Friday, November 6, 2009

WOO-HOO!!! Let the Blog party begin!!!!

Okay, Remember my POST a while back regarding a BLOG party??

It's here!!!(No, it's not a beer party, It's my BLOG PARTY!!! YEAH!!) I was hoping for more people but I have gained enough for my blog party. Maybe next time more people will show... (Once people find out how awesome this party is more people will definitely want to come, right?)

And you have to help me. I got my 100th follower. But I'm not sure she has a blog. I can't find her. If you happen to know singed winged angel let me know. I would like to link back to her blog!! If you are singed winged angel, LEAVE me a comment with your blog address, I'll link back to you, ok?

Okay, Back to the party.


1-Please pick up your partner that I have displayed here on my blog.

MRS. Bibi will be paired with Helen.

Debbie is paired with Marilyn.

And Amber Page Writes you get to be paired with MOI!

And Penelope if you are out there and reading this post and you want to play along, leave a comment on my blog--You are going to be with me as well. :)

2. You ready for this???
Leave a comment on their blog and interview them. Find out what they like. Find out why they blog. Find out why they think I'm so cool. (Just kidding, I just had to throw that in there.)
(Most of them left their email on the Blog party post. Link is up above. But if they didn't leave an email, just leave a comment and ask them for it.)

Sample Questions: (In case you have a case of Brain Dead-ITIS...)
1. What's your favorite treat?
2. What is your most despised chore?
3. Favorite movie?
4. Why do you blog?
5. Interesting Tidbit you care to share about yourself?

Don't ask them a TON of questions. Just enough for you to find out a little more about them so you can introduce them on your blog.

Which leads us to STEP THREE:

After you have interviewed the person, you need to publish a post about them on your own blog. Introduce them. Please make sure that person has given you a link to one of her favorite posts she has written. *(Link that post up in your write-up.)

STEP 4: Please link back to me in your post. DUH! I was the one who started this whole Blog party mess. (Well actually I borrowed it from somebody but you get the picture.)

Everybody understand?

Good, now go contact your people. I'll be here all day, Amber and Penelope.
I'll ask the questions, you answer them, and I'll post a write-up of each of you on my blog, ok? You do the same for me, too ok?


And now I must CLEAN HOUSE.

(And yes, I got my word count in for Naniwrimo today. I'm at 10,412 words. YES!!)

P.S. This just in. I found her!!! My 100th follower!!! Here she is!!Singedwingedangel. She has a beautiful button that I picked up. She also has great pictures up on her blog. Go check her out people!!! THANKS!


singedwingangel said...

HII yeah I have a blog...

sorry I forgot to link it before... I wanna go to a party lol... ahh man... I am still figuring this decorating my blog pad thing out so any and all help is appreciated... and I now have my own button rofl.. my awesome gf Val made it for me...

Ms Bibi said...

OK, I have two hockey games to go to today and my brain is not working right so I have to come back and read again what I have to

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed out!

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