Saturday, January 24, 2009

Playlists--Softer music

Tell me what you think about this music Debbie. I like this softer music for my blog. You still might want to mute it while you read what I have to say but it's softer and less grating on people's nerves. I actually did that same thing you did. I had 3 different playlists going at once too. But now I know better. Close each blog after you read it. I did like Lindiva's choice of music though. I had never heard of most of the music but that's ok. I already knew she listened to way different music than me. Some of it is actually good. 

Happy listening everybody. I hope you enjoy my softer music!

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1 comment:

Davis Family 5 said...

It's better Alexes, but I'm just one of those persons who needs to read the blog first, then I can listen to the playlist.
Maybe it goes back to my sharing a room with my sister when we were little. She loved to keep the radio on at night and it just drove me nuts! I never could really do my homework or study if there was music playing either. I guess it's just not in me. Funny though, I love to listen to music while I scrapbook (at least I think I do, it's been so long now, I can hardly remember) and I love music in the car and around the house while I'm doing housework or cooking. Go figure?

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