Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are you looking to SPICE up your LOVE life?

Image obtained thru Google Images. For you. Hot and spicy love....;)
How did I do on the title? Yeah, I don't want to make it too pornographic or anything because let's face it, this is a family/mommy blog. I've never blogged about sex before. Or massage oils. Or candles. Or yummy lotions that get you in the mooooood for love.

Eden Fantasys sells all sorts of adult products. Let's face it, if you are UNDER the age of 18 and you are reading my blog right now, you are going to have a lot of questions right now about a certain 3 little word--sex. You probably should close the window. M'kay?

Ok, where was I? Little ones out of the room? Ok. Good.

I'm blogging about sex products. Yup. I said it. Still with me?

Eden Fantasys has all sorts of items for to spice up your love life. Massage oils, candles, aromotherapy stuff, toys.....lingerie EVERYTHING and anything to get you and your honey in the mood for love. You know, if are looking for a change. Or something.

*AHEM* There I said it. How many of you are still here?

All of you? Still? Really? I've never blogged about  *gulp* sex stuff before, but let's face it, we are all mothers or fathers. Or at least most of are right? We all have sex, right? Or one day you will be having sex I'm sure of it. And if the minor children are still reading my blog...Tsk. Tsk. I WARNED ya first didn't I? Let me tell you something. I'm a bit nervous about writing this post for Eden Fantasies. But I'm promised a gift card in the end if I blog about their products and stuff. So I decided there is a first time for everything right?

Right? Don't judge me. It's my life all right?

I'm gonna be honest with you all. I didn't even know what some of these products are that EdenFantasies sells. I did know what some of the items are for though.
I'll show you pictures of what I want for Valentine's Day this year.

It's a weekender kit. It's filled with oils, lotions, and all kinds of goodies for an incredible weekend away from the kiddos. Nice huh? (Who's gonna get me a free night at a hotel somewhere?) My hubby and I really need to get OUT of the house. ;) HINT: We like tropical destinations. Thanks!

 #2.  LOOK! They even have lipsticks. Some of the names of the lipsticks are very  uh...creative...AND hey, let's face it, who doesn't want to have more kissable lips?
I know I do.

#3  And hey, look! They even have games you can play with him. Or her as the case may be.

And yes, EdenFantasys has a wide array of possibilities. Some of the products you may never have a need for.  But at least take a look--if you want. If you are curious... You might find something wonderful.  You don't have to leave me a comment and tell me WHAT you are going to buy or if you are gonna buy anything for that matter.

This post is for me, like I said, If I blog about EdenFantasys I get a 50 dollar gift card.

My husband said I should be careful. Because let's face it, I have a certain audience as a blogger and I don't want to offend anybody. I hope I didn't offend all of you. Just be careful, some of the stuff on the website is...well...EYE-popping. You don't even have to tell me you clicked on the link. And if you did, so WHAT? Maybe you found something you might use. Maybe not.

Am I still your favorite CRAZY dancing vlogger?

I won't think less of you. I hope you don't think less of me.

Sometimes we need a little Oh-la-la in our love life. I mean let's face it, which one of our husbands looks like this?

What? Your husband does look like that?
This is a picture of your husband?
Wait a minute....
Am I on the right blog?
Probably not, because I just blogged about products that will enhance your love life.
What am I doing? (I 'm having some fun with my life. You know you want to. And BTW, I'll never know you bought something from EdenFantasys unless you tell me. And if you don't want to tell me, don't. I'm just sayin...there are places out there that can help "jumpstart" your engines if ya need...OK?)

I'm going to the site now and ordering "my stuff" now. I told you a little about what I am getting for Valentine's Day. My hubby will be happy. Believe you me.

Because I blogged about sex and got a $50 gift card. (I even was tasteful about it.) Am I right?

So if you want to enhance your "love" life try out EdenFantasys.  No body has to know that you are eager to try the naughty bubbles or that one massage oil you desperately want.
Just you and your spouse. Or partner. Or whatever the "correct" term is these days.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent an email from EdenFantasies saying if I blogged about this site I could receive  $25 or a $50 gift card. All opinions expressed here are MINE.

Just do it. That IS my new motto these days isn't it?

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


Cluttered Brain said...

So what did y'all think?
DID I blog about sex products tastefully?

Do you EVER want to come back again?

I love you peeps. I really do.

Steph said...

I was hoping for more spicy... LOL

Kristina P. said...

Sadly, even this didn't get you blocked from my work.

Cluttered Brain said...

BWAhahaha. LOL.
I should try harder next time then?

Anonymous said...

I can feel how red your face is here in KY. You did very well. :)

Cluttered Brain said...

LOL....Awww. Thanks.
Yeah I just was so afraid I'd offend somebody out there who NEVER would blog about such a thing as SEX. *GASP* I mean, are there people who have sex still? LOL...
Like um, yeah, YOU were born right?


If this goes well, I might possibly do a review.

singedwingangel said...

GIrl I used to SELL adult toys, like going door to door and having parties in people's ain't nuttin you can shock me with.. hello we played games like pass the dildo with men and women..but how cool .i love toys and lotions and potions and other notions

Cluttered Brain said...

Angel--I figured just as much.
You the QUEEN when it comes to sex toys and stuffs....
I bet you could write up a post for EdenFantasys too....and get a $50 GC.


AJ said...

I think the weekenders kit looked pretty promising!!:)

From Tracie said...

I'll admit it...I clicked the link for ya!

And I still love you...but not in a sex toy kind of way. hehe

T said...

Tracie's comment just made me laugh out loud (for REAL, not just L.O.L.)

way to spice it up... :) I'm wondering what you have to do or say to get blocked by K.P.s filters...

me, I surf filterless because I enjoy the smut so much :) (okay, kidding...)

Cheeseboy said...

Well, my wife's husband looks like that.

I would like some of that lipstick.

Debbie said...

Boy! That wasn't awkward or anything, was it? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa. Love you girl! (also not in a sex toy kind of way) Have fun spending your gift card :D

love. said...

invite me
ps. pretty

Amber Page Writes said...

Hey, we're mom bloggers. A little something had to happen to get to that status!

Well done, you.

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