Friday, April 8, 2011

Confession time... with Glamazon Mom and Mamarazzi!


I confess...
that ever since I started working again (last week I worked 3 days and this week Wed, Thurs and the entire weekend) I have been super slacking on checking out blogs. I WANT to check new blogs out but I am lacking time. Ugh.

I confess that I have been missing the comments on my own blog. I know I know, if you want comments you have to comment. UGH. I will try and get caught up today. We'll see what happens. If you comment I will try my very hardest to comment on your blog. I promise.

I confess I freaking LOVE my job. Serving others is a wonderful job.

I also confess that I do NOT want to be a CNA forever. That would kill me. I wanna be an RN. I want to be able to take off a doctor's order. I want to give pain meds. I want to be a nurse. PERIOD.

I also wouldn't mind being a phlebotomist. (You know the guy who draws your blood at the hospital and does IV's...) I don't know how to spell it.

I confess that I really don't mind working full time. I missed nursing and it really is the field for me.

I confess though I did MISS the poopy brief changes though. *sigh* But all in a nurse's day work right?

I confess that I am addicted to blogging AND comments AND meeting new people. AND even winning cash. Yup, Send all the cash you want. And also send me a second car. MY second car died and I need one BAD!

I confess that I love technology. I LOVE Skype and being able to communicate with my friends and family that are so very far away. Have YOU Skyped with me lately?

I confess that I love and miss Naptime.


VandyJ said...

I sure do miss naptime. I also regret all the times I skipped a nap when I was younger.

singedwingangel said...

I confess that I have missed ya like mad.. I confess that I am a wee bit jealous of your patients..
You would make a rocking nurse and ya know the truth is the nurses truly know more then the doctors anyway..

Debbie said...

I confess I've been too busy to be in the blogging world lately. Work will do that to you...
Glad you are loving your job. Maybe they have a tuition assistance program where you could go to nursing school. Something to look into...
Have a fabulous weekend :D

Amber said...

Naps seem to be popping up in a lot of confessions this week!

I looked into becoming a phlebotomist (or however you spell it!) but they pay wasn't that great at my local hospital so I had to pass. I've always had a fascination with it.

Have a great weekend!

Krista said...

Congrats on the job. Welcome to the working world and if you throw school in there you will not have much of a blogging life. That's what happened to me. :( I need a bumper sticker that says, "I'd rather be blogging."

Lourie said...

Ah naps. I love naps. And I miss them. And don't worry about spelling. It's never been high on my priority list. ;)

Garden of Egan said...

That was cute!
I'm glad you are loving the job. It's hard and often thankless but I bet all the people you serve love you.

Sorry about the car. I feel your pain.

Also sorry about working the weekend. I had to work all of last weekend too. Yuk!

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

Great confessions...I feel the same way...about naptime and don't have to FEEL like you have to respond or check out my blog. I comment because I want to....And I actually have something to say..

I always think about being a that weird?? I just think I would be good at it..I must think about it too much because I think I would help those who have fear of needles by being that good at drawing blood! Silly aren't i? I may have to look into that..except I don't know if I can go to school for that with little ones.
Have a great weekend

Cheeseboy said...

I do like winning cash too. Actually, I like the thought of it. It has never actually happened to me.

So glad you like your job. And it's a great thing you do too.

Lisa Brown said...

I've been slacking a bit in teh bloggy world too! Life does have a way of getting in the way! And, yes, I need more naps too!

T said...

what - is it NOT officially slacker week? I was totally celebrating...

okay, so maybe I've just been a little busy?

catching up... ummm... next week sometime... I hope.

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