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This is in response to Barbi's blog entry in November 2008. I made a mistake ( an enjoyable mistake I might add)  and started to read some of her past entries and came across her Tag entry.  In an attempt to get  everyone to update their blogs I am putting an idea out there for you. Hopefully results will follow shortly.

I am tagging everyone that reads this blog entry.  TAG!!! YOU ARE IT!! (for those who don't know about tags if you are reading this you HAVE to do this same tag on your blog.)

I thought I would put a recent picture up as well as not to bore you all to death with yet again another entry. :)

My five favorite Family Memories (the family that I am raising NOT the family I grew up in, that's down below)

1-driving around and seeing Christmas lights

2- going to the pool with my girls and watching them play for hours.

3- Family Home Evening (any day I get to spend more time with my family is a good thing.)

4- Spending time with extended relatives (This past Martin Luther's King day, Dan's sister and family came to visit)

5- Picnic in the park (My oldest reminded me of this one, we ate at the park on a Sunday afternoon because we had no kitchen to speak of because our basement apartment we were living in flooded--that's another story alltogether)

    Five Favorite Family Memories in the family I grew up in

1- Brigantine New Jersey (My great grandmother had a beachhouse in New Jersey and almost every summer I would stay with her and my cousin Becky and I also remember playing with an Oliver. He was the next door neighbor.)

2- Family gatherings at Mom-Mom Mary's house. (I remember numerous activities at her house. thanksgiving, christmas, summer vacation...etc...)

3- Clementon Amusement Park ( My grandmother Mom Mom Mary would take me to this park on my vacation with her.)

4- Driving around seeing Christmas lights  and my little brother Matt pointing out the lights.."Look, L   i  g  h  t  s!"

5. Dad saying he could see the planets from earth. "Look, It's Venus!"

Hope you enjoyed reading some of my favorite family memories. What are some of yours??

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