Monday, May 18, 2009

Amazing MMB giveaway!

Some of you may think I have gone alittle crazy with giveaways lately. Recently it has paid off though. I have won a couple of books and some concert tickets to see Marvin Goldstein and others perform.YEAH! Just goes to show ya 33 years of entering giveaways--some day it does finally pay off. I have never won a car though. Someday. Someday though.
Anyway check this out, you can not only win a pedi party for you and your friends but you can win some books, some preschool curriculum stuff, AND a whole bunch of stuff. A MOTHERLOAD of stuff is how the giveaway put it. So tell all about it.
You never might be the next winner!!!!!
Check out: Mommy Mormon Blogs GIVEAWAY!

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