Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've done a stupid stupid thing.

Okay. I've done something stupid and very dumb. I was watching a movie yesterday on my Acer netbook computer. Netflix. Love it by the way...anyhoo, I was drinking Dr. Pepper in a bottle, which by the way I hardly ever do, and I knocked it over. And guess what? You got it...
It was knocked on my laptop. I didn't think it was very much but it was.

RIP my beloved purple netbook. I called a computer guy in town who happens to be a friend too... and he said I probably fried the motherboard. There is one more thing I could try to see if it could work but he said it probably is a long shot.
  My beloved husband told me if we couldn't get this up and running we probably could get me a new netbook. I saw one on sale for 200 bucks at Wal-mart. Not bad really considering I paid over 300 for it.
  I just need a computer that is compatible with Netflix, Skype, Youtube and Facebook of course....
  So I guess my warning for you all is BE very careful with drinks around your computer. I am probably NEVER ever gonna put my drink anywhere near my computer again. I learned my lesson. I just wish the computer I was typing on had a webcam....(I'm borrowing one for now.)
So that's how my day went.
   Oh and another thing. I had one more thing happen to me yesterday.I need a dryer. An electric dryer to be more precise. So I called on one yesterday. I went out to look at it, lady said it was electric, and I believed her...until I saw the gas connection tubey thingy at the bottom. (I didn't question the gas tubey thingy until I was at home though) But unfortunately for me, I already paid for the dryer. 75 bucks for a dryer that I cannot use. (We have no gas connections.)
  Anyway, tried to call her back yesterday. Nothing. Talked to her sister and her husband. She wasn't home. *sigh* Couldn't get my money back. So I called the pawn shop here in town. Told them I have a really nice gas dryer about a year old, great condition, would they like to buy it from me? They looked at a picture of the dryer I took, and said, "Yes, we'd give you 50 bucks for the dryer." YES! Now I only feel 25 bucks swindled instead of 75.
Now if I can convince my husband I learned my lesson and I will never drink near my computer sgain...maybe by the end of the week I can have a replacement Acer laptop. We'll see.

  In the meantime, hopefully I can borrow this computer from my mother in law until then.
*crossing fingers*
Peace out y'all.


From Tracie said...


I can't believe your netbook died. That is just so wrong!

And that lady should have known that her dryer was connected to the gas. How crazy.

Peace out!

Beth Zimmerman said...

When you get an electric dryer ... throw the netbook in there and see if it will dry it out! SERIOUS LONG SHOT! :)

singedwingangel said...

Yikes on the Netbook I looked for you on Skyp0e other night and you weren't there :<
Hope you get dryer and your netbook back before Friday..
Need me to go whoop a shyster's ass?? I will ya know

Ruth said...

If you got a Wii you could run Netflicks through it. My brother in law and his wife do that. My husband got one of the Acer Laptops and it has worked out well.

Debbie said...

So sorry about your netbook. I hope you get a nice replacement soon. If you bought the dryer from a person online it might be possible to rate the seller or leave feedback. If that is an option definitely do it. Good luck :)

Babes Mami said...

I had the video card or something crap out on mine. Good to know the can befound so cheaply, i paid alo for mine but now i just need basics. RIP to your netbook.

Garden of Egan said...

Bummer deals!!!!

Jenine said...

I've had serious days like that. You just wish you could declare a mulligan and start the day over. I'm sorry, Alexes.

TisforTonya said...

oh boo! you've had a rotten few days! food and drink are not allowed near my laptop... the kids have gotten in a LOT of trouble when I come back to find my mouse tainted with sticky fingers!!!

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