Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm a happy girl!

You want to know why?
One picture says it all.

I have a working laptop again. Well, I have to plug in a USB keyboard cuz the keyboard doesn't work anymore. Also the touchpad is messed up. BUT it can be fixed. And I know a guy that can fix it. So as soon as I win the netbook I am bidding on for parts, my computer doctor will fix my netbook.

But in the meantime I can Skype again. Thank heavens.

Love ya my peeps.


singedwingangel said...

woot woottttt for computer gurus and usb capable keyboards

Brittney said...

I love your purple computer how cute! Glad you are getting it fixed :D

Lisa said...

I just like the fact that it's purple...things look better with a color wrapped around them. :) Glad you're up and running again!

Patty Ann said...

Good thing for friends who can fix the things we can't!!

Babes Mami said...

Yay! That's fabulous!

Jenine said...

Yay! You have technology again!!! :)

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