Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well I didn't think this would be a possibility until my neighbors more or less confirmed my suspicions last night. I think Fuzz is preggers. They say you can tell cause she is only getting fat in the belly she's basically thin everywhere else. Well, I'm not going to stop feeding her now. She needs my help now more than ever. So we'll see in about a month or so if she gives birth to kittens or not. Will keep you updated with pictures as she has her babies!
It's a good thing Fuzz is an outside cat and we have a garage that we can use for a shelter somewhat. Kittens should be fun for alittle while. Then we give them ALL away. Hope we can find them all good homes.
It's Valentine's weekend this weekend. What are you doing for your honey? Dan and I are going to an Elder's quorum social at our church tonight, tomorrow there is a stake dance going on and then Saturday the blessed day of the sweethearts who knows what we will end up doing? Enjoying our time together. It has been almost 12 years since we have been married. I'm still glad I married such a wonderful man.

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DaveandRuth said...

Probably why the cat was abandoned! I have a neighbor that use to live out in Enoch, near the highway and people dropped their pregnant cats off all the time out there. They would keep them, and give away the kittens. Have a spectacular weekend!

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