 years have not been easy, you know)
  One thing that we do have to do is get rid of our cats. The place we are moving is pet friendly BUT there is a 300 deposit initially, AND an extra 10 bucks a month. Things being the way they are...we are giving the pets away to a pet store here in town. (Well the city we are moving to has a pet store.) Mesquite? Notsomuch....*smalltownliving--it's really small*
   Sooooo, I am preparing my mind for this endeavor. My MIL has taken the last 2 kittens of my cat's litter so we can visit these guys any time we wish...and play with them and such. We will get another pet when there is money...I promise. (I'm promising myself this more than anything.)
  So if I'm teary or something, it's because I had to give my 2 beloved cats away...(Can't afford to have them fixed right now or they would be outside cats...ya they are female)
My EXCITEMENT for all things new is overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. We got the apartment here in Cedar and we are gonna move in March 1. Wow. Time flies when you are blogging...or having fun. ;) And then the jobs will want me. And then I'll be super busy...and then I won't blog?


I will always blog...
Love you peeps...because I think I am rambling again. Thanks for listening.


The Empress said...

It's so very wonderful to be happy and excited about your life.
I can feel your joy..thanks for making me smile.

Good luck, and let us know!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Congrats on the move! It sounds like it will be a great place to live.

singedwingangel said...

Why is it the place we run the hardest from is always the place we wind up landing in the end?? I did the same and here I am back at my hometown as small as it is it fits me. Hav fun with the move and Iknow you will find a job, that was never a question

Beth Zimmerman said...

Wishing you well, Alexes! And really wish I could adopt one of your precious cats!

Garden of Egan said...

Yes, you are rambling and I totally love. Good luck withnthe job search. You will be warm living glad the job offers didn't come from here!

T said...

Wednesday hit me faster than I was ready for today too :)

(and you totally missed out on the Word Verifier free window on my blog - we're back to using it because I can't stand all the spammers!!!)

Jodene said...

You make me laugh and smile!!! So many exciting things happening, I'm happy for you hun!

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