Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's the day that marks history.

Yup, today marks history--in the Cluttered Brain household anyway. My 3 year old finally got the gist of pooing "IN" the potty and not her pants. She has been struggling these past weeks. I am so grateful.
No more diapers FOREVER.

I'm done with this potty training thing.

I feel so good I could just scream.


I'll leave you with a song instead.

I bet you could see that one coming. (The excited song anyway...not my daughter finally "getting" the fact we poo in the potty. LOL.)
I am so PROUD of my 3 year old.

Thanks for sticking around for the NEWS!
And it is FRIDAY. YAY! Fridays are just AWESOME. That's all.
That's all the good news I have for today.
More to come soon I'm SURE!


DramaMama said...

Yaaay! Now, if I could get my 7 yr old to stop having accidents! He was fine for years and now the last 6 months...OY! Figured out it's a separation anxiety thing (long story) so now just trying to find the one thing that will click in his head that I'm not going anywhere. sigh Thanks for making me laugh this morning!!

singedwingangel said...

woohooo doing the poty dance with you...

Cherie said...

Well Happy Potty Dance For You!!
It's going to be a goooooddd Weekend at the brain household!


P.S. I always hated potty training.

Anonymous said...

I have a blog award to pass along and you immediately came to mind! :) Feel free to pick it up at if you want to participate :)

From Tracie said...

Whoo hooo whoo hoo hoo hoo!!

Jodene said...

Yippee! Woo hoo! And what a perfect song to do a little congrats to the little angel and to mommy ;-)

Debbie said...

Here I am a day late as usual, but WOOT WOOT!!! and YAY :) SO happy for you.

Garden of Egan said...

That was always the best day in the entire world.
Even though it's been YEARS since I've had to worry about it, I still get shivers.


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