Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just me and my neurosis's.........I love you Fuzz!

Well-I debated about writing and telling you all about this. But I need some help here you guys. Well I'm sure now you all know that I have 2 cats. I usually don't let Mama cat out unless it's supervised. (saving up money to have her fixed) Anyway I did it this morning. I let her out unsupervised (she has a collar) and I hope she comes back. I love that stinky cat. She started out a stray cat outside that we loved and fed and then we found out she was preggers and we brought her inside. It would break my heart if she didn't come back. I love her so much. I also have a kitten---although I'm not sure I'm letting her out just yet. Kittens could get hurt. Fuzz (mama cat) can at least defend herself from evil. So there you have it...I cut the apron strings, so to speak and Fuzz is outside. Hope she comes back. Or my next entry will be very, very sad.
Peace out y'all!


tracy said...

oh its so hard to do that... let them just go out and be... well, be.

hope she comes back for lunch :)


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Ahww-I hope she comes back also! All of our pets have been strays too. They usually come back though :)

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