Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coolest Blog ever!

I probably shouldn't be talking too loud about this blog because the author gives out giveaways and if you sign up it might lessen my chance of winning. Oh well, such is life if YOU win,) I liked it so much I just had to blog about it.
A little introduction about the author. This is how I know her. If you can follow this---The author Sharla is my sister in law's husband's sister. Make sense? My sister in law is Emily her brother is Aaron and thus Sharla is his sister. Wow, Sometimes I get tired just thinking about it. Anyway her blog is called Momnerd. Doesn't really talk a lot about her family-- just her thoughts and musings and really cool giveaways, I'm really not doing her blog any justice so if you just click on the button that says Momnerd it should guide you to her site. It's an awesome thing! I stumbled on Sharla on Facebook and WOW! I was definitely reeled in in short order.
So this blog is all about advertising and it looks like she might be making some money off her blog with the buttons she has posted. She says she is not creative in the slightest but I believe she is. She is unbelievable! I can't wait for an update, but I love reading blogs in general so I LOVE all updates anyone puts up.

Life is okay on the home front. Daniel is busily looking for a job and getting our car to pass inspection so we can register it officially. Also taxes are getting filed today. Hopefully we will receive that refund so we can get a minivan. There is one near us that I would LOVE to check out! Our precious cat is still with us. Fuzz is her name. I'll post a picture later.

So if the author of Momnerd pops up and leaves a comment, I will be very impressed. She is really a good blogger. I'll be keeping my eye out for you. No not in a creepy way or anything, don't get scared.

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Sharla said...

Hey Alexes, you really are too sweet! If you had seen my blog a month ago you would laugh. I had maybe one person reading it. I also have a family blog where I post pictures of the family. I'd be glad to invite you to that one if you want. Cute pictures!

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