Friday, February 13, 2009

All kinds of mothers

Well, I have to tell y'all something. I think our cat Fuzz (ya know the stray we started to feed cause its so cold outside) I think she is pregnant. Our neighbors kept on saying she is pregnant I just know it. I didn't want to believe until I knew for sure. I checked the internet on symptoms of pregnancy and she has ALL of them. Well today I let her inside for alittle while because I wanted to pet her. She laid next to me on the couch and I gently rubbed her tummy. And would you believe I felt a kick! It was exciting because I had never felt anyone's else's tummy when pregnant! It was kinda cool actually. Since this will be her final litter and all (We are taking her to be fixed as soon as she is done being pregnant) I thought I should check this cat pregnancy out. WOW! It's neat feeling little baby kittens inside her. I hope that doesn't make me gross of anything. I am a mother. And in a couple of days...hopefully??!! she will be too. I am very grateful for the chance I have to be a mother everyday. It is hard but anything worth doing is hard. So this Valentine's day I have a lot of love in my heart first and foremost to my husband for marrying me and making me a mother, next to my children who remind me everyday what love is all about, and to Fuzz the sweet mother to be who was smart enough to hang out on my doorstep for food. Thanks for reading.

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