Saturday, October 3, 2009

How do you like my NEW look?

So my friend Themomnerd is helping me achieve a better blog. She designed my header and background. Isn't she quite the talented lady? She is also going to help me add some elements to my header hopefully, since HTML gives me and my husband a headache. I just wanted to tell MomNerd a BIG THANK YOU!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!

Hope you are all are having a fabulous weekend!!! I know I am--spending time with the family.

Also I have a question. So I updated the blogger editor to the new blogger editor and it has less stuff than the old one. What is up?? Anyone know?
Maybe my friend MomNerd knows. She KNOWS everything about blogging.

Toodle Loo!

Leave me a message if you know anything about the updated editor from blogger. THANKS in advance!


DaveandRuth said...

I know nothing! However you are awesome!!!

Wendy said...

LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!! Now I need to go and change mine up a bit now!! I have the linkedwithin widget on my blog but it doesn't work for some reason... I'll have to go and investigate that.

Great job Momnerd!!! Love the colors!!

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