Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Car alarms and Leigh's Happiness Project

These are the parts to a normal car alarm. EXCEPT my car has a gremlin. Ugh.
Car alarms. Ugh. I have a story to tell.
  I had a busy day yesterday. I had to go to the post office, drop off an application to the city offices for employment and get a couple of gallons of milk for the kids. I finished up my business (NO, I was not taking a dump) at Wal-mart and headed out to my car. I stuck my key in the door to open it and it happens.


Stupid blasted car alarm! So usually when I stick the key in the ignition it stops the car alarm. NOT this time though. It continued to blast the sirens. AND it would not let me drive my car. The car alarm stalled the engine of my car.


I decided to walk home and let my husband deal with it.

Halfway home I got an idea. My  friend lives about halfway home between Wal-mart and my house. I stopped at her house to see if she could take to finish up my errands. She was home!

We stopped by the post office to drop off my letter. Then we proceeded to Wal-mart to get milk. My friend suggested we play around with the car a bit more to see if we could get the car alarm to stop.

(I did leave the car with the alarm off. Finally. After 15 minutes of the obnoxiousness.)

When we got to Wal-mart I went over to my car. I opened the door, (no car alarm) and put the key in the ignition (no stalling)...whew. My car works. BUT for how long?

I went inside to get my milk and hot spicy cheetos (I have an addiction) and went home. My sweet friend decided to follow me just in case my car decided to act up again.

And guess what? It didn't act up. In fact the car has been taken out on 4 separate occasions since the blasted car alarm event and nothing. I think a gremlin got into my engine and caused the car alarm to pester my day yesterday.

All is well.


Oh, and I'm posting a picture today that makes me happy.

My Dad. He is goofy just like me. (That's where I get my goofiness from.) This is a picture taken of us while he was here visiting me last week.

I love my Dad. He's great.
Apparently I couldn't stop laughing and my Dad is just a cheeseball. lol.
What is making you happy right now?


singedwingangel said...

OH I love pics like that.. and yeah I would have gone bonkers over the alarm as well.

Sue said...

Great photo with your dad.

I can't stand the noise those car alarms make. My ears hurt just reading your experience!


From Tracie said...

That is some crazy craziness with the alarm.

A few years ago, we bought our first car with an alarm. It wasn't one of those sophisticated ones that you had to disable with the key, so since we bought the car used, we didn't even know it had one.


We stopped at a gas station and Thomas left the windows down. When we came outside I reached in my window and unlocked the car manually (it had power locks, but I just pulled up the thingymajigy) and BEEP BEEP BEEP went the alarm.

It took us about ten minutes to figure out that putting the key in the ignition was the way to make it stop. (yeah, we are a bunch of geniuses aren't we? lol)

Love that pic with your dad...it screams happy and fun!

leigh said...

Your car was trying to tell you something. I'm not sure what, but it was obviously trying to communicate with you.

Love the shot with your dad, so fun.

Kate said...

Are you sure it was YOUR car? hehe

Patty Ann said...

Yeah, gotta love a car that thinks it is boss! I had a car that used to lock itself at every opportunity (especially when the keys were in the car). Yeah, I feel for you!! Nice pic though and you look like you were having a lot of fun!!

KLZ said...

Gremlins are totally to blame. Why don't people see they are life ruiners?

Garden of Egan said...

Car alarms are so embarassing!
As if anyone pays attention to them.

Sounds like a trying day for sure.

Your dad looks like a riot. Glad you had some time to be with him.

Cheeseboy said...

That car alarm thing does sound like Gremlins. Or Goonies, or really any of the 80's movies. Flight of the Navigator?

Glad it got working though. Don't be surprised if it was just angry at you for going to Walmart.

Homesteading Urban Style said...

Just for the future, its a safety feature of the car alarm. (although I just find it to be really annoying!) there is a 15 minute stall of the engine after someone has attempted to steal the car (or at least that is how your alarm looks at it).

Once you have tripped the alarm, the car will not start for 15 mintues so that it cant be stolen. I know this from personal experience a few too many times.

Oh and also if you get in a grab the stearing wheel too hard, that will prevent it from starting as well. Since the car then thinks that someone is tring to break into it. I used the wheel to brace myself one time while getting it and caused it to happen.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. My neighbor has an obnoxious car alarm that randomly goes off every month or so. Always happens when nobody is home to shut it off. Very annoying.

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