Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm an old lady. . . WHAT???!!!

So as promised Monday is when I mumble about certain things that happen to me over the weekend. Well, I have a mumble to mumble about! Yesterday while getting ready for church my oldest daughter who is almost 10, was getting dressed for church. Here is the dialogue that followed.

(Code names have been used to protect the innocent. If you happen to know their real names please be careful in your comments! THANKS!)

Duckling:But Mom, why can't I wear that?
(Duckling picked out leggings with a short denim skirt/skort to wear to church. She looked like she was going to school!)
Me: Because you have to differentiate between Sunday dress and school dress.
Why can't you wear these dresses? (I show her a pink gingham dress and a denim dress, both dresses go to the floor. AND she has worn one of them before.)
Duck: (roll eyes) Those are old lady dresses MOM, dresses that YOU would wear. I would NEVER wear the dresses you wear MOM! Sheesh! YOU are such an OLD lady MOM!

ME? I'm an old lady??!!It is happening. . .My almost 10 year old is turning into a TEENAGER! HELP!


Anonymous said...

my daughter is 10 {she will be 11 in June.. next month!}

and i think we mother with "TWEENS" need a support group!

Mother Goose said...

rofl, too funny! I have an 11 year old. She is kind but I get the same message.

Breeze said...

LOL!!! I can only imagine what is said while at achievment days!! My Sleeping Beauty is 10 now, and they tell me I'm OLD!!! I'm only 21 years older than her... that isn't old is it...

Heather said...

Old lady?? I guess I have that to look forward to in the next few years.

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