Monday, November 9, 2009

The Trends of people logging onto blogger on Fri and Sat are down--Hmm. Time to kick it up a notch, NOW!

Well it's Monday folks. And you know what that means?

(I promise you I'm not green and I don't breathe fire. Okay?)

It's time to blog again. I've been seriously considering coming OUT from behind the curtain and VLOGGING on Thursday or Friday. What do you think?

MY blog party is a success. Debbie posted her INTERVIEW on her blog today. YEAH! Just waiting for the rest of you slackers. Amber Page had a busy weekend.(Filled with work! YUCK!) She emailed me yesterday. Her results should be up shortly.
The real reason for blogging today is to let y'all in on a really AWESOME giveaway that my friend Annette Lyon is having. She is giving away a really cool foot rest/rub thingy.
Take a look.

Can you just picture your feet nestled on top of this great contraption? I want one for sure! Just HOP on over to The Lyon's Tale and sign up. Be sure to follow all of her instructions.
(There is a deadline folks. Sunday November 15th, 2009)

WHEW! I got that out of the way. My word count is slowly climbing. I'll get there today. I'm worn out from the weekend actually. I took the kiddos to the Veteran's day Parade here in Mesquite NV. It was fabulous. I really am grateful for the people today who are risking their lives trying to protect our freedoms.
I really have not much else to say. I hope your Monday finds you well. (Hey, Heroes in on later, so that is saying something, right?)


Teri said...

Glad your word count is rising! Good luck on the foot rest give-away. I never enter. That may be why I never win! ;) Happy Monday!

Margaret said...

Glad your word count is going up. I can't even imagine writing a book and what not. I am so impressed by people that can write that much!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Okay I third the motion in being glad that your word count is going up! We'll get there!

Chief said...

I think it should count that I don't shut up all day word count should be through the friggin roof!

singedwingangel said...

The foot thinkgy looks cool only I would lose it to my 9 yr old who steals my foot bath thingy all the time lol... Bravo to you on writing a book, I have never gotten up the nerve though Ihave been told I should have cause my LIFE is a ding dang novel lol...

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