Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank you! Thank you! & Correction!

It came to my attention that Critical Mass already received the Lovely Blog award from Attic girl Like Duh...Attic girl gave her the award.I have a different blog to announce the most lovely to.....

And the most lovely award goes to:

A mommy's musings!
Sorry I thought I read through all of Attic girl's blog award winners before I awarded mine. You should feel good Critical Mass---you have ALOT of fans! :)

I recieved my FIRST EVER "Lovely Blog award" from Attic Girl! I think this is terrific news! Not only does that make my day but I finally get to give the same Lovely blog award away to all of you that I am reading! YEAH! (I'm kinda new at this and I was wondering how all this blog award stuff worked out.) My friend, Attic Girl (link to her amazing blog above) said she got a lovely blog award from Kelly. So I indeed checked Kelly out. Awesome stuff. I am following her as well. Here's her blog too--Mom of 3 boys!
Here's my award:

Attic Girl says to keep the Blog award ALIVE to pass the same award on to 15 different people. So here it goes people in no particular order:
1-Definitely Debilyn!
2-The Adventures of Supermom!
3-A MAY zing!
4-Through the Eyes of Insanity and Bliss!
5-If you give a Mom a Moment. . .
6-The Real Merrianne!
7-Solomon Surprises!
8-The Bingham Diaries!
9-My digital clutter!
10-Minvans R hot!
11- The MOM NERD!
12-Trying to stay Calm!
13-Cream of the Crop
14- A mother's musings--Link is above!
15- Mean Mommy Academy~!

WHEW! There certainly are a lot of you! And even more still! Can't I just find a blog award somewhere or even create one myself for those really super blogs out there?
Cause I mean I'm telling you--You people are so funny--You crack me up! Also very witty, inspirational, and friendly! So thanks for stopping by and checking me out!

*AHEM* I'd like to thank the little people. . .
Mainly my sweet Buppy who is sweet and quiet (most of the time) and lets me comment on all of your cool blogs!
And of course my other rugrats as well--Duckling for being patient with me and waiting to use the computer, and Slothy for helping me with Buppy.
Thank you for continuing to read me! My blog is mainly an attempt to stay in touch with old friends and make new ones as well! (A little complaining never hurt anybody did it--Sometimes you all might find some complaining as well)

So Thanks!
Please accept your award by posting it on your blog and giving this same award out to 15 others! It would be kinda neat for me if I could have maybe one of you to post my cute button on your blog as well. It's new--I might change it later...but for now it's all I got. Also let the person know they recieved the award by leaving them a comment on their sweet blog! (Everybody LOVES comment love!)
(If any of the links don't seem to work--please let me know and I will fix it!)

And now to contact ALL these wonderful people....! :)


Insanity Kim said...

Well thank you for the lovely award recognition and bloggy love!! Yes I must steal your button...doing that now...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supermom said...

Thank you!!!!

Teri said...

What a sweetie you are! Thank you!!!!!

Marie Watson said...

Love your blog. Thank you for following and visiting mine. I look forward to following you as well.

{jordan} said...

You're so sweet! I may be blushing a little bit... Thank you so much!!

Erin said...

Awww, thank you for the nice award!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Awards are fun. And you have chosen some of the best to pass it on. Keep up the good work. I didn't realize you are pretty new at the blogging thing. I see you everywhere. You are very good at making connections.

Shelly said...

lol. I think you can make your own blog award by using photo shop, but I don't know how. I don't own photo shop and I haven't a clue about html. All I know I have learned by stumbling across stuff. Have a great weekend!

Kelli said...

Thanks for my award. I'm honored. As soon as I get some free time I will claim it and pass it on!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

mother goose said...

thank you so much!! I'm late grabbing it but very appreciative.

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