Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who thinks their a Scary Mommy? *Cue Manical Laughter* ME, That's WHO! (LOL!)

FYI: Hey you all out there! I'm in! I'm linked up!!! YEAH! My Scary mommy post was NOT written in vain! Scary mommy just emailed me and apologized for the link problem. YEAH!!! Good news!

Dear Blogger Friends,
I need your help. You see,Scary Mommy is doing something awesome on her blog. She wants all of us mothers in honor of the new movie, Motherhood CLICK HERE FOR MOTHERHOOD TRAILER! that is coming out, to tell why we are scary mommies.

I have decided to tell you all what I think I am the scariest mommy of ALL bloggers.
But I need your help. Please leave a comment letting me know why you think I am a scary mommy. (And hey, if it leads you to write a scary mommy post of your own, Go right ahead, I'm really not that afraid.)

Without further ado, Here is my Scary mommy post! ENJOY!
AHEM! *Clearing voice*

I have been a mother for about ten years now. And let me tell you it doesn’t get any easier. I have made a lot of mistakes on the way. Here are some of my scariest moments.

I know I am a scary mommy when all I want to do is sleep in and ignore the crying and whining from the kid’s bedrooms.

I know I am a scary mommy when all I want to do is pull my hair out because those children of mine are fighting for the umpteenth time this evening.

I know I am a scary mommy when sweets is all I can prepare for dinner. “What about Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins for dinner kiddo? Mom’s tired, tonight.”

I know I am a scary mommy when hubby comes home from work and proceeds to kiss me and I say, “Will you just leave me alone? I have been mauled enough for one day!”

I know I am a scary mommy when it’s time to potty-train my two year old and I don’t want to ‘cause let’s face it, cleaning up poo and pee accidents is NOT fun!

I know I am a scary mommy when I let my children watch too much TV. (But I needed some time on Facebook and Blogger right?)

I know I am a scary mommy when I stay in my pajamas ALL day just because I am tired and I feel like it.

I know I am a scary mommy when I look in the mirror and wonder where my life went.

I know I am a scary mommy when I drive my kids to school in the morning in my pajamas and slippers.

I know I am a scary mommy when I find myself saying the same things my mom did.

I know I am a scary mommy when I find myself trying to reason with my ten year old over fashion! (She will never wear what I want her to wear!)

Last but not least I know I am a scary mommy because I *actually* think by writing a post about Scary Mommyhood I can win a Flip video camera. (I’m doing it for the kids right, ‘cause if I won the video camera I could record ALL their moments and preserve them for later. Like when their Prom dates come over.):):)

There you have it folks. Now head on over to and let her know who really is the scariest mommy...ME right?(I think you guys have to leave a comment over there too so I can win...OR whatever.It's just a blogging game right? But I can win a Flip video camera..So please be kind ok!:)) Thought so. You guys rock!!


Angela said...

Super funny. I think I'm a scary mom too. LOL

Happy Sits Thursday. I added myself as a follower. You can find me at

Lisa Anne said...

Everyone is in on this scary Mom thing. I should join but I'm too lazy. LOL

Ms Bibi said...

Yes, you are scary mommy and thanks to this post I found out have scary I am. Thanks for that I was trying to ignore all those things about me.

BTW you got me beat with driving to school in PJ's and slippers

Kristina P. said...

I am definitely making plans to be a scary mommy.

MormonSurrogate said...

Wow I do a lot of those things...

Wendy said...

Been there done that.... And I totally drive my kids to school in the pj's and slippers (when I know where they are) and my hair isn't brushed. It's the look of when I first get out of bed... which can be quite scary sometimes.

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, your list is perfect! I do the same thing to my poor husband. Who on earth has energy to deal with them when we've had kids hanging on us all day?!

Mrs. Smith said...

Love it! I have the same struggles with my almost 10 year old over fashion...thank goodness my much younger sister can help her be cool. :)

Valerie Neal said...

Crusin by from SITS Link Up while I sip my coffee..... I'm workin on the sequel, scary GRANDMOTHER!!! I have taught my oldest grandson to let the air out of his daddy's tires-he's smart only vehicle tires he lets the air out of, and last night on Christmas Eve, I enthusiastically stated "Let him have ALL the candy he wants, he's going home tonight!!!!"!!!! My mother was right, I too now say If I hand known how much fun grandkids were I would have had them first.

Amie said...

So funny - so is there something wrong with wearing pj's to drop off the kids at school????
Merry Christmas SITSta!

Dawn said...

oh boy, guilty of a few of those especially bringing the kids to school in my pj's, thinking it's no big deal but then driving a bit faster so I won't have to go in to school to sign them in because we're late!

Crystal said...

Wow, sounds SO much like me. :)

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