Thursday, January 29, 2009


In all seriousness, I could go on all day with old pictures. I just don't want to bore anybody to death.  I like looking at old picture CD's. It brings those wonderful memories back to the surface. Anyway,  the reason for this entry is I wanted to update y'all on Daniel's surgery.  It went well, he saw his therapist Gordon yesterday and he just said keep moving the finger.  Just keep moving that finger.  I think it will take at least a week for it not to hurt so bad but the pain will eventually subside.  He has a job interview this Friday.  He is also in the process in finding another job.  Boy when it rains, it pours around here. We always seem to be busy with so many thing at once, healing, finding new work, cleaning house, (laundry, dishes, cooking...the list is endless for me) And of course don't forget blogging and facebook.

Well, I hope this entry finds you all well. I am finding more and more of your blogs out there! This is so much fun!

Adios amigos! Until next time!

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