Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am just itching to write more! Probably because I just started this whole thing and am eager to have more entries because every blog I have looked at is so good. Everybody has their own style and that's good cause if we all put up the same blogs it would be way boring! Well I just wanted to say to those of you folks who left comments--Thank you. I read every comment and am interested in what you have to say. What I want to know is how do you get such cute borders and background for your blog? Debbie Davis has a cute background, Kim Young has one Please tell me where you can get such cute backgrounds?

Well I don't want to go on and on boring you all to death. My mind can only handle so much new stuff at once. I would like to say something about Mr. Obama. He is not a miracle man. The man is still human. He cannot save us from ourselves. He will do the best that he can to restore our economy, our housing market, our health care but don't get offended if somewhere down the road he slips up. He is only human after all. I am very grateful I had the chance to watch the inauguration and that my daughters teachers showed it to them at school as well. History in the making folks, It is very exciting.

Well I hope all you bloggers out there have a great day! I better sign out. My gorgeous children will be home soon. Thanks for lending an ear to me today!

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Davis Family 5 said...

I see you found my little secret. I LOVE cutest blog on the block. Now, go DO SOMETHING ELSE, rein yourself in girl! j/k I heartily welcome you to the blog-a-holics club! Seriously, put a load of laundry in or something (ha, ha) Love ya :)

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