Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alright, Alright I'll try this for a 250 dollar giftcard!

Now I am very new at this blogging thing. But many of you are not so new and can so very fancy stuff with your blog. Me I am just learning. I was looking at my favorite blog, (The MOM Nerd I have her button on my site) And she linked me to This Barking Mad website/blog. She is giving away a 250 dollar gift card if you figure out how to link 5 of your favorite blog posts on your own blog in a new post! Clear as mud? That's what I thought too! Here goes nothing y'all! How will I ever learn if I never try and put forth the effort?
I hope I win! if I can't win I hope Sharla wins! Good Luck to the both of us!
(Just so you know I think I figured the link thing out. Hopefully!

Here are my favorite blog posts.

All Kinds of Mothers


Awesome Deseret News Article

Coolest Blog ever!

Sweet Lydia

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