Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hard or easy?

That is the question I am asking myself.  Well as you can see I figured out how to post pictures. But I guess to do a slide show I have to register with HMM...we'll see about that. Well this blog thing I guess is easy. I haven't encountered any major problems yet. Tell me what you think. I sure hope I am set up for people to comment on my blog. 

Christmas was awesome by the way. We got to visit Cedar City, UT where Dan's parents live. It was a nice visit and I am glad I have such awesome in laws! And in June...June 17-July 2nd I am going back East to visit my parents. First visit Dad and Jill's with everybody seeing me who wants to see me. Next visit, my mom's she lives in Virginia with her folks, (my parents divorced) And I am so EXCITED! I should do a countdown to June but I am sure y'all really don't want that much information on my life. I'll post some chapters of what I have been writing when it's turns out to be good..okay?

Well bye for now. I am going to tell everyone where they can see my NEW BLOG! This is so much fun! Hope everybody has a great day! 

Until next time!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

are you going to be in Richmond? It'd be great to see you... anyway, I was at my parents house for Christmas and saw your old house all lit up... the neighborhood is a bit different now... espc since I know things from working for the PD...

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