Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday mingling....

Hey wussup peeps? Are you still hanging around? I've noticed that there's not a ton of blogging going on lately. And then there is me. I guess you could say I'm following the not-blogging trend....I post when I feel like it. And when there is somethin awesome to link up to.

I was gonna do that swimsuit confidence thing but I'm not sure if you can still do that. But you probably can...I'm just not sure if I'm that swimsuit confident. We'll see. That post is coming. I am definitely going swimming this year and y'all know I am confident so maybe I'll show you my swimsuit confidence....:) Keep an eye out for that ok?

I usually buy suits that look good on me... (And that hide my fat.) bwahahaha.

Okay, okay. I'm mingling today with Speedy and a few others.
You wanna join in?
Please do! You can write in a short blog post OR video yourself. Anything.
Just mingle.

Eighty MPH Mom Blog
And remember to visit other minglers too.

Here are the pesty questions I get to answer this week. bwahahaha.
Oh and keep watching my video camera drops halfway during the mingle. *sigh* It still works. I just didn't balance it very well.

1.  What animal or bug are you completely terrified of?
2.  How many cousins do you have?
3.   What state are most of your relatives located in? How often do you see them?

Oh and I forgot one answer. How often do I get to visit my relatives? Not very much since I live out West and they live on the East Coast. I get to visit my family at the end of June though. Woo-hoo! My little brother is getting hitched!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer days as they fly by. Soon it will be Back to school.....
(But shhh....I won't remind you if you don't remind me.) I like spending time with the kids. As long as there is NO fighting between the siblings....


Happy Wednesday.

Check out Mrs Angel's post today. She linked up with Shell on PYHO. It's a beautiful story. And she's one of my peeps so there....check her out!


singedwingangel said...

ty for the pimp love and why haven't you entered my giveaway.. I have been cooking out cleaning house and all the fun stuff that goes with. Finally got this house to not feel like an oven.. took blocking out windows and skylights and still haqve to clean the ac unit and put new filters in..shoot me now mine are already out of school.

gusDon said...

Blogging is always fun, so do continue indeed sometimes inspiration just came to me... Very nice blog, interesting articles, inspiring!
Oh yes, just one question can be answered, I have a nephew... haha...

Garden of Egan said...

I look forward to the swimsuit confidence.
When you shake it, I'll get braver.

Cheeseboy said...

Don't tell me the blogging world is dying off? I have been relying on them.

Can guys do the swimsuit confidence thing? I have the perfect Speedo I have been waiting to break out.

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